Rivers: We are live from the Sooner State for Tuesday Night Turmoil! I am Johnathon Rivers along with my partner Double S!

Double S: Welcome everyone, tonight is shaping up to be a huge night for CCW. Gabe Richards has promised the crowd here in Tulsa a big announcement that will revolutionize CCW!

Rivers: Mr. Richards has something up his sleeve and the entire roster, staff, and crowd are dying to hear it. And let's not forget the ever so important choice the CCW Champion Malu has to make tonight.

Double S: That's right John, last week we saw Nathan Gaines place his career on the line to get a rematch from Wrestlution against Malu for another crack at the CCW Title. Malu was left speechless last week, but now has made up his mind.

Rivers: Turmoil already shaping up and we have'nt listed any of the great matches here tonight! We get to see Tyrael Carter again in action against the debuting Jigsaw! Jigsaw has been heard backstage as a man of competition and is eager to find a place on the full time CCW roster.

Double S: Both men have a lot to show tonight in singles competition, but in tag team action Andre Simmons and Deano Horse have asked Mr. Richards directly to assemble a team to test them here tonight. Gavin Slade returns tonight to team with Justin Time.

Rivers: Always great to see Tag action in a CCW. But we are all ready to see Nathan Gaines return to take on Scott Hanlon. Hanlon has showing a great deal of skill in CCW, time to shine against the pending #1 Contender Nathan Gaines.

Double S : And to put a cherry on top of an already explosive card, its Inter-Promotional Warfare as CCW goes head to head with OCW for the first time since Wrestlution!

Rivers: Sean Strider, the most dominant EX Champion in OCW takes on the Monster that is Malu, CCW's Champion. The two were at each others next feuding over the EX Strap, and tonight they go head to head once more but this time, this time it takes place on Malu's turf...C...C...W!!!

Double S: And it looks like we are set for Jigsaw and Tyrael Carter to take the stage, let's head to ringside for tonights opening contest.




Rivers: Good solid contest to open up Turmoil! A great debut as well.

Double S: A lot different that I expected him to be.

The scene opens to Chris Ryder and Carlos Cruz in the parking lot, heading into the arena. Chris has a red T-Shirt reading "Tulsa Rules" on the shirt on white writing. Carlos appears to be wearing the same shirt, but it's in Mexican. The crowd pop for them as they make there way into the arena.

Ryder - "Ah crap I forgot somthing in the car, I'll catch you up man"

Cruz - "Aight amigo"

Chris walks back upto the car to get his things. Just then two men jump out of nowhere with baseball bats, one of them hits Chris on the back of the head as the other begins to beat down on him with the bat. The larger man of the two picks him up and grabs him by the througt, he then lifts him up and chokeslams him onto his car.

Both men run off, leaving Chris on the floor in the parking lot. EMT's run onto the scene after seeing it on the television screen, we go back to ringside as the EMT's begin to treat Chris' injury's..