CCW Turmoil Unleashed




Moscow, Russia

Live from the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow




Bauer paces the ring pretty worked up. Mic in hand he grabs the top rope and looks up the aisle towards the stage.

Bauer: Last know what...just roll the footage.

Bauer looks at the crowd as they boo what happened last week. Footage from last week's Turmoil airs. Bauer accidentally closelines the referee while attempting to hit Gaines. Bauer hits the "Headliner" on Gaines. MMW runs down to the ring, then nails Bauer with the Sole Tap. MMW puts Gaines on top of Bauer for the cover.

The crowd continues to boo Wilson's actions.

Bauer: That's right...Matt Wilson, I think the Brad Bauer Nation has seen enough. For two straight weeks, you've attacked me from behind. You've caused me injury, and you've costed me a victory. Its time for you to face me man to man.

Bauer waits...there is no entry by Wilson.

Bauer: I want answers Wilson. You obviously wanted my attention. Right now, I'd say it's undivided...and it's all YOURS!!!

Bauer continues to wait...still no Wilson. Bauer plays to the crowd.

Bauer: And this guy calls himself a Maniac? Matt Wilson, if you won't come out here and face me like a man, then I guess I'll have to go to plan B and go back there to do this!

Bauer starts to leave the ring when...


Wilson stands at the entry, on the stage. He has a mic in hand.

Wilson: You want answers?

Bauer remains in the ring nodding his head.

Wilson: You want to know why I've had to put the BOOT to you....?

Bauer is getting impatient and starts to wave Wilson down. Wilson doesn't entertain this.

Wilson: You are a FAILURE...

The crowd boos as Wilson manages to twist a half smile.

Wilson: For the past several months, I've been out of action. I've been at home, wanting to come back, needing to come back. Something happened two months ago. Something that aggrevated me. I ordered Road to Glory.

The crowd Pops for Road to Glory.

Wilson: And I watched avidly to see a new champion crowned. I watched to see see Brad Bauer, a man that really hasn't received much opportunity in OCW, when it comes to Title Shots, finally get his chance to win the BIG ONE. I watched as you tasted defeat against Majin.

Crowd boos Majin.

Wilson: I then watched as you...stepped up to take on RD Money for the CCW Championship. I thought, Bauer, he's got to be the luckiest man in all of OCW and CCW. You won the lethal lottery, and had the ONLY opportunity in OCW history to compete for both Championships on the same night. And FAIL. Not once...but Two times that night. My disappointment was heavy. Perhaps I wanted you to win, much like all of these people.

Crowd Pops

Wilson: But you FAILED...

Bauer: What's your point Wilson...what does that have to do with attacking me at Wreslution? Or last week when you interfered in my match with Gaines?

Wilson: I'm getting to that. Bauer, I thought long and hard after you lost both of those matches, and I realized something.

Bauer: ....

Wilson: I realized that we had alot in common up until that point. Hell, we have both been fairly successful in that ring. We've both put in our time, we've both paid our dues...and we've both earned our spots.

Bauer: I hate to break it to you Wilson, but this has nothing to do with attacking me.

Wilson: Ahh, but it does. We've both had alot of common obstacles during our careers with this organization. Something we do not have in common, however...

Bauer: You like to pee sitting down...?

Crowd Pop

Wilson: I have NEVER, received a shot at the OCW Championship. I have NEVER received a shot at the CCW Championship.

Bauer: That's because you've been sitting at home for six months stroking it to Flex magazine while I've been out here each and every week, climbing the ladder of success.

Wilson: Why did I interfere last week? Why did I attack you at Wrestlution?

Bauer: I'm dying to know...


Crowd boos

Bauer: Then why don't you bring your ass down here and see how it rubs off on you.

Wilson: THREE Bauer...THREE opportunities to be the Champion, and you blew them all. I snapped after watching you lose the Future Investment opportunity of a lifetime. While you are busy failing, I standby, poised and ready for my own opportunity...which isn't there. All the while, YOU are busy throwing those opportunities away.

Bauer: Does anybody in the building have any Midol? With all of this bitching, Wilson must be experiencing that "time of the month"

Crowd Pop

Wilson: The thing you are forgetting Bauer, is that I am a MANIAC! I don't care about the rules, I don't care about the consequences for my actions. Tonight, you have a match with Versus, and I highly recommend you watch your back.

Bauer: I'd say why wait until then!!


Security separates Wilson and Bauer, GM Regan appears on the X-tron.

Regan: I've seen enough! The two of you obviously cannot be within 50 feet of one another. We're going to resolve this. At End Games, it will be Maniac Matt Wilson (Crowd Boos) against Brad Bauer (Crowd Pop)! Tonight, however, you will not have any more physical contact! If either of you interferes in the other man's match, you will both be barred from the building until End Games! (CROWD BOOS) Is that Clear? And since you two are so eager to fight one another, right here, next week...We're going to have a tag match. Matt Wilson, I don't care who you get, pick a partner. Bauer, that goes for you as well.

Now then, Matt Wilson, since you are a raging Maniac who doesn't care about the rules, I'm going to keep you out of that ring so help me. Bauer, tonight, in your match with Versus, you will be confined inside of a Steel Cage!

Crowd POPs at Bauer nods his head. Security still firmly holds both men apart from one another.

Regan: Further, to win, you must escape the cage. And as for your match at End Games...there will be a special stipulation. That special stipulation....will be ANNOUNCED NEXT WEEK! Good day Gentlemen!

Security ushers Wilson backstage, shortly followed by doing the same to Bauer.


Rivers: Welcome everyone to CCW Turmoil, coming to you LIVE, from Moscow, Russia!!

Double S: ? ?? ???? ????? VS? ?????????? ???? ???-????.  ?? ??????? ???? ? ???? ?????? ??? ???? ????? ????? ????? ???? ??? ? put down ?????? ??????? ??????? ?????? ????? ??????.

Rivers: Double S is a quick learner, and he spent the night at a Russian brothel, browsing the mail order brides.  Did you happen to find yourself one?

Double S: No.  But if you ask me if I found any Russian std's, I'd have a totally different answer for you buddy.

Rivers: Ohhh kay.  Tonights card is so good, you might want to slap your mother.  We have all the best wrestlers CCW has to offer here this evening, the Odd Couple facing the odd combination of Soul Glo and Chris Ryder. 

Double S: A returning Michael Heaton steps up against a quite hostile Maniac Matt Wilson.  And Ministry faces the NOT TV champion MMM, in a battle some are calling a wrestling match!

Rivers: In an act of sheer frustration, interim GM Regan has booked Val Finale against the CCW Champion RD Money!  And in the main event, it's Brad Bauer job...facing Versus in a match that Brad Bauer...


Rivers: Is well versed in, when they face off in a Steel Cage!  But first off, we have Tyro Kraven facing Seth Irving in what will undoubtably be a fan-tastic matchup!  Let's get on with the show!

Tyro Kraven Vs. Seth Irving


Double S: Battle of the short pants and sneakers!  Although, I do agree, that ref is a biased piece of excriment.

Rivers: It's very nice to see you decided to take the high road, and lay off the cussing.  But what a great match between those two.  Too bad Seth is only here to wrestle, because if he developed some sort of dialogue with someone, he'd be one of the best all around wrestlers CCW's ever seen.

Double S: F*ck yeah!!

Rivers: I take everything nice that I've ever said about you, back.

Seth leaves the ring as Tyro sits up holding his neck. He then rolls out of the ring and walks to the CCW official while still holding his neck.

Tyro :
..That..was your fault.

Official :
How is that so ?

Tyro :
Right before Seth hit his finisher,i got a 3 count just watch the tape.

Officia l:
It was not a 3 count and as long as i dont ring the bell the match continues,so right or wrong you took your time to complain to me and that cost you the match. Blame your attitude for your loss not me.

The CCW official try's to walk away but Tyro grabs his shirt

Tyro :
So you have a problem with my attitude huh? Is that why you counted maybe a bit slower then usual ? You doing that with every wrestler that you dont like ? Playing favorites maybe ?

Official :
If you are accusing me..

Tyro :
pff I can probably never proove it. Like my buddy Soul Glo said last week. This looks clean at first but my gut telsl me that not everyone is getting the same treatment.

Tyro gets in the face of the ref

Tyro :
But we are not gonna "adapt" to anybody. We'll make people adapt to us

Tyro jumps over the ramp and exits the arena




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