CCW Turmoil Unleashed


* The scene opens at a familiar camper on the parking lot out of Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo. The cameraman opens the door of the camera and sees The Air chasing his monkey all around the camper. *

The Air: “Goddamit!!! I don't mind that you sperm all over the carpet, on your own couch or even on the CCW Title, but never ever sperm on MY EX-Title.”

* The monkey keeps eluding The Air, until The Air stops at the ringing phone. *

The Air picks up the phone: “Yes!”

Voice on the other line: “Is this Mr. Air I speak with?”

The Air: “Yes, it is and whom am I talking too!”

Voice on the other line: “This is Stan from the RSPCA. A while back one of our monkey's escaped. I think he was one of yours before we took him in. I think the monkey went by the name Froodles or Moodles.”

The Air: “You must mean Doodles!”

RSPCA Spokesmen: “Yes, that's the name. Well he escaped and we think the monkey might have went and returned too his old master. Which would be you Mr. Air.

The Air: “Yes, so?!”

RSPCA Spokesmen: “My question is if the monkey has returned too you, Mr. Air!”

* The Air looks up too his monkey with a sudden grim smile on his face. *

RSPCA Spokesmen: “Well has the monkey returned too you, Mr Air?”

The Air: “Yes, yes the monkey has found his way back too me, but he is awfully wild at the moment. I don't think I can control him anymore.”

* The Monkey suddenly stops all activity and looks up.*

RSPCA Spokesmen: “Try too sedate him if possible, otherwise keep him busy until one of our RSPCA people arrive with a stun gun. We will arrive shortly, Mr. Air! Just keep the monkey on your premises.”

The Air with a sarcastic voice: “Will do, Stan! Will do!”

RSPCA Spokesmen: “Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Air! Goodbye!”

The Air: “No problem at all! Have a nice day! I know, I will” * laughs *

The Air puts down the phone: “Well Doodles seems your going on a holiday.”

Doodles: “Oe?! Ie ah oh ah oe?” (Huh?! Where too?)

* The Air takes a few steps closer too the monkey. *

The Air with a fake honoust voice: “You really want to know?”

* The monkey nods *

The Air: “I'll whisper it in your ear. Come closer.”

* The Monkey approaches The Air *

The Air whispers in the monkey ears: “Your going too the RSPCA Dreamworld.”

* The Monkey startles by these words and the maniac expression on The Air's face, but before he can escape. Air kicks his monkey in the gut and does an Air Time (Lift & Cutter) on Doodles monkey ass. The monkey now laying unconscious on the floor is helpless too resist any attempts. Suddenly a knock can be heard on the Camper's door. The Air walks up too the door and opens the door too see who it is. *

The Air: Yes, can I help you?

RSPCA Agent: “Yes, I'm here too pick up an escaped monkey.”

The Air: “Yes, yes your at the right address! I already managed too sedate him. The monkey was really wild after a while. Come on in! ”

* The RSPCA Agent with stun gun in hand enters the camper. *

RSPCA Agent:
“I bet the monkey was really wild. At first when they are young they seem like great pets, but when they become bigger and more adult they become wilder by the day. Especially non-castrated monkey's they are the worst.”

The Air: “Well here is your sedated monkey.”

* The Air shows the RSPCA Agent the monkey *

RSPCA Agent: “Nice job on the sedating, haven't seen one of these animals so fast asleep since I accidentally shot a gorilla with an elephant gun. The gorilla was out for a full month..”

The Air: Thank you!

RSPCA Agent picks up the monkey and throws him over his shoulder: “Well we got it from here. Again thank you for your help, Mr Air!.”

The Air: “I'm just glad I could have helped.”

RSPCA Agent opens his trunk and puts the monkey in a cage: “If there were only more people like you. The world would be a better place. Well I better be going now. HQ is expecting me too return ASAP. They had a massive hamster escape it seems. Ciao!”

* Before The Air could say a word, the RSPCA Agent drives off. Leaving The Air and the camera crew behind. *

The Air smiles and re-enters his camper: “Well that is one problem less!”

* The Air closes his campers door as the scene fades too black as the turmoil intro starts too roll. *



Oslo, Norway

Live from the Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo, Norway


**Vs entrance hits, Vs makes his way to the ring. Shows the fans the title. Vs stands in the ring holding the mic, taking in the wave of cheers and 'fire it up' chants.**

Vs: What streak?

**Crowd pops**

Vs: HA HAAAAA!!! The champ is in the BUILDING! You know...before I start talking, I have an announcement. I was speaking with Nate. You know hair, legend, guys know that guy. So anyway, we're talking in the back, and he pointed out that I am responsible for ending the two longest World Title Reigns in OCW, and now CCW history. The victims...Nate Ortiz...sorry bud. And of course, the latest, RD Money. Because of this monumental feat, I've decided to rename my finisher. From the DIME BAG

The Extinction Level Event. **crowd pops for sweet finisher name** Nate, thanks for that one bud, I owe ya.

Anywho I'd like to start off by saying thank you to RD Money. Thank you for holding onto this belt long enough for me to come back, bring you to the Extinction Level Event, and take that title RIGHT back from ya! The beacon is back with the sage, and shining brightly again CCW! Now, I know, you're thinking, this is just another setup for a rematch. I got some interesting news on that one for ya.

**Vs clears his throat.**

Vs: UH UH!!! Not happening! RD needs to go back to the drawing board with that idea. We need fresh, new, interesting title defenses. And with that, comes this evenings events. Tonight, fate decides who my first title defense will be against. We have Seth RD and Spoon again right?

**Crowd laughs a little**

Vs: Gotcha! Tonight, we have 4 hard working, deserving men...yes, even Bauer. Vying for a shot at history, a shot at the CCW World Title. Brad Bauer, Tyro Kraven...I know who he is after last week. Then...we have my own buddies. My brothers, Gainesy, and Deano. S.E.X. Luckily, I'll only have to face one of them if either of them should win, but know that no matter what, there's no tension between myself and my faction mates. If they win the evening, there's nothing else I can do but kick their butts right out of the Inc.

**Crowd gets quiet.**

Vs: I'm kidding. **small pop** Regardless, I told you all, when I win this title back, the winds of change will shift, and CCW will rise once again. You have a true Revolutionary leading this "Revolution of online wrestling." It's pretty safe to say, Riot, you're gonna have to step your game up..AGAIN. With that being said, tonight, I'm scheduled to meet RD Pennyless in that ring, yet again, along with Malu...which is always pleasant. They'll be going against myself, and my mullet headed friend, the biggest and most peaceful man in CCW, Coop! I'm using the word peaceful very loosely in that last sentence, as Coop will be very UNpeaceful after that bell sounds. Although, who knows if RD will even take that step back into the ring so soon after he saw his time pass, and me stepping into that limelight.

Vs: As for this title,'s going nowhere, until I'm ready to let it go. And CCW, well, it's time for us to rise once again. The beacon shines, follow the light, and you'll never go wrong. CCW, YOUR champion, is BACK.


Rivers: Good evening everyone, and WELCOME once again to Tuesday Night Turmoil brought to you by the RV Addiction.

Double S: This card was a steak, it'd be a porterhouse!

Rivers: Double S is correct for once, tonight we have an incredible lineup. We start things off with two rooks, Vindicator, and Kip Conrad, looking to make a name for themselves.

Double S: If this match was a steak, it's be rump steak.

Rivers: Some people prefer rump steak, it's a more tend...wait...why am I discussing meats? The next matchup on the card, is our new EX CHAMPION, The Air, going up against the master of floetry, Poe.

Double S: Air finally gets the monkey off of his back, and can now focus on getting a win on a show other than a ppv! If THAT match were a steak, I'd say that's a Kansas City Sirloin.

Rivers: Kansas City sirloin?

Double S: Better than a Kansas City fa...

Rivers: MOVING ON! Val Finale was supposed to square off against the Maniac himself. But Matt hasn't been seen here since the PPV. Some think that legdrop onto the table sent MMW packing for good.

Double S: At least he's not packing steaks!! That'd make him a meat packer, and nobody likes a meat packer.

Rivers: Next up will be the setup for FIYAAAHH!! A battle royal, to decide who will go one on one, in a burning wood match for a SHOT at the CCW Championship at Damnation.

Double S: That right there, is the Filet Mignon. WITH Hollindaise!!

Rivers: Followed by, RD Money and Malu facing the newly crowned CCW Champion, Versus and his long time friend and bodyguard, Coop.

Double S: After losing to stoner boy, I don't know how anyone could show their face. That match is a T-Bone, one sides tough, and the other side is tender.

Rivers: Onto our know...Double S, that was a great comparison. Anyway, our next match will be the winner of the battle royal, in a flaming wood match! Regan's own invention, the goal is to put your person through a table, which must be on FIIIYAAAHHHH!!

Double S: I'd say that match is steak tips.

Rivers: Steak tips?

Double S: It's the only steak I prefer...well done.

Rivers: Right! Before we go on with the matches let's get a quick recap of End Games.




Double S: Didn't I see that before!

Rivers: That's why it's called a recap. On with two rookies. Vindicator faces Kip Conrad.

Double S: I feel hungry!

Vindicator vs Kip Conrad


Double S: Rump steak.

Rivers: Those chops to the chest will do a number on you if you keep letting them land. Nice matchup by the young superstars.

Double S: Rump steak.


*The camera fades in on CCW interviewer, Chloe Taylor, standing by with OCWFED rookie, Aries.*

Chloe - Hello ladies and gentlemen! I am Chloe Taylor, here with the self proclaimed "Runaway Sensation", Aries.

*The camera pans over to Aries, who is apparently fast asleep, leaning against the wall.*

Chloe - Uhh..Aries?

*Still unconcious, and snoring, Chloe nudges Aries to wake him up. He jumps up in a defensive position, almost karate chopping Chloe.*

Aries - Ahh jeez, sorry love. You should never try to wake a sleepin' Scotsman, especially when he's dreamin' about the hot girl who's goin' to be interviewin' soon.

Chloe - ...that would be me.

*Aries' eyes widen as he looks at Chloe.*

Aries - Right...sorry love. Didn't notice...anyway...what questions did ya have for me?

Chloe -
*Rolls her eyes.* Ok, first question. Considering you're still a free agent, have you taking into thought, which brand you're going to sign with?

Aries - Hmm, actually, no. I haven't given that any thought as of late. While I may be a team with Chris here on CCW, I may still want to explore over at OCW. So, no, I have completely thought about which brand I want to go with...even though I have been booked in CCW more.

Chloe - So OCW is still an option for you?

Aries - Yes it is. CCW has great competition no doubt, but I want to get a taste of the other side before I pick me poison.

Chloe - Very wise choice. Now let's back track, about Chris, where has he been lately?

Aries - Well, to be honest Chloe, I really don't know. I haven't seen the guy in weeks. This is also why I've been contemplating pursuing a different career path. Maybe find a different partner, or take on a singles career.

Chloe - So you're thinking about abandoning Chris?

Aries - Not abandoning, more like moving on. I understand Chris taking me under his wing got me here, but like I said, I want to test waters.

Chloe - Right, right. On to the next question, what are your aspirations for the future?

*Aries looks down, then back at the camera and smirks.*

Aries - To win the EX Title of course! I've been watchin' OCWFED since I was a wee lad. The EX Division has always interested me.

Chloe - I'm suprised, no World Heavyweight Title aspirations?

Aries - Oh Heavens no, not yet at least. I can't worry about something that big, especially since I'm just a rookie.

Chloe - That's very noble of you.

Aries - Thank ya sweetie.

Chloe - *Blushes* Ok, final question. This coming Thursday, you have a match with CJ Hoppus, how do you feel?

Aries - I feel psyched. I've seen Hoppus wrestle before, and that man has got talent. I am really lookin' forward to it.

Chloe - Alright Aries, thank you for the inter...

*A loud crashing noise is heard in the background. The camera pans over to the direction of the noise, and from the darkness comes Val Finale. He walks up to Aries and Chloe, with a deranged look in his face.*

Val - DAMNIT! DID YOU SEE WHAT THAT DAMN TROLL, REGAN DID TO ME LAST WEEK?! HE PIT ME AGAINST THE NEANDERTHOL, MINISTRY! Regan is working with ToP, I know it! They're still trying to take me down!

*Aries scratches his head, and squints his eyes.*

Aries -, who the hell are ya?

Val - Who the hell am I? Who the hell am I?! I'm Val Finale! Former EX Champ!

Aries - Val Finale, Val Finale...hmmm, weren't you that guy that won the EX Title, then lost it...2 days later?


Aries - Right, right. It's my honour, to meet such an established legend as yourself.

Val - Are you mocking me?!

Aries - Well......yes, yes I am.

Val - You're working for ToP too, aren't you?!

Aries - I don't believe I'm working for a dead faction, no.

Val - LIES! ALL LIES! Tonight, you, me, IN THAT RING!

Aries - Do I really have to? I mean, ya smell bad...and you're a ravin' lunatic.

Val - WHAT?! ToP member! Prepare to feel PAIN!

*Val quickly runs off into the distance as Aries looks back at Chloe.*

Aries - What in the bloody hell was that about?

*Chloe shrugs as the camera's fade to black.*




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