CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Rivers: Welcome everyone to Tuesday Night Turmoil! We are live from the birthplace of Hardcore Wrestling, Philadelphia Pennsylvania! And tonight the entire CCW locker room has been turned inside out after last nights OCW/CCW Draft that took place on Asylum.


Double S: And how about the biggest change that took place! Seth Irving defeating Scott Hanlon to win Scott's #1 Contender Spot for the CCW Title!

Rivers: And now the World T.V. title has become exclusive to Cyber Championship Wrestling!

Double S: So many surprises last night it's hard to remember everything that took place. But no doubt has CCW gained a lot from last night and boy oh boy are we ready to roll!

Rivers: You can say that again, just look at some of the names we picked up, Versus, The Steve, Mad Michael Morrison and that is just to name a few!

Double S: I'm getting word Mr. Richards is in the back with a few topics to speak on.

The scene goes straight into Gabe's office where Mr. Richards is seen sitting in a chair in front of a desk rubbing his hands together with loads of paper all over the oak desk.

Gabe: Well, well, well. What can I say that has'nt been said or really needs to be said, last night was the fuel CCW needs to take off and I would be a stone cold liar if I said I was'nt happy with what we recieved last night. I got what I was looking for in the direction I wanted CCW to go towards and so did Alexander Revan.

Gabe: And with that said I want to welcome everyone formally from Online Championship Wrestling to the new of Online Wrestling, Cyber Championship Wrestling. Get used to your surroundings, things around here are different and we do things in a way you may not be used to. On Turmoil it's about the wrestling, none of that fancy dancy lights and pyros to make things look better than it really is. How you wrestle is how you make an impact and that is how you will drive towards the most prized possesion in our World, The CCW Championship and now the CCW World Television Championship. And what took place last night does stand, Seth Irving is now the #1 Contender for the CCW Championship and Scott Hanlon now is void from any chance at Nathan Gaines or whomever may hold that Title in the future as long as he remains under a OCW contract.

Gabe: And after tonight, everything will change from the ground up. You are not just apart of CCW . . . you ARE CCW. And with a series of announcements taking place last night, it is time for one of my own. In the next few weeks CCW will begin a tournament, something that will include both CCW originals and n00bs . . . yeah I said n00bs. 8 teams will enter a round robin tournament known as the CCW World Tag Team Grand Prix. Starting tomorrow I will be accepting applications from all intrested, and soon we will be out to find the strongest team to merg in CCW.

Gabe: And the prize...well let's just say the team that walks away as the 2007 World Tag Team Grand Prix Champions, will not be let down at all with what is in store. That is all.

Rivers: What a follow up to last night! The CCW World Tag Team Grand Prix to take place in the next few weeks!

Double S: And with the new additions to CCW can you imagine the teams entering this one?

Rivers: The pairings are endless.Anyways it is time for our first match of the night...

*Deano's music hits the PA system and Deano makes his way to the ring. He is carrying with him a large gym bag. Deano is not wearing his ring attire he is wearing a pair of dark denim jeans and a white CCW t-shirt, written under the CCW logo are the words "Running Wild...". Hunkamania is written on the back. There is a mixed reception from the crowd boo's mixed with cheers.*

Deano walks up the steel steps and motions for one of the ring announcers to open the ropes for him. A nervous ring announcer stumbles onto the apron and spreads the ropes so that Deano can easily pass through. He then snatches the mic from the ring announcer.

Deano: "Good evening Hunkamaniacs, Deano has entered the building. This is an exciting time for OCW and CCW, the draft is coming. The draft has the potential to make CCW the flagship company and leave OCW dead in its tracks. It has the potential to put great OCW superstars in the same brand as the Excellence Of Sexcellence and I can guarantee that any OCW star drafted to my show will know exactly what happens when Hunkamania starts runnin' wild."

"But enough with the draft talk I have something else to address. I see alot of ugly people in the arena tonight and quite frankly, you make me feel sick. Fat, ugly people who, to be completely honest, don't deserve to be here. They don't deserve to be here with the good looking people, good looking people such as myself. Now I know what your thinking, "How can I become really, really good looking like you Deano?", and I'm going to answer your prayers. What would you say if I told you it is completely possible for all of the 'appearance challenged' people to become hunks or hunkettes and improve your way of life? I know what you would say "Are you on crack Deano, are you on crack", but im not. I have the answer for you."

Deano opens the gym bag and pulls a few brightly coloured bottles out.

"This is my patented 'Get sexy quick' cream. It comes as an exfoliator or a moisturiser and is only $77.95 per tub. Also available in the 'Excellence' range is a Shampoo and Conditioner for hair like Deano, a perfume and a aftershave range to smell like Deano and a self tanning lotion to look bronzed like Deano. All orders can be placed right now by phoning the number on the bottom of the screen. Thats all I have time for, good night peeps and remember even though your fat and ugly I am here to help."

*Deano's music hits and he leaves the ring*

Double S: How much did he say that was again?

Rivers: $77.95 . . . you're joking right?

Double S: There is nothing wrong with a man treating himself to beauty products Rivers.

Rivers: You and Al would make a great couple S, moving along it seems David Jackson is backstage with Trisha Waltrip.

*The camera fades in and D-Jack is reclining in a steel chair backstage, waiting for his entrance music to kick in and looking over his new outfit. He has a thoughtful look on his face and seems to be out of it. Trisha Waltrip walk up to D-Jack in a red dress and that seems to bring him back to reality land.*

Waltrip: Hi there David. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me asking you a few questions.

D-Jack: (Puts the chair back on all fours and stands up) Sure thing, anything to help pass the time. What all kind of questions do you have in mind?

Waltrip: (Smies) Just a few questions about your upcoming match against Carlos Cruz and one just popped in my mind. How many different costumes do you have? I have seen you with four different costumes and the one you are wearing now makes five. You have got to run out of designs soon.

D-Jack: (Chuckles) When I run out of designs, I'll let you know. All of my coustmes are colorful and eye-catching. That's all that matters to me when it comes to a costume.

Waltrip: On your last match, you faced the mountain known as Andre Simmons. What was it like facing him in such a brutal match and how did you lift him?

D-Jack: (Holds his head) Brutal doesn't even begin to cut it. (His hand goes back to his side) Anyone who faces Andre expects a physical battle, but you have no idea how physical till he hits you. I sincerely thought my back was going to give out on me when I lifted Andre, but luckily for me, it didn't and I pulled off a victory I thought I was not going to get.

Waltrip: Let's get to your match at hand. Tonight you face Carlos Cruz. What is your strategy heading into the match?

D-Jack: (Thinks for a second) I actually have no strategy before I go into any match. I do set at least one goal before I go into a match and do my best to accomplish it. Tonight my goals are...(D-Jack notices the color of Trisha's dress and smiles)...seeing that dress of yours made a lightbulb go off in my head. My first goal is to do some high-flying. My 2nd one is to pull off some moves you have never seen me use before. My 3rd (David's smile fades) is to make Carlos bleed. I have nothing against the man. I just feel like seeing some blood tonight.

*Jackson walks off camera range and Trisha just stands there, surprised at David's last comment as the camera fades out*




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