CCW Turmoil Unleashed




Copenhagen, Denmark

Live from the FC Copenhagen Stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark


Carlos Cruz is walking backstage with a determined face after having a few weeks off.

Carlos: Finally Carlos Cruz has come bac....

Voice: Theres nobody around you idiot.

Carlos: So what, I am allowed to make an introduction if I want. Why do you always have to put a downer on me?

Voice: It's what I do. You get your hopes up... I bring you back to reality.

Carlos turns around a corner and continues to walk down the hallway when a man wearing his attire nudges into him.

Hey watch where your going.

Sorry Man. You couldnt help me could you.

Carlos stares at the man.

I found my locker room earlier but I cant seem to remember where it is.

Sure. Whats your name?

Knox, Evan Knox.

Ohhh So your Evan Knox. The Rookie I will be facing tonight.

Knox: Yeah thats me. Anyway back to the topic. Do you have any clue where my locker room is?

Carlos: Just around that corner I think.

Knox: Oh thanks man. See you later for our match.

Carlos: Sure No problem

Knox walks around the corner and Carlos begins to carry on down the hallway.

Carlos: He seems nice.

Yeah whatever just go get ready. My match is in a few.


Voice: Just go.

Carlos with a confused look on his face continues to walk down the hallway then falls to one knee as the camera fades out.




Vindicator gets handed a mic from the time keeper. The crowd is cheering.

Vindicator: Last week I said I know what needs to be done now and that I will have no remorse for any of my opponents. Well on Ambition last Sunday I did just that.

Crowd cheers. Vindicator looks around.

Vindicator: Though I have no problems with Anthony Martin, he was just another opponent lying before me at the end of the match. Justice was served.

Vindicator moves closer to the ropes and looks into the camera.

Vindicator: I know I don't have a match tonight and many of you are wondering what am I doing in this ring. Well I am here because Sunday after Ambition was over the world was witness to an injustice. A travesty. Something that should never of happened. The one Banjo Grimm.

Crowd has a mixed reaction of boos and cheers.

Vindicator: He tried to seek revenge from Ministry by jumping him in his hotel room. Though I don't care too much for either of them, revenge is not Justice. So for that come down to this ring John Wayne for your sentencing and I will show you what Blind Justice truly is.




Rivers: Welcome too CCW Turmoil! Do we have a supershow for you people here, tonight.

Double S: I think I'm coming down with something?

Rivers: Why is that?

Double S: My head hurts.

Rivers: You must have been listening too Air's song too long. Makes you go insane it seems.

Double S: Achoo!!!

Rivers: Bless you! Onwards with the run down. Tonight both the no.1 contendor Deano Horse and CCW Champion Versus can pick their own opponents and both men can decide their opponents stipulation. Should be two great matches tonight.

Double S: Achoo!!! And ... Achoo!!! ... Trips chooses a partner and
Jones chooses a partner. Achoo!!! So they can face each other in tagteam action. Achoo!!!

Rivers: That's right! Also Aries meets Tyro Kraven and CJ Hoppus faces Soulglo.

Double S: Achuuuuurccchhhhh!!!!

Rivers: Let me do the next one too shall I. Wesley Adams Poe faces against Justin Timberlake. Wait that ain't right, shouldn't this be Val Finale? Who scribbled Justin Timberlake on my card?

Double S: I did ... Achoo!!! ...

Rivers: Why?

Double S: Achoo!!! Why not? He looks like him doesn't he!

Rivers: RIGHT!!!

Double S: Glad you agree ... Achoo!!! ... with me foronce!

Rivers: Moving on we begin our night with Carlos Cruz vs Rookie Evan Knox

Double S: Achoo!!! Achoo!!! Achoox!!!

Rivers: Who is there?

Carlos Cruz vs Evan Knox



Double S: Achoo ... Roast Ratch ... *sniff *

Rivers: Close Match indeed! A great win, that will certainly help him in the future!


Knox struggles to get up after the match he's just had with Carlos Cruz. As he gets up his begins to stumble while holding his head. Knox turns around and asks for a Mic.

Knox: Now Now Now. Whoever challenged me to a match last week must not have had the balls the come out here. He must be sitting backstage in his locker room weaping because he was probably scared that I'd give him the ass kicking so you know what, whoever it was, I dont care if your backstage, in the crowd, on the roof... Hell I dont even care if your one of the commentators, I dare you to come out here and face me now.

Knox throws down the Mic and stares up the ramp waiting for the mystery person to come down to him and while this is happening Carlos Cruz begins to stand himself up using the ropes to help gain his stability and then picks up the thrown down mic as he stands up. Cruz leans back into the turnbuckle and places Mic to hand.

{Laughter} But I'm already here.

Knox begins to look around in frustration trying to figure out who is talking. He looks up the ramp, outside the ring, in the crowd, he then turns around to see Cruz with Mic in hand. Knox begins to s******.

He payed you to do this didnt he. I've seen your matchs and I know thats not your attire and I know that wasnt your theme music. Drop the charade and tell whoever ordered you to do this to get themselfs down here.

Voice: You know I would if I could but I cant call somebody down if there already in the ring.

Cruz gets up on the turnbuckle and slowly walks to Knox. Knox stands his ground and puts up his fists to defend himself. As Cruz gets closer Knox begins to throw his fists at Cruz who just stares at his missed attempts. Cruz raises his eyebrow and puts a evil smirk on his face, Cruz then runs towards Knox and hits him with a thunderous Clothesline knocking Knox out cold on the mat. Cruz walks to the mic and picks it up.

Voice: Finally {Pause} Cruz has come back to kick your asses and Que Tengan un buen dia.

Cruz gets out of the ring and walks backwards up the ramp staring at Knox who is receiving medical help in the middle of the ring. Cruz begins to laugh as the camera fades out.


* CJ Hoppus is walking backstage getting ready for his match as Chloe Taylor approaches him. *

Chloe Taylor: “CJ! CJ! Can I have a word with you!”

“Sure you can, Chloe! What's up? You want an autograph?”

Chloe Taylor: “Cute as ever, CJ! I‘m here too interview you though. Last Riot you got the opportunity by the Air too get a shot at his EX-Title. How do you see your chances?”

Hoppus: “Captain Underdog always gets out on top!”

Chloe Taylor:
“What confidence even though you lost too CCW Rising Star Aries on Riot last week.”

Hoppus: “Ah, yes! But didn't The Air lose all his matches prior too winning the EX title?”

Chloe Taylor: “Yes, I think your right!”

Hoppus: “Well if a normal “underdog” can do it. Fore sure Captain Underdog can do it! Cause the underdog always comes out on top!”

* Suddenly The Air comes in the scene and grabs Chloe's hand in which her mic is. *

The Air: “Don't make me laugh, you coming out on top. You are not defeating anyone or anything here in CCW. Let alone defeat THE FIRST EX CHAMPION of OCW/CCW!!!

Hoppus: “Why don't you hush and let sane people talk for once. Your not the first EX champion, your not even the first European EX champion. The only thing you are is a first class %^^&^&*&.”

The Air enraged points too Hoppus:
“You better watch your step tonight, Hoppus. You never know what kind of people will try too take you out, tonight. CCW is much more tougher then the OCW your used too.”

"Whatever! If you'll excuse me! I need too win a match, tonight!”

* Crowd cheers as CJ Hoppus walks away from the scene with a mumbling Air behind him. Chloe Taylor puts her microphone in front of The Air. Waiting for The Air too speak up. *

The Air pissed:
"Get that mic out of my face!!!"

* While The Air shoves the microphone away. He walks off leaving Chloe Taylor behind. *




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