CCW Turmoil Unleashed


The Screen fades in and it's Kang, he's walking around the back stretching out getting ready for his match later tonight. Then all the sudden he stops and smiles as Kang says something.

Kang James:
Well look who it is, it's the little man who dropped the soap in his beauty pageant prison patch.

Cross just simply chuckles as he continues to head towards Kang.

Kang James:
You know, Kang is actually shocked your still able to walk the way you are since you had two sticks shoved up your Graveyard.

Josiah Cross: Cut the **** Princess, I'm just here to tell you after Versus manhandles your ass beyond belief, I will do the same... and if you thought it was hell in my cage you haven't seen anything yet.

Kang looks Cross up and down with a sick look on his face.

Kang James:
Damn you Rooster Loving, Man humping whore. Kang always knew you swang the way of the man jungle. Kang new it, Kang just didn't have any actual proof.

Josiah Cross: If I had it my way Kang you wouldn't be able to speak for weeks, walk for months and you'd barley be breathing.

Kang Chuckles as he pats Cross on the elbow then looks at his hand with disgust and wipes his hand on the wall.

Kang James:
But you didn't have your way Criss Cross Cock Sauce. You see you had your shot twice and Kang Mol.....

Kang pauses and then thinks to himself.

Kang James:
You know what, Kang will have the amazing Kang fans tell you what we all did to you. On the count of 3 you listen Croisah to what the Fans say, Kang knows you'll hear. You ready? 1... 2... 3...

The Kang Fans scream: We Molly Whooped Dat Ass!

Kang chuckles with a smile on his face and his eyes closed, he then opens them and looks over at Cross.

Kang James:
You see turkey neck. Everyone knows you will never get what you want against Kang.

Kang chuckles again as he pats Cross on the shoulder again and walks away, Cross turns over to look at him and get frustrated.

Josiah Cross:
We'll see who has the last laugh in 3 weeks Kang, I will and you won't be able to ever laugh again.

The Screen fades to black with a close up on Cross looking like he's about to beat the crap out of anyone who crosses him.


Rivers: And the first on OCW Turmoil! We have Rev Inc sell-out and now Bloodline member Versus against the man that is in search of the Rocks Balls. Kaaaang James!

Double S: This should be good!

Rivers: Not as good as my mom's cooking.

Double S: What?! She tried too poison last time I ate at your home?

Rivers: Yeah, she doesn't like you!



Main Event

Kang James vs Versus



Double S: What a time for a slump! He just can't catch a break.

Rivers: He deserves everything that's coming to him!

Double S: And that would be the OCW World Title! He's Bionic...remember?

Rivers: Euughk. For my blinded colleague, and myself, we thank you for watching the first edition of OCW Turmoil, and we look forward to the hundreds more to come.





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