CCW Turmoil Unleashed


The camera pans to The Final Act Locker Room. Boldo The Clown and Anton The Magnificent sit quietly on recliners enjoying the paint job on the wall. The Ringmaster is watching Turmoil through an HDTV mounted on the wall. A voice comes from out from the entrance to the room.

???: Well if it isn't the men who wear more make up than a cheap mexican hooker.

crowd pop

The camera pans out to show Trips standing with his Television Championship draped over his shoulder and a huge grin on his face.

Trips: Before you say anything... which I know you will be itching to do as per usual let me just say my piece. Now there's no reason that we can't have a friendly bout at the pay per view for this International Title. There's no need for you to get your suspenders in a bunch!

Ah my boy Trips you don't seem to comprehend what is happening here. My warmachine is unstoppable nobody could faze him. Boldo is my pure breed dark horse, and your just another hurdle on our race to the top.

Trips: Excuse me? The guy in suspenders sitting there like a patient at a mental hospital?

Ringmaster: My war machines are in a state of how do you say... Control? They are calm when idle Trip's but don't question my power and everything will be fine. Come Consequence Trip's Boldo's full power will be unleashed securing The Final Act the International Title and young Anton will become pride champion!

Trips: Let me break this down for you the only person who has beaten me in a 1 on 1 match that has never held the CCW Title since I was drafted to CCW back last year was Wesley Adams Poe who quite frankly lucked out and I made up for that mistake by showing Wesley his place.

Ringmaster: Anton over there defeated Wesley on their first meeting he didn't need any second chances to get the job done.

Trips: You better not be suggesting that I can't get it done in that ring because when that bell goes I'm all business. And when a title is on the line then quite frankly I think it's Boldo who has no chance.

Ringmaster: Your tone angers me. I sense fear in your eyes Trips. I'll give you the most important tip of information you will ever get. Are you ready for it? Don't interfere with the Final Act, do not touch any of my warriors or your life will become a living hell, this I promise you.

Trips: I don't like threats Ring Master, watch your tone with the champion or you will pay.

Ringmaster: Trips you don't know the powers you are meddling with, you would be best served to do what you originally intended and have a friendly bout which will be a foregone conclusion followed by retirement while you can still walk. Now get the hell out of my locker room before I awake them!

Trips goes silent and looks at Boldo and Amart and then starts walking backwards with a big smile on his face

Trips: He is nothing without you or Anton anymore.

Ringmaster: Stay out of our business or pay the price. You don't think my War machine can't demolish opponents without me?! Tonight I will stay backstage with Anton The Magnificent and watch from the monitors, to prove to you and all the non believers.

Trips gets a big cocky smile on his face

Trips: I told you I don't like being threatened.

Before the ringmaster can answer Trips walks out of the shot and the sound of a door slamming is heard as he leaves the room.


Whose World Is This - By Nas hits and Mr.Sensation makes his way down to ringside to a mixed ovation.

Chants of OCW echo throughout the arena in anticpation of Mr.Sensation's announcment.

Last week I said that right here live on O C W Turmoil

The Crowd Pops

That I would have an anouncement to make. I will take 1 Million of my own Dollars and give them away LIVE RIGHT HERE ON Turmoil NEXT WEEK, to a bunch of lucky fans!!!!.

The Crowd Begins to Boo, and chant WE WANT WRESTLING

Mr.Sensation: Head on over to to register.

The crowd boos.

Mr.Sensation: You will be given a keyword when you tune into Riot or Turmoil. During the show I will personally dial a random number, If I choose you, YOU WIN!!!! Its a way to say thank you to our long term fans!!!!

Mr.Sensation: What do you think?????

The Fans Chant Bull****

Looks around the arena puzzled......

The Fans Chant Bull****

Mr.Sensation laughs

Thats what I thought you might say. So to make this perfectly clear that was a joke.

The Crowd Laughs

See we here in OCW, we dont need to bribe our loyal fans, or attract Casual Scum, to our product. We arent family friendly, and we wont say hi to your grand mammy. This is OC'Fking W.

The Crowd Cheers

Now to the point, as I have already cost this company valuable wrestling time. I would like to Formaly announce.

Mr.Sensation points to the Xtron

This Friday you the fans get a chance to make one lucky superstar 10K Richer.

Mr.Sensation: The premise is simple you the fans will vote on friday for 2 of your favorite superstars that will not be appearing at Consequence in a competitive match. The 2 winning candidates will be booked at Consequence and have a briefcase filled with Ten Thousand Dollars hung high above the Arena. The winner is the guy who snags the briefcase.

Mr.Sensation: And there you have it, the choice is yours folks, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

The fans cheer as Mr.Sensation heads to the back


Smythe DaWonder is seen hanging around backstage with several groupies. He has the OCW Championship over his shoulder, and it seems that the women are more attracted to that than him.

Smythe: “That's right Ladies... Smythe Dawonder is the OCW champion... who wants to rub my title??? IN MY PANTS... hahaha ”

A shadow appears to cover Smythe. His face turns from grins to grimaces as he stands up. The Camera pulls back to reveal Guy Fausto, who also has an OCW Championship slung over his shoulder.

“Hello, Smythe.”

Smythe: “What the hell are you doing here... and what the hell is that Guybrush??? ”

Fausto: “Nothing, nothing. I come here in peace. I would like to congratulate you on your brilliant move last Friday at the Draft.”

Smythe raises an eyebrow in confusion.

Smythe: “Your damn right... I'm the champion and this is MY title... I didn't steal it... I took it back”

Fausto: “I would like to congratulate you for stealing a fake title belt.”

Smythe raises his eyebrow. He does this despite having his eyebrow raised already.

“...The hell you talking about!?”

Fausto smirks.

Fausto: “I knew you were going to try to steal my title again. You won't accept your own failure. So I had a fake made up and carried it down to the ring with me. That belt you carry with you? Is NOT the OCW Championship. Just a cheap replica I ordered off the internet.”

Fausto grins and turns around as Smythe takes the title he's holding and examines it.

“You see Smythe. You can't win. For the simple fact that I'm smarter than you. I know how you think Smythe. I know everything you're going to do before you do it. You're a simple creature of habit and easy to predict. I know that you'll run for this title as soon as it leaves your posession just to claim back and fantasize for a concept that will never be – Smythe DaWonder, OCW World Heavyweight Champion. It's all you have. So you'll be simple minded and take advantage of my skull which is vulnerable to shots from 10 pound golden belts...”

Smythe grits his teeth and firms his grip on the title.

“You'll just have to deal with it Smythe. I know, it may take some time coming to terms with a fantasy you can't realize, but there is hope for you yet. Just think Smythe, if you can let go of your unrealistic goals, you'll be much happier...”

Just as Fausto looks as he's about to continue, Smythe jumps forward and clobbers Fausto over the back of his skull with the belt he was carrying. Fausto sinks to the ground, gripping his head, dropping the title he was carrying. Smythe drops the title that Guy had called a fake on Fausto, and picks up the one Fausto brought with him. He raises the belt high into the air triumphantly.

“You run your mouth too much Guybrush... And coming from me, that means something.... I won this title fair and square at Damnation... that's something your just gonna have to deal with... I also beat you at the draft and when you use your rematch clause at Consequence... guess what'll happen again??? anyway... let's go ladies!!!”

Smythe gestures towards to his groupies as they form around him and follow him down the hall. The Camera zones down to Fausto, who grips the belt that was dropped back on him. A small smile comes across his face in between the winces of pain.




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