CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Newark, New Jersey

Live from the Riverfront Stadium in Newark


Smythe and Versus stand in the ring, holding their respective microphones. Boo's rain down over them as the champs' faces illuminate with pride. Smythe begins to speak...

Smythe: well Smythe and Versus once again are all the talk... we have ALL the gold... and we beat the hell out of the nerd and the soon to be cripple at the Draft

Vs: Soon to be? Did you see them trying to crawl to the ropes, it was like God shined a light down on me and said "Here, I put these bloody jackasses here for your amusement." Nah, last night, we took care of business, last night, we delivered. **boooooos** Hey, don't get mad at us for keeping promises.

Smythe: and at Consequence we get to do it all again... it's like the fun never stops... only thing is Versus after we take care of the INC... again... it's a historic match... the OCW champion against the CCW champion for the right to becme the first OCW world champion... which kinda makes that me against you!!!

I wouldn't expect anything differently. I mean, we're the best this company has to offer. More all around pure talent than the rest of the rosters from here and any other federation combined. Of course it's going to come down to us. Natasha and Girl are just the accoutrament to our main dish, and no matter what happens, the gold goes to and stays with the Bloodline.

true... we are all the gold in this place aren't we??? but let's talk tonight V-man... tonight is the very first TUrmoil since the end of the brand split... and well the end of CCW... so tonight for the first time ever the legend that is Versus will "molly whoop" that gibbering nutjob Kang's ass...

Vs: I can't even believe they'd put him in the same state as me, let alone the same ring. Why is it, that instead of feeding me steak, the GM's choose, week in and week out to give me a bowl of dry Cheerios, no milk. NO MILK!! They wonder why I don't care, and this is it. A man who projects royalty, yet spells "King" like a fat tongued, sped student from Mississippi. Nice, real nice. I least you get to face another champ. A true test... **begins to giggle** a champ...haha...a cham....hahahahaa. You get to face the super sissy from Scotland, the clone in clowns makeup...lil miss Trips.

Smythe: yeah champion versus champion... the greatest TV champion of all time.. against the greatest OCW champion since... well... since you were OCW champion actually... what a SQUASH... do you really expect Trips to beat me.. who booked this trash this week anyway... the point is... this is a new era... a new beginning for some but for the Bloodline... everything is gonna remain exactly the same... we're on top... and the rest of you can't even see the top of the mountain... haha

Vs: Now, you're all lucky enough to have me even talk to you directly, so cut the crap with the booing, and do what you really want to do, and just...take me in, enjoy the flavor that is Versus. Because you're going to be drinkin the V-Kool Aid for a long...LOOONG time. Smythe, you say they can't see the mountain top...these idiots in the back aren't on the same mountain range. We're on top of the Alps by helicopter, they're on top of Old Smokey by Ass. Now that we're... **sarcastically** One big family again...I'd like to let you all know right now, that Smythe and I...we're the abusive big brothers. Only thing is, we don't care about you, at all, so stopping the abuse isn't an option.

Smythe: no no... V I got a better analogy.. We are GOD... and this **points at the OCW and CCW titles** is heaven... you goons are nowhere near good enough to get to this here... and everytime you try we will drop you back to earth... like the chumps you are... and the Bloodline will be the epitome of this business for a long... long time..

Look at what we've created for you, the only true dynasty in sports today. You're witnessing the past, present and inescapable future. Last Sunday, we laid the groundwork by leaving your "legends" in a bloody pool of their own shame. Come Consequence, we build our castle over their remains. Trips, Kang...wish you were somewhere else. You know what, I'm done treating these douches **points to the audience** to heaven, they don't deserve to hear my voice. **Throws down the mic and both men leave the ring.**




* The scene zooms in on an internet café, where we see The Air behind a computer logging into the Robust Russian Rape eh we mean Date Site. He seems too be scrolling too luscious Russian ladies. Until he stops by a nice blonde looking Russian almost straight from a Bond movie. The Air clicks on the PM function of the website and starts typing a message then clicks send. Not long after he gets back a PM and he grabs his telephone and types some numbers in. The Air then logs off on the site and computer and leaves the internet café. *

Rivers: Shouldn't he get here fast for his match with Jacob Trance?

Double S: The Air can fly remember?

Rivers: * dough *


Rivers: WELCOME EVERYONE, to OCW TURMOIL!!!!! That's right, my colleague Double S and I, as well as every person in the locker room, are proud members of the OCW FAMILY!! 

Double S: Why, in the hell, not?That's right, the most disfunctional family in the neighborhood just married the most violent family in the world! Now it's time for some demon seeds to be created! Welcome to OCW!!!

Rivers: Tonight, on short notice we have the boys from the back delivering all around. The abusive big brother, the CCW Champion, and possible first ever OCW World Champion, Versus goes 1 on 1 with the KANG!

Double S: Versus has been in a slump as of late. Sometimes it only takes a tweak to fix things, sometimes things just can't go right, and sometimes, you just lost your way and can't ever find it again. Kang being the shooting star that he is, could just be the person Versus needs to test where he is right now. This is going to be a great match.

Rivers: Next up Val Finale goes up against Boldo the clown in Boldo's first official appearance on Turmoil! Val's been on quite a tear as of late, but Boldo's been on quite a tear since he started, so it's hard to judge. No matter, it's on Turmoil, so it's got to be good!

Double S: Then it's a match I'm personally looking forward to, The Air goes one on one with Jacob Trance. A battle of styles, this one will definitely be one that comes down to the wire.

Rivers: And finally, Ed Reed, goes one on one with Anton the Magnificent and his incredible, magical suspenders! I'm not sure how anyone, even Ed Reed can overcome such unsurmountable odds. The suspenders alone could take out a smaller federation. So that's the lineup for the first ever OCW TURMOIL!! Let's get to the action.



Ed Reed vs Anton the Magnificent



Double S: That was no match, that was a couple of bad eggs beating up Shelt....

Rivers: Wrong fed.

Double S: Whatever, they must be racist, we should check to see if they're related to Ortiz in some way.

Rivers: Ortiz is a latin last name you know.

Double S: Ci, Ortiz es mui racistado.

Rivers: That's not translatable.

Double S: Shut it.

*Eddie Mace is seen walking down a hallway with cell phone to ear.

Yeah. You have my back. I get it.

Caller: /

Mace: I get your point A-Jax. But I'm not gonna walk around being paranoid that Seth is going to show up during one of my matches. I have the week off so instead of waiting for him to find me I'm gonna play cat for a while.

A-Jax: /

Mace: Exactly. I will take the fight to him....but the "best fighter on Earth" has the week off and I couldn't find the bastard at the arena tonight so I think I'm out. Bye.

**Mace hangs up the phone and puts it in his pocket. He makes it to the end of the hallway, opens the door under the "EXIT" sign, and steps out into the night. The camera follows him. Suddenly Mace jerks his head up as something catches his attention. Two men are seen talking in the distance. One of them seems to be Irving himself. Mace immediately sprints towards them.

Mace: Guess who Sethie boy!

**Mace grabs his shoulder and spins the man around only to find out it's not actually Irving.

Man: Hey what's the idea?!

Mace: **** off.

**Mace shakes his head and walks off as the two men stand continue their conversation. As Mace exits the camera view, none other than the real Seth Irving steps out from the shadows and onto the screen, laughing in approval. He watches Mace depart from afar.


*A camera shot opens up to the parking lot as Vincent Valmont is getting out of his truck. He begins to walk to the entrance doors, but they don't open. He looks concerned, but instead walks over to the other side of the parking lot, and tries to open those doors, but they don't open either. He begins to get frustrated as he kicks the doors, but stops being suprised by the sound of a faint chuckle he looks around but still see's no one.*

Vincent: Hello......Hello?

*No one answers Vincent takes a sigh, nd walks off to find a way into the building as the camera fades away*




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