CCW Turmoil Unleashed




Chicago, Il.

Live from the Chicago Stadium in Chicago


The opening credits for Turmoil end, the screen does not die, instead heading backstage towards what appears to be a generator room of some sort within the arena. In the darkness lurks a figure, stepping forth into the light it is Jacob Trance.

Jacob: The windy city... the second city. In the early days the government allowed the river to be polluted, to be infested with filth. Filth that is akin to Val Finale. You see, unlike the cavalry that fall in behind the drummer boy Val, I march to the beat of my own drum. In the grand orchestra of life, I am the conductor and you are back up fiddle. I applaud you upon your extravagant choice of backwater hick attire, it must reflect your cognitive faculties.

Jacob chuckles darkly, heading towards the door.

Jacob: Tonight I will put right the satanical injustices that have befallen me, tonight the modern messiah lays seige to the walls of Jericho and sit upon my throne, as the prophet of the new world. Infidels shall be washed aside and the righteous will prevail...

Jacob walks out of the door and it slowly closes behind him leaving the video camera in darkness as the feed dies.

Rivers: Welcome everyone to CCW TURMOIL, coming to you from the WINDY CITY, the CHI, Chicago Illinois!! Tonight we have a great lineup, a less caffeinated Double S, and a Championship Main Event!!

Double S: I'll leave out the details, but I can tell you that drinking that much coffee does a number on your colon. Rivers is right for the first time in a while, we have an incredible show lined up. From the rumblings I've heard in the back, we're in for quite a show.

Rivers: That's right, so let's check out the card. First up we have the resurgent Val, who's been quite the contender since his return. Facing off against Trance brother Jacob. This is a match that has the ingredients for a delicious cake of wrestling delight.

Double S: Have you been reading Modern Woman magazine again? A delicious cake of wrestling delight? You deserve to be struck for that one. Well despite my partners attempts to turn CCW into the food network, we do have some more wrestling to get to. Next match scheduled, is Kip Conrad going 1 on 1 against the new heart of the Revolution, Nathan Gaines.

Rivers: Gaines went toe to toe last week in a good showing against the CCW Champion Versus and Carlos Cruz, let's see if he can keep that momentum going. Next up is a contest between Brad Bauer, and The Air.

Double S: Both men have been reasonably inconsistent as of late. Of course, Air is clutch and Bauer is not, so Air should be able to pull a win out of this one.Also tonight, we have a triple threat steel cage match featuring 3 very aggressive, unpredictable competitors.

Rivers: Seth and Ryder have plenty of experience in that ring, but that makes Aries the X factor in this contest. At the end of the match, it's really all about who wants it more. With that being said, tonight's main event is for the CCW TV Title, with Poe, who defeated the champ just last week to gain his shot at the belt.

Double S: Let's see if Trips can step up his game and prove that he is a true champion, like he says he is. Now, no more talking...let's get to the action.

Turmoil kicks off with Brad Bauer in the middle of the ring, mic in hand. He looks distraught.

Bauer: Last week some unexplainable things happened.

The crowd buzzes, Bauer waits for them to settle.

Bauer: Anthony Martin, much like Adrian Bold, has gone off on the deep end.

Crowd Boos

Bauer: Now, I promised to show up on Riot to figure this out...but coincidentally, my flights were crossed.

Crowd Boos

Bauer: Now let me finish...

Bauer has a look of frustration on his face.

Bauer: I couldn't help but notice the similarities with that airport mix up, and the one that occured two Sunday's ago at Damnation.

Crowd Boos

Bauer: I did some looking into the matter, and it appears that somebody has been switching my flight schedule. I don't know how this is happening, but I have my suspicions...

Just then, that familiar circus music begins to play and the Xtron pops on. The Ring Master stands there staring at Bauer.

RM: Brad Bauer....

Crowd: BRADBauer!!!

Bauer: YOU!

RM: It seems like you're having difficulties traveling lately.

Bauer: I wonder why...

RM: Could it fact because you are traveling with the wrong circus?

Bauer: Where's Martin you freak?

RM: Anthony Martin is finished. But if you are referring to Anton..."The Magnificent"...

Bauer: Listen you circus freak!

RM: Now Mr. Bauer, its not polite to speak that way.

Bauer: I think we're way past polite.

RM: Instead of fighting this Bauer, you should consider the latter. If you can't beat them, Join them!

Crowd Boos

Bauer: What are you talking about?

RM: Join The Final Act Brad Bauer...or be destroyed by it.

Bauer: Are you threatening me?

RM: Assist me in aquiring the top names in this show business. Put your name in big bright lights. Get back on top. Achieve your dreams. Become the CCW Champion. Defeat all who oppose you. I can offer you these powers.

The Xtron has a spinning picture on it fading to black. Bauer stands there confused. He looks around at the crowd.




Cameras are back in Bobbi Jo Brook's lockerroom. She's sitting on a bench waiting for something.

Bobbi Jo: Ahh, C'mon Suga. We don't have all night.

crowd pops as Val Finale enters the frame with a frown on his face. He's dressed in a new western attire. He's got tassles and leather...along with a cowboy hat.

Val: I feel like its Halloween.

Bobbi Jo: Nonsense silly. You look great.

Val takes off his hat to reveal his new hairstyle.

Val: I'm not sure about this haircut.

Crowd pops for Val's cowboy mullet

Bobbi Jo: You're a winner Vallen.

Val: HEY! I asked you not to call me that. It's Val.

Bobbi Jo: Sure suga, whatever you say. Are you ready to slap that mudsucking, boot scooting Jacob Trance all over that ring?

Val: I guess....

Bobbi Jo holds up a CD.

Val: What's that?

Bobbi Jo: Why it's your new music silly.

Val: New music? But I like my old mus-

Bobbi Jo: That'll never do suga. Now C'mon, its time you showed that Trance boy what he gets fer messin' with me.

Val: Uhhh...okay...I'll be right there.

Bobbi Jo exits the frame, Val stays back and looks in the mirror. He trys to fix his hair back into a Jew fro, but its to no avail. He then does a quick air draw pulling out finger guns.

Val: BAAANG! Got ya varment....

Crowd Pop

Val: What the hell am I doing???

Crowd Pop


Val Finale vs Jacob Trance



Double S: Well yeeeee haw, did steroids come with that 10 gallon hat cowboy?

Rivers: He does seem a long stronger than I remember him, doesn't he? Oh well, a good close match, all the way down to the end. That Bobbi Jo seems to have her team goin in the right direction. She's quite the manager.

Double S: Yeah, from the looks of her...I may need some management as well.


The crowd goes wild as the scene opens up in Versus' Bar... the camera Pans to Ed who still smiles then the boos start as the Bar shows Versus and his new found friend Smythe Dawonder sitting at the bar

Vs: Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen...let me welc...No, no that's not right. Rubbas and heffas, sit your fat asses down, because I'm about to make you forget about the rest of these garbage matches tonight. This, tonight, is the OFFICIAL!

Smythe: OFFICIAL!!

Vs: Return of VERSUS BAR!!
**Crowd boos wildly** Awww, did you expect to see Rev Inc in this bar? Well, you'll be happy to know, that when I signed the lease for this bar, I SIGNED THE LEASE ALONE! So, the Rev Inc bar is GONE and Vs Bar is back. Unlike your hero Nate Ortiz, **crowd pops** I decided to keep it standing, but...just like you lazy douches here in Chicago, I had to trim the fat. So, enjoy your locker room ladies. Here's a drink to ya....nah, for us.

**Smythe and Vs take sips of their respective drinks, and laugh as the crowd continues booing them.**

Smythe: You know this is a nice Bar Versus... I mean I never been here before.. but I see why you guys hang out here... Bartender... stools... kegs.. and big goofy jackass...

**The camera then pans to the corner of the room, and it shows Coop, clipping his bonsai tree...the crowd pops**

Vs: Why are you clapping? Ohhh, right. Coop. Well, see, he's around because he's still employed by yours truly.
**Vs leans over to Ed and whispers.**

Ed: Isn't that right Coop?

**Coop nods and continues clipping his tree. Vs leans in again, and whispers to Ed.**

Ed: Nice tree, Mr. Miagi.

**Vs and Smythe laugh, as Coop looks up at Ed, Vs and Smythe and scowls, then goes back to trimming his tree.**

Vs: Tonight, we have guests, we have surprises, and...most importantly, we have a tribute...many tributes in one actually. But let's go ahead and get down know, this is bothering me.
**Vs leans over to Ed**

Ed: Coop, Vs says go get a haircut.

**Vs hands Ed a bag of nickels. Ed takes the nickels and walks them over to Coop.**

Ed: Vs said, he'd pay for it.

**Looks at the money.** Keep it, the hair stays.

**Versus, looking frustrated, called Ed back over. Ed walks back over to Vs, Vs whispers in his ear.**

Ed: Coop, go clothesline Rivers.

Coop: The commentator?

**looks at Vs, Vs nods** Yup.

Coop: Why?

**relaying orders for Vs again** Vs believes he may attack him later this evening.

**Looking at Vs awkwardly** RIVERS is gonna WHAT?!

Ed: You're his bodyguard...go...protect him.

Smythe: About time you made your self useful... you big goonish dummy... go make me proud

**Coop puts down the tree, scowls at Smythe and reluctantly, walks out the door.**

Vs: Good, now that that's over, we can carry on with the show.
**Vs turns his attention to Smythe** Smythe, last week on Riot...what happened hammer?

Smythe: The life of a champion is hard... very hard... the hate is coming from everywhere... the fans... obviously... the former champion, stupid Nerd and my biggest oppressor... Vimes...

Smythe takes the OCW title and slings it around his shoulder. He adjusts it so the glare from his title off the light shines into ED eyes they laugh a little.

Smythe: Vimes is Throwing the Damnation match away??? he can't do that or hell let's throw every match away that we don't like... it doesn't work like that... I mean I couldn't possibly on my match with the clown freak... If I was thinking straight I would have never put that sledgehammer down... I would have kept hitting him over and over and over again till he stopped moving... I was clearly sidetracked

Vs: You know champ, that happens to us champs sometimes. But as Champs, we need to champ it out. Champ to champ, this is a champ situation, and we just champ our champ right out of it. You just gotta remember that.

Smythe: Remember what...

Vs: Never to put down the gat dayum sledgehammer when you're facing a crazy roid beast in clown makeup.

Smythe: Riiiiiiighhht...

Vs: So...allll you rubbas and heffas, make sure you come back from your fridges and snack stands, and stay tuned. Cuz the Vs Bar is back...with a serious vengance. Hahaha.

**Vs lights a joint and Smythe takes a sip of his drink as the camera fades out.**


* The scene opens with Nate seen talking too himself in the lockerroom. Air walks by and starts eavesdropping *

Nate: Hmmm, Versus betraying us. Deano out of commission for a while. Nathan Gaines being on a rampage too get back at Versus and so-called try too get Rev Inc back together. Look at his former factions they all fell apart and now it's happening too Rev Inc too. I cannot let this happen?

* The Air thinks too himself for a second after hearing this then walks up too Nate. *

The Air: He, Nate how are you doing? Don't see you around much on CCW Turmoil. Couldn't bother of overhearing you about Gaines!

Nate Ortiz looks not pleased too see The Air: What about it?

The Air: He, no need too be so hostile. I'm just hear too give you some advice, haven't had any problems with you before and I ain't here too start something now.

Nate Ortiz: Ok! So what you think I should do?

The Air: It may be a good thing too talk about problems with each other. So Rev Inc can band back together sort a speak. That's probably what I would do!

Nate Ortiz still bothered by his problems: And what if that doesn't work?

The Air: Well you know a man got too do what a man got too do! If you know what I'm saying?!

Nate Ortiz: May'be your right! I'll talk too Nathan Gaines when he arrives!

* Nate walks away as The Air crosses his fingers and smiles in the background *






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