Live at the BI-LO Center in Greenville, SC. Its Tuesday Night Turmoil!

Rivers: Tuesday Night Turmoil is live and the crowd is electric tonight here Greenville, South Carolina!

Double S: CCW is red hot after debuting just a small fraction of our roster at Wrestlution, and guess what Rivers?

Rivers: Shoot S...

Double S: Tonight in all the history of CCW and Tuesday Night Turmoil we have our very first CCW Champion! And his name is Malu Polamalu!

Rivers: And what a match it was between Malu and Nathan Gaines last Sunday, if that is a sign of what is to come in CCW Title Fights, we are going to have some explosive matches!

Double: Also tonight we say goodbye to our previous General Manager Derick Winters, and welcome in our new Turmoil GM, Gabe Richards.

Rivers: We have so much in store tonight on TNT but now it is my honor to introduce the first ever CCW Champion...MALU POLAMALU!


**The Lights Go out, and the crowd becomes silent.  You can hear random cheers and screams, and see some light coming from people's cell phones.  Just then a spotlight hits the center of the ring, and we see a ring announcer standing forefront with a microphone in hand.**

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen I ask that you please rise,and let allow me to introduce you to the newest CCW World Champion Malu Polamalu!!!!

**The Lights come back on, and Malu makes his way down to the ring.  He is in street clothes and is sporting the CCW Title belt over his right shoulder, and is holding a microphone in the left.  He has sunglasses on,and once again has a very smug look on his face. Malu walks to the center of the ring, and looks out to the crowd.**

**The Crowd Boos Loudly, shouting at Malu**

Malu: Two nights ago at Wrestlution, I did exactly what I said I would do.  I erased the problem child Nathan Gaines, and became the first ever CCW Champion.  I proved once again that I am the Machine.  I'm a monster who cannot be stopped. 

Malu: I've erased every stereotype that wrestling has put on Samoans.  No longer are we just animals who are hired to take out the opposition.  I have proven that Samoans can get the job done when the title is on the line. I have finally climbed the mountain, and I will become the longest reigning champion that CCW and OCW have ever seen. 

Malu: I briefly want to discuss my "opponent" from Wrestlution, a one Mr. Nathan Gaines. 

**The crowd pops for Gaines**

Malu: Last night I proved that I can take Nathan out at any time I want to.  I destroyed the man's spirits and beat him for the title that he so coveted.  I made Nathan an example of anyone who thinks that they can challenge me for this title.  Last night I finally killed Nathan Gaines, the man who won't die. Nathan, you proved nothing two nights ago at Wrestlution.  You showed that you will never have what it takes to become a champion, and as long as I'm champion, I will make sure that you never get another shot at this belt.  You're dead to me Nathan Gaines. And by the looks of it, you've already tucked your tail in between your legs and run away. 

**Just then "Alive" by POD hits and Chris Callhoun comes out on stage. The crowd is rather shocked by his appearance and don't know where to cheer or boo him.  The Arena is silent, and are waiting for what is to happen next.  Callhoun comes right down to the ring and with a microphone in hand looks Malu right in the eye.**

Chris: Congratulations on the win Malu.  Always nice to see a champion crowned.  I know Nathan and I haven't seen eye to eye recently, but never count Nathan out.  To many people have made that mistake Malu.  I know Nathan better than anyone, and we will only come back stronger.  Since Nathan is no where to be found tonight, and can't stand up for himself, and shut you up, it looks like the old "Thrill Seeker” teammate is gonna have to get the job done himself.

**Callhoun drops the microphone and gets right in Malu’s face**

Malu: Eh, you asked for it

**Malu takes the microphone and cracks Callhoun over the head with it.  He then mounts Callhoun and starts throwing vicious lefts and rights.  Again he takes the microphone and grades it across the forehead of Callhoun, ripping him open and causing the blood to gush from his head.  Malu then rips the shirt off of Callhoun’s back, and takes the title belt off of his shoulder.  Malu begins to laugh and then looks down at Callhoun who can barely put his arms up to defend himself.  Malu begins to whip Callhoun with the belt repeatedly and the welts on Callhoun’s back can be seen.  Callhoun is screaming in pain, and Malu once again takes the microphone and picks it up.  He kicks Callhoun’s head and then begins to speak**

Malu: Come on out Mr. Hero. Make the save for your friend. Just try, do it one more time Nathan, and you’ll get served with the same result.  The game is over Nathan, and you’ve lost your chance.  If you come any where near me, you’ll be just like your friend Chris here.  He was made the example tonight Nathan. Don’t let this be your future

**Malu drops the mic, as his music begins to play.  He slowly walks up the ramp jawing to the crowd, as CCW officials and medical team members, rush to the ring to attend to Callhoun**

Rivers: My god! Look at the carnage he just caused!

Double S: I have a feeling Malu will be CCW Champion for a very, very long time.

Rivers: That would be a safe bet, I'm just getting word Carloz Cruz is backstage.

*Scene starts with the camera looking around backstage, waiting for someone to emerge from the darkened door at the bottom of the darkened corridor*

Trisha: Hmmmm. I wonder where he is *Just as she finishes the sentance a figure walks through the darkened door and the only light seen is the light shining in from outside, but it is too bright for the people to see who has walked through*

Trisha: Yes, It's about time you arrived, i've been waiting for ages Mr.

Mysterious Person: I'm sorry i'm late, the plane landed later than planed, and the limo wasnt there when I exited the airport.

Trisha: It's perfectly alright, but why are you still standing in the dark part of the corridor, let the fans see you

*The mysterious person walks away from the darkened area of the corridor, and it turns out to be non-other than...*

Carlos: The Mexican Dream has returned to CCW and it feels great.

Trisha: Carlos, this was an unexpected return, I thought you were going away for a few weeks until your issue had been sorted out.

*Carlos starts to walk up the corridor towards Trisha*

Carlos: Yes it is an unexpected return and I was going to go away for a few weeks, but I got the word yesterday that I will be in a match against Vitor Colon, but I believe he has left CCW god knows why so I have no clue who I will be fighting but that is why I am back in town. This issue doesnt concern me anymore and it shouldnt concern anyone else in CCW, it is old news to me.

Trisha: Well we have all been trying to figure out what the issue is, but come up with nothing. Moving on... who do you think you will be facing tonight.

Carlos: You've been doing what!!!!!, I do have the urge to hit you now, but as i've said it is old news now and my opponent, I am not bothered who my opponent is, but one thing I do know is who ever it is will be giving it his all and looking for the win, but on the other hand I will be looking for my first win and not my second loss, because that will be embarrasing to myself and to my familia back in Mexico, but if what happens.. happens, I will just have to live my life a day at a time, train each day and hope that one day soon I will get my first win, even if i have to be ruthless, The Mexican Dream will get a win then many more after it, and will be facing the best of CCW in the not too far future. If I do win, I will respect my opponent like we all should and he will gain from his mistakes like most or infact all of us had had too. Now if you dont mind, I have a match to prepare for so I'll talk to you later Trisha and then i'll tell you more about my journey back to the big time. Que tengan un buen día (Have a nice day)

Rivers: Enough talking already, let's really get the show going! It's time for the first match of the night!