CCW Turmoil Unleashed




Indianapolis, Indiana

Live from the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis


As Turmoil opens Deano Horse makes his way out to the ring. The crowd erupt in excitement for the number 1 contender. His entrance lacks his regular charasmatic act. Deano climbs the steps at ringside and enters the ring. He then calls for a mic from a stage hand.

Deano: Cut my music.

Cheers are still filling the arena as Deano stands in the midle of the ring, mic in hand. Deano motions for the crowd to silence.

Deano: Last week I was advised to see a specialist. A back specialist. It seems as though my short stay so far here in CCW haven't done my back any good at all. To be more precise the last few months have been especially difficult. According to the specialist I have been seeing my back is shot to pieces. I'm suffering from S pondylolytic stress fracture . Now whilst a course of strong epidural injections and rest would have helped, my back has become worse due to the amount of physical stress I have put my body under...

Deano walks around the ring slightly.

Deano: By all accounts it could have been something recently that set it all off? Hey maybe it could have something to do with this....

Deano points to the Xtron.


Deano: ... Could have been this too?


Deano: Maybe this one?


Deano: {Deano smiles} Yup, that was my tag team partner... throwing me off of a ladder.

Deano dubs his chin.

Deano: No hard feelings though Nathan, I did dump you through a flaming table a few moments after that.

Deano: Point is I have been suplexed outside the ring from the top of a ladder, suplexed inside the ring from the top of the ladder. Thrown off the top of a ladder to the outside by my best friend. Then I was abandoned by said friend to fend off the current Ex Division Champion, The Air, and CCW World Heavyweight Champion.... VERSUS!

Crowd pop for Versus.

Deano: Who by the way is my team mate and good friend. Who needs friends huh?!

The crowd laugh.

Deano: Maybe it was that ELE that sent me over the edge, destroying the nerves in my back, causing me sleepless nights? Maybe if Nathan Gaines was there I wouldn't have taken so much blunt trauma to my back.

The crowd begin to murmur slightly as Deano speaks.

Deano: But he wasn't there. I did go against 2 opponents alone. I did receive an ELE. I did spend that evening in agony over my back. So now I move on to the reason why I am out here tonight.

Deano pauses slightly, lowers his arms and looks around the arena.

Deano: Sunday night...

The crowd cheer.

Deano: Damnation...

The crowds cheering becomes louder.

Deano: The CCW World Heavyweight Championship is on the line.

The crowds cheers increase.

Deano: Deano Horse v Versus. Revolution Partners going at it inside... this... Very... RING!

The crowd erupt, Revolution Inc t-shirts can be seen all around the arena. Some Deano chants start up as well as a few 'Fire it Up' chants.

Deano smiles.

Deano: Is NOT going to happen.

The crowd suddenly begin to boo as Deano hangs his head.

Deano: You see I have one of these.

Deano pulls a piece of paper from his trouser pocket.

Deano: This is a signed document stating that I am NOT authorised by a medical practitioner to compete this Sunday at Damnation.

The boos become louder and louder.

Deano: It also states that, not only will I be unable to wrestle at Damnation, it could be up 6 months before I am able to wrestle again. If my back shows no signs of real improvement over that period my back may never heal properly and the chances of me EVER wrestling again would be slim to none.

Deano: So, this Sunday, Damnation. Deano will NOT compete for the CCW Championship, he will not compete at all.

Deano drops the mic and his music hits the PA system as he slowly leaves the ring. The scene then fades to another commercial break.

Rivers: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen too the Turmoil Indiana Supershow! Alongside me is as always the SS man.

Double S: I am not a German?!

Rivers: Nor am I, but I'll tell you Ryder will face off against Vindicator and Mr. Awesome Eddie Allen.

Double S: Heard Recon couldn't make it! Thus Kip Conrad might face a mystery opponent here tonight! Probably another German!

Rivers: Don't be dumb, SS! There are no further germans on the roster. Anyway Evan Knox faces off against Tyro Kraven.

Double S: Not Who is Tyro Kraven is the question, but Will Tyro win is what I'm going for. Also my favourite match of tonight. CJ Hoppus faces off in a handicap match against former teammates Trips and Air.

Rivers: They will probably take the junk out of CJ and a whole lot more. Brave man that Hoppus!

Double S: Brave, but stupid! Everyone knows you shouldn't shove a GM out of the ring. No matter if he's OCW or CCW!

Rivers: Right! We also have Carlos Cruz vs Nathan Gaines, but the big question here is, is Carlos the new tv champion or not?

Double S: Don't be stupid everyone knows you can't win a title on a count-out or can you?

Rivers: That is indeed the question we hope too get answered here tonight! SS!

Double S: Stop referring me as an german army movement.

Rivers: My apologies SS didn't know you were so twitchy about that subject.

Double S: Another man that is twitchy is probably Steven Jones. He sabotaged the TV Title match last night. Will he sabotage Versus too? Surely it's going too be a Main Event too look forward too.

Rivers: Indeed this will be a Main Event we all want too watch, but I hear there is something going down backstage. So let's see what's up!

Camera opens to a shot of the backstage area. We zoom in to find Eddie Allen with his back to the camera, locked in pose. \_0_/. Inside the arena, there is a solid 50/50 crowd reaction between boos and cheers. As the camera circles to the front of EA, he slowly lowers his hands and removes his sunglasses.

Allen: Welcome to the age of Awesome!

The camera cuts to shots of the live crowd to show that some are cheering and some are booing. Even a few are shown in their very own \_0_/. The announce crew make note that tonight's show is in EA's home state.

Allen: For some of you who may not know, my name is Eddie Allen and I'm more Awesome than you.

Crowd is beginning to cheer louder than the boos.

Allen: To you, I might look like every other steroid injected, super cocky heel with super sweet tats that has come down the pike. But the fact is, I'm special in every way. I'm stronger, faster, smarter, better, get hotter chicks, in better shape, more alert, quicker, I drive better, more dedicated, more passionate, eat better, I'm better at Rock Band, speak more languages, sexier, than any human within a 200 mile radius....possibly more!

Allen begins to breathe in deeply and raise his hands as if to resume the pose, as he does the crowd begins to cheer louder and louder. This seems to confuse EA and he quickly snaps out of it.

Allen: Tonight I step into the ring with 2 other CCW superstars in a triple threat match. Combined, they are only 1.4 percent as Awesome as what you see before you. CCW... OCW... The age of Awesome has arrived!! Now play my music and enjoy the radiant glow of my Awesomeness!

Crowd cheers for the hometown Allen as he begins to pose


*Finale is seen walking down a corridor with a mean look on his face. He sees a door with "GM Regan" on it, and stops. He takes a deep breath, fumes up, and charges through the door.*

Regan!.......Regan you piece of crap!

Regan: Excuse me? Who are you, and what are you doing in my office?!

Finale: Cut the crap old man. I'm the same man that kicked your ass weeks ago. I am also the same man that is about to kick the crap out of you again! But enough about me Regan!....Lets talk about you.

Regan: What about me?

Finale: What do you do here in your whole day? Do you sit on your old ass rotting away or something?! Do you NOT visit! The GREATEST website EVER?! Do you NOT view my amazingly artistic page and blogs?

Regan: Umm.....what?

Finale: You old good for nothing piece of.....! Aries and I BLOG BATTLED! We agreed to a steel cage match here tonight and what!? I come to the arena to see that the match wasn't even scheduled?? What kind of general manager are you?! You don't even follow what your superstars are doing, you don't check on them? you don't....

*Regan cuts Finale off.*

Listen to me you dillusional schizophrenic psychopath! You are no one, regardless of what you think. You think you can waltz into my office ordering matches? You think you book Turmoil?!

Finale: Yea!!!...ugh.......wait......what?

Regan: SHUT UP! How about this for booking matches Val...instead of a cage match like you so much wanted, I have better plans. I'm scheduling a LADDER MATCH between Aries and yourself....oh...and your match is next so you best go get your ring wear the same damn thing to sleep as you do to wrestle! Now get the hell out of my office!

Finale: You will pay for this you Theater of Pain SCUM!!

Regan: GET OUT!

*Finale jumps back, and quickly runs out of Regan's office. Regan rests his arm and hand on the table like this:*


Val Finale vs Aries



Double S: An unexpected matchup with an expected ending!

Rivers: I expected that from you!


**Scene opens and shows Soul Glo, in mid rant. Tyro sitting on a locker room bench, listening to Soul Glo go off.**

Soul Glo: White devil baaaastid. How's he gonna try to put that on ME? I don't even have no Nazi paraphernalia no how anyway. And Rytler, actin all innocent. Maaaaan, ain't nobody with no swastika armband innocent of nuthin!

Tyro: Rytler.....oooooohhhh Ryder and Hitler, I get...

Soul Glo: Yo simple white ass best get it. And how you gon' leave a brotha high and dry last week? Just cuz yo main man Aries felt like bouncin before he got blasted, didn't mean you had to leave me all by my lonesome to go plan...I mean confront Rytler about his Nazi fetish ya dig? I thought you was a different type of whitey.

Tyro: Don't you group me into that category. You should feel lucky I'm still around. I'm the only person with patience enough to listen to your nonsense ramblings without smackin you back to 78.

Soul Glo: Smack deez nuts son, ya heard? I should have known yo white ass ain't no different then the rest of the crackas around this joint. Dig this jack, you ain't diggin on the same jive I'm diggin on, then gets ta steppin. I ain't got tiiiime to waste on no jive ass, pale, goofy haired motha...

Tyro: Excuuuse me?! Bitch, you look like a life size replica of a microphone, and you're gonna call me a goofy haired....No. I'm done. **brushes his hands off** Done, and done.

Soul Glo: Good, getcho pale ass outta here. Ain't no good reason fo yo ass to be anywhere neeeaaar the most Soulful man in the universe. Ain't no room in this room...

Tyro: There ain't no room for any living being when you're in it. Talking and talking and I'm an anti-social person to begin with so I'm actually ignoring 70 % of what ya saying,any other person would be driven insane instantly reaching for the first possible window to jump out off * pfff *. I'm done, good luck fighting whitey or whatever.

Soul Glo: Yeah, I don't neeeeed no luck fighting the white man. I got Soul Power, and yo ass can dig on that jack.

**Tyro walks out and slams the door shut**

Soul Glo: White ass fool ain't done me no good anyhow.

**Camera pans out.**




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