CCW Turmoil Unleashed




Seattle, Washington

Live from the Qwest Field Stadium in Seattle


**The Scene opens inside of GM Regan's office. There is a knock at the door and in walks the living legend Recon. The Crowd errupts in cheers and Regan's smile soon becomes a menicing scowl. The two men just stare at each other before Recon takes a step towards Regan.**

Recon: Look last week's stunt where you had me barred from arriving at the arena was a pretty good idea. Very clever. Telling Arena security that I was walking around with explosives

Regan: You do have a history I was just trying to protect my show.

Recon: Listen I told everyone that my comeback was going to be one that would be a finale tour. That week you book me in a career match against the Monster Malu Polamalu and I survived.

Regan: With help mind you...

Recon: This week you book me against Kip Conrad

Regan: With Lust at Ringside.

Recon: Regardless, you wanna screw me and play games, I've been in war, and I"ve played the games before. I will get even with you, and you will see just how much of a mistake you made when you decided to challenge me.

Regan: You've got a match to worry about and that match is next. I suggest you go get ready and try not to lose.

**Recon stares down Regan one more time and then leaves the office and slams the door behind him.**

Rivers: Welcome everyone to CCW Turmoil!  Damnation is history, and boy do we have a new era indeed!  Last night the career of OCW's most dominant heel ever, ended.

Double S: Not only have I had WAAAAYYYYY too much coffee, but the reign of longest running face ended as well, as the CCW Champion Versus decided to seemingly cut ties to Revolution Inc by defeating his former Rev Inc teammate, Deano...with his own finisher.  Then goes on to hit Nate with the ELE, and even take out Nick Kage on the way.  I like where this boy's going.

Rivers: He's CCW's champ, but I do NOT agree with his actions, and I'm sure Rev Inc will have something to say about it.  In other action, Trips successfully defended his TV title, yet again, as the consumate close shot "Steve Jones" failed to take it off his hands.

Double S: That's Sloth to you, jerk.  He's just one of many new promising additions known as the Se7en Sins.

Rivers: Majin beat himself up for weeks.

Double S: ...

Rivers: Well...get it?

Double S: There's tons more to talk about, so, considering I'm on my 12th cup of coffee, let me break down the card for you.  First up is an attempt at a rematch with Kip Conrad, and the Hall of Famer, Recon

Rivers: I...

Double S: After being stood up last week, Kip hopes to lay the groundwork for a formidable career here in CCW.  Next up is Tyro Kraven v..

Rivers: Who...

Double S: SHUT UP!  Tyro against Jooooose Lidel...I don't know if it's the coffee talking, but I just like seeing that Tyro kick the crap out of people.  Even if he doesn't win.  Next up, Knox v. Vindicator, two EXTREMELY promising rookies go at it, trying to gain the attention of the fans.  They should call this match the buffet, because both of these men are going to be hungry!  

Rivers: Th...

Double S: I TOLD YOU TO SHUT IT!!  Next up is the match I'm looking most forward to this evening.  \_0_/ vs :X , Eddie Allen v. Seth Irving!  Recently Seth has been what some considering outspoken, when compared to his earlier personality.  And personally, I'm enjoying hearing what this ass kicking MACHINE has to say!  

Rivers: You've had too much coffee.  You need to calm do...

Double S: I WILL NOT!!! YOU CALM DOWN!!!  Our fifth match of the evening will be a tag bout, between the newfound friendship of AMart and BradBauer faces against Val "Everyone's out to get me" Finale, and Aries.  That's a match where everyone wins!!  

Rivers: Well no...

Double S: I WILL STRANGLE YOU WITH THESE TV WIRES!!  SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!  Speaking of TV, the precursor to the main event, is the TV Champ, Trips going 1 on 1 with Poe.  Methinks I see, a match of the year in the making.  I know it doesn't rhyme, but I've had too much coffee to give a crap! FINALLY...and RIVERS IF YOU INTERRUPT ME I'll KILL YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS!!  A triple threat, with CCW's Resident Mexi-CAN, Carlos Cruz, one angry Revolutionary in Nathan Gaines, and the CCW Champion, my hero, and everyone's Sage...Versus.  Now cut to commercial, cuz I have to piss like a racehorse!!

Cameras are backstage as Brad Bauer and Anthony Martin arrive to Turmoil. Both in street clothes, carrying their gear.

Bauer: I don't know what happened, the airline screwed up my flight. That never happens...especially on the night of a big show like Damnation. I really wanted to be there to see Kage/Ortiz.

Crowd Pop

Martin: It was the highlight of the night.

Bauer: At least I wasn't backstage when Smythe STOLE the OCW Championship.

Crowd Boos Smythe

Martin: Well, that's the only way anybody was going to pry it out of Fausto's hands. I'm sure he'll be in the building tonight.

Bauer: Remind me to avoid him. I don't think I can take the victory speech.

Bauer: I watched the footage of your match though, you did well out there.

Martin: I feel like I let everybody down last night. I failed...

Bauer: You did your best, and that's all that matters.

Martin: I lost two times to Bold...err Boldo.

Bauer: Until you've lost two World Championship matches on the same night, I don't want to hear you using the "F" word.

Crowd Pop

Martin: I had him...he's just too strong. I've never been in the ring with somebody so focused...

Bauer looks at Martin with an eyebrow raised.

Martin: Well, except for you of course.

Bauer: You're damn right! And don't worry about the Ring Master. He's claiming control over you, but that was not in the contract that I signed you up for. Who knows who this joker is or what he's talking about.

Martin: He's got some sort powers over Bold.

Bauer: Indeed, he's not the same Adrian Bold that I can remember...
but enough about that. We've got our work cut out for us tonight. We'll work on getting you another shot at the North American Championship soon enough. Aries and Finale are under-rated...and I know they are going to come out fighting.

Martin: We've got this man.

Bauer: A couple of Headliners and we can paint the town red later on.

Martin: Sounds like a plan.

End scene


Recon vs Greed



Double S: Before this match, you said to me in confidentiality that Greedy Kip was going to get "taught a lesson" by Recon.  Got any comments about that now?

Rivers: ...


(Greed is standing in the ring holding his Hardcore Title over his shoulder and Lust on his side.)

Greed: THAT'S IS HOW IT'S DONE! Recon you should have no-showed this week as well.

(Lust giggles.)

Greed: Greed gets what he wants did I not say that?

Lust: Oh you did, you most certainly did!

(Greed grins and adjusts his title.)

Greed: Damnation was the start of what will become the most feared faction in OCW/CCW history. Not only will I hold the Hardcore title but I will carry each title at least once. Tag Team, T.V., and even World Championship! I will be the biggest thing in CCW and OCW combined. If my match tonight was any indication, well even your Hall of Fame stars do not stand a chance!

(Lust walks around Greed rubbing her hand across his chest and title as Greed looks her up and down.)

Greed: Many people are wondering about the change. The different look you can say. I'm still hollywood only in the darker seedy side. I'm the viper room, I'm the underground of hollywood. I am what you do not see on entertainment tonight or the red carpet. Hollywood none the less! Take it all in ladies and gentlemen take in the face of GREED! Get used to titles over this shoulder.

(Greed drops the mic and walks to the ropes Lust sits on them to allow Greed to exit and they walk up the ramp.)





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