CCW Turmoil Unleashed




New York City, U.S.A.

Live from the Madison Square Garden Stadium in New York City


**The Scene Opens up with a limo inside the Arena Parking Lot. We see the driver exit the limo and go back to open up the back door. As he does we see Recon exit the Arena as the crowd goes wild. Recon tips the driver and begins to enter the Arena. As he enters the building he stops and looks straight ahead. He takes a look at the OCW staff members going about their jobs. Recon takes a deep breath and enters the building to begin his night.**

Rivers: What a sight. This could be the last time we see Recon preparing to wrestle. This Turmoil has it all folks.

Double S: I don't like his chances at all against Malu Polamalu.

Rivers: Nor do I nor do I. Good evening everyone and welcome to Tuesday Night Turmoil, LIVE from the land of the OCW Headquarters...New York City!!  I'm Doc Peters and this, reluctantly is my partner in crime Double S.  Tonight we have a full lineup for you, so let's get going with the rundown.  

Double S: Tonight we start off with the paranoid android that is Val Finale, going up against the recently single Aries.

Rivers: Aries still riding the short wave of success with former Ex-Champion Chris Ryder, let's see how he can do alone in the big leagues.  Next up is Vig Vad Vindicator against OCW's gothic cowboy, Banjo Grimm.

Double S: The cold hand of justice meets the 6 shootin son of a make up artist, should be interesting to say the least.  We will see Chris Ryder, in one on one competition with newcomer Evan Knox.

Rivers: From what I hear in the back, Ryder's not necessarily happy about his recent unexpected departure of his former tag partner, so Evan better come prepared, because I'm sure Ryder's going to be out for blood.  Anyone's blood.  Speaking of blood, next up is a hardcore match complete with pre-match betting and trash talking.

Double S: That's right, Poe's lookin to win 100k, and put Bauer in his place...temporarily...if he can get a victory over the recently somewhat less jobberish Brad Bauer.  The card of goodies doesn't stop there, because up after that will be the Puca Pie eating walking apocalypse, Malu takes on the recently returning, former retiree, Hall of Famer, social security collector, prune juice drinker...

Rivers: Have some respect you heathen.  We're talking Recon, one of the founders of the Militia. 

Double S: Who?

Rivers: Nevermind!  Up next, will be the first TV Title defense in...

Double S: YEARS!!

Rivers: Sure seems like it.  Current CCW TV Champion Trips, defends his gold against the true to life Mexican, Carlos Cruz!!!

Double S: Say Adios to that title Trips!  Carlos es Champion!  ARRRIIIIBAA!!  And finally, for our main event, we have a family fued if you will, when S.E.X. goes up against the Ex-Champ, and the CCW Champ, in Air, and Versus.

Rivers: Any time you have more than one Revolutionary in the ring, things are bound to be interesting.  So enough talking from us, let's get to the action!!

Scene goes backstage where Vindicator is waiting in the gorilla position. He's got a scowered look on his face. The camera pans in closer as the mic picks up Vindicator about to talk. He looks into the camera. It is dark and he is in a slight shadow while speaking.

Vindicator: Last week on Turmoil someone made a big mistake. A mistake that will be costly. Interfering in my sentencing of Banjo. {Vindicator grinds his teeth together} Ministry you are and made that mistake last week. And I don't make mistakes, I castigate them.

Vindicator pounds his fists together.

Vindicator: Your time will come soon enough. But first Justice needs to be served to the one who coped-out of it last week.

Crowd cheers can be heard faintly through the live feed.

Vindicator: Tonight there will be no recess for you Banjo Grimm. {Vindicator has a sinister grin on his face} Ministry will not be able to interrupt my Justice. If he does it will be his second and last mistake for him.

Vindicator looks up at the ceiling while clenching his fists.

Vindicator: Tonight, Banjo vs The Vindicator {crowd cheers for the match tonight} He will stand before his Judge, Jury and Fate and his sentencing will be the punishment I inflict on him in that very ring. It will be unavoidable.

Vindicator: When his body lays before me after being put through the JUSTIFIER. {Vindicator's voice grows louder} I'm coming for you Ministry. My warrant is out on you!

Vindicator turns his back on the camera as he speaks.

Vindicator: So tonight Banjo no need to be shaking in your cowboy boots…You shouldn't be frightened. {Vindicator turns to the camera his eyes white and his voice even louder} You should be TERRIFIED!!!


The number 1 contender for the CCW World Heavyweight Championship, Deano Horse, is sat inside his lockeroom. Deano places his gym bag down on the side of his bench he begins to scramble through the contents of the bag.

Deano grabs a small white tub and places next to him. He grabs at his lower back and almost screams through the sheer amount of pain.

Deano: God damn it, Casey you have done it to me again.

Deano opens the small tub up grabs 3 or 4 pink pills then crunches them between his teeth before swallowing.

Deano turns the tub around and reads the packaging whilst still holding his back in pain.

Deano: Yuck! Tastes nothing like Grapefruit.

Deano winces in pain once again. There is a knock on the door. Deano fumbles to put the painkillers back in the bag whilst straitening up.

Nathan Gaines walks through the lockeroom door. He is wearing an '18 +' S.E.X T-shirt (available on and all good sport retailers).

Gaines: Hey, whats up Deano. What was that?

Deano: What, the white tub full of pills?

Nathan: Yeah.

Deano: Ermm..... it's... uh..... Viagra! Thats it, it's Viagra.

Gaines: I don't even want to know. How was your flight?

Deano: Good man. There was this hot Air Hostess...

Gaines: Let me guess. Now your apart of the Mile High club?

Deano: No we had already landed. But don't interrupt. Her name was Chloe...

Gaines: Hot?

Deano: Almost as hot as her... STEP sister!

Gaines: Sisters?

Deano: Step Sisters. They went at it and everything.

Gaines: How nice for you.

Deano nods.

Gaines: So we got ourselves a tag match tonight against the Air and Versus?!

Deano: Yeah that sucks. It seems as if someone wants Rev Inc to start taking each other apart.

Gaines: Yeah, well we can't have you OR Versus picking up any injuries take it easy ok?

Deano rubs his back.

Deano: Yeah of course man.

Gaines: C'mon lets head to the bar.

Deano and Nathan both stand up. Nathan walks out of the lockeroom first Deano stops just after leaving the door.

Deano: Oh hey, you know what I have to speak to this cute blonde that works over in the restaurante, she was giving me the 'come drop a sex bomb on me' eyes.

Gaines: Ok man, have fun. Don't be too long.

Deano winks at Nathan. Nathan turns and walks down the corrider. Deano walks in the opposite direction. His movement is slow and seems to be very uncomfortable. Deano turns and waits for Nathan to walk around the corner. He then walks for a few feet and knocks on a white door. The name plate of the Door reads....

Dr. Yates.

The scene fades out as someone opens the door to Deano.


Banjo Grimm vs Vindicator



Double S: Yep, Buck Futt, I had a rod like a tennis ball can, and a thrust that would make old women we...

Rivers: WHAT A GREAT MATCH!  If it came down to the wire anymore, it would have been a draw!  It was good to see a quality match out of these two, I hope to see more in the future.


We cut backstage to Stacy Clark who is stood outside the lockeroom of CCW Wrestler Chris Ryder, Stacy is holding the microphone in her right hand while she brushes back her hair with her left hand.

Clark: "Good evening CCW fans around the world, I'm Stacy Clark and tonight I'm here once again with CCW Original Chris Ryder"

Chris walks into shot as the crowd pop.

Clark: "Hello again Chris"

Ryder: "Evenin' Stacy, looking good as always"

Clark: "Thank you, now tonight you face off against a rookie in CCW, Evan Knox. Now he may be new here but from what I know, he's been in the bussniess a while, how do you think you'll fair against him this evening?"

Ryder: "Well Stacy, it's true that you should never underestimate a rookie, they give it there all every time they step into the ring in hopes of getting pushed up the card, so I'll go out there and I'll give it 100%. Evan will probably go out there with the same mind-set if he's smart enough"

Clark: "We'll have to wait and see then I suppose. Now moving on, it seems last week you pulled off the W against Soul Glo, does this mean you two are done with each other or?..."

Ryder: "I don't know Stacy, it depends on how Glo will react to it. I think we're done, I mean he talked the talk but he couldn't walk the walk. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully he doesn't try and pull anything behind my back, that's happend too often with me"

Clark: "Indeed it has. Well all I can say is goodluck tonight and with Soul Glo"

Ryder: "Thanks, but hopefully I won't need it for the latter, later Stacy"

Clark: "Goodbye Chris"

Chris walks off-screen as we cut to ringside.




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