CCW Turmoil Unleashed




Stockholm, Sweden

Live from the New Stockholm Stadium in Sweden


Turmoil kicks off and the scene changes to the lockerroom area where GM Regan stands in front of the CCW roster.

Regan : Well last week I let go out of a note. Although we are getting better in our battle against OCW's Riot. It's no time too be slacking off, the contrary even. I want you people too step up a notch and show OCW Riot, what CCW is all about! So that means more promo's, better quality matches and the heart too make it too the top

Regan : If one of you doesn't get that in your head, you'll never make the show again whilst I'm the General Manager. Is that clear for everybody?

A somewhat mumbling sound of comfirmation is utterd from the wrestlers " yeah yeah"

Regan : Let's put up an even better show then last week, goodluck gentlemen!

The lockerroom slowly empty's till only a Soul Glo and Tyro Kraven remain.

Soul Glo : Sho, sho, keep yo eyes on the brotha man when you talkin bout haaaahd work. Shoot, I'm the only one puttin out a damn dimes worth of speech, and a mil worth of moves in dat ring. Comin in here like "dig on this" then tellin whitey how to keep a brotha down. **Sarcastic impersonation of Regan**"Whitey, y'all gots ta work haaahder, the black man's making progress! Rise above the blackness whitey, rise above!!" Awwwww, heeellllllllllllllllz naaaaww!! It can't go down like that Jack...I should kick yo...**Feint attacking at the direction of where Regan left**

Tyro : Woo brother woo..

Soul glo : Nah playboy, it can't keep on goin down like that, ya dig?
Every time my black ass makes strides, there's the man, holdin me down, while WHITEY moves on! I'm sayin, I'm fittin to go down to 8th, talk to Luscious Lefthand about makin the moves in the get down. Cracka ass cracka bout to get his if he don't know what's crackin in this side of mah buildin ya heard!?

Tyro : They'll pay for it but calm down already..

The camera fades to blacks as Tyro attempts to calm Soul Glo down




Turmoil has begun, the pyro is blasting through the air with the crowd in a frenzy. That loud cheer for Turmoil quickly turned into boo's as the CCW Champion, RD Money makes his way to the ring. RD doesn't look to be very happy and once he gets into the ring, he snatches the mic from the ring announcer while he paces around the ring.

RD: "You think you're funny don't you, Versus? You think you've gotten the last laugh against the Greatest champion CCW has ever known? You better think twice you stupid mutt! You must have forgotten that I am the master of mind games. You think that your witty tricks will save you from a disaster that is in store for you come Sunday. Well, I want you and all these wasted lives to know that you won't win. You CAN'T WIN! You don't have the tools neccessary to beat me. We proved this at Devils Night 2007. Roll the tape mutts."

The titatron then shows RD pinning Versus at the Devils Night PPV.

RD: "See? Take a look at that world, you see your beloved stoner getting what was coming to him. Seeing as I'm an avid Spurs fan, you mutts must know that they are on their way to glory once again. They are going to win the NBA Championship and solidify their dynasty. Why would I bring up such a Great team you ask? For one simple word... Dynasty. Just as the Spurs are a dynasty, I am a living, breathing, and un-questioned Dynasty! No one in this place can beat me, not a soul.

I am the dynasty because I am the longest reigning champion in the history of CCW and once I beat Versus Sunday, I'll be the longest reigning champion in OCW/CCW History. For months you mutts in the lockerooms and idiots at home said I couldn't do it. You said I couldn't keep the title and that I was a fluke champion. Now you cockroaches know that I am the real deal. I am the be-all when it comes to wrestling in this business. As I've said time and time again...I've beaten them all. ALL!

And come Sunday, Versus you will feel the wrath of a mad Greatness. I won't just beat you like an everday jobber oh no. You are going to feel each and every hit that will be laid apon you. You'll ask yourself in the mist of your brutal ass-kicking "Why did I bring this apon myself? Why did I doom myself to take this punishment?" And I will stand over top of your lifeless body, look you in the eye and make sure that you see my eyes, my face, and my title. I will want you to always remember that I am the one who did this to you. Not Nate burning you in a lockeroom. Not Kage fighting you in hardcore matches, but it will be ME! It will be me to end your career. Not all the stiches in the world can heal your mangled body and you will forever remember the day you stood before a Tyrant, a Goliath and a god..."Greatness" R....D....Money!"

RD drops the mic and proceeds to a turnbuckle corner as he raises the CCW title over his head pointing to the crowd. Cameras then pan to the announcers.


Rivers: Welcome everyone to CCW Turmoil, coming to you LIVE, from Stockholm, Sweden!!

Double S: The land of the blondines!!! *drools on table*

Rivers: Interum GM Regan has made it known that there will be a surprise for Val Finale, tonight on Turmoil! Talking about surprises Double S I have a surprise for you, too!

Double S: A surprise for me? What is it?

Rivers: A napkin so you stop drooling and help me run down the matches of tonight!

Double S puts napkin around his neck: Thank you, Rivers! Tonight we'll see Nathan Gaines vs The Air and we come too know what mystery partners both Wilson and Bauer will choose! Besides those little things there's lots of blondines in the crowd! * drools on napkin *

Rivers: Glad I brought you that napkin, Double S. Now you don't drool on the table! Contineuing with the rundown. Word has it that Richard Blood will face an opponent selected by The Air and for the main event Tyro Kraven faces off against the V-meister of Cheese, Versus!

Double S: Cheasus what a cheeseius match that's gonna be. Hope they know who's the cheeser!

Rivers: Sorry for the cheesey commentary, folks. We'll kick off Turmoil with Steven Jones vs Aries.

Aries Vs. Steven Jones


Rivers: A strong, strong, showing by the Undertoker.

Double S: Why didn't he end it with a tombstone piledriver?!

Rivers: The Steve wouldn't allow it!

Double S: BLASPHEMY!!!!

The X-tron and many other Monitors around the arena fade to black before opening back up to a room tented red but still dark enough to not completely make out the silhouette seated in the chair in front of the camera and now infront of the many CCW viewers at home and in the arena. As the crowd looks in silence the figure moves forward defining the shape of his face in the red light but still not enough to be completely seen, as if he were about to tell a campfire tale.

I have postponed long enough, and now it is of utmost importance I reveal to you, the false and the truth, of this world we inhabit and tell the tales of each our hearts. And right here at CCW I shall start.

The crowd audibly contains their reactions but their faces show mixed feelings of some wondering what the hell he is talking about and others not wanting to know what he is talking about

You see, some of us are born with the third eye, the rest of you faultlessly are blind. But I offer myself as your guide. Your shepherd who will shed your wool in order to reveal the Wolf just beneath your skin; the highwayman to show you the path less taken; yes your arc to anarchy, your messiah to the macabre, your poet of perverse,
your hero of heresy. I Am the “Iconoclast” Wesley Adams Poe, and I shall pave a road in bodies to the sinisterly sublime, like it or not It is POEtime.

Poe's new theme music that debuted at Wreslution comes on as his ominous laugh is fades out with the shot, and the arena is left still in a mixed reaction.




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