CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Jim: Big Joe D its always good to see you, tell us what do you think of the changes here in OCW?

Big Joe D is shown wearing a "Courage to Change" T-Shirt, and beaming with excitement, as he is carrying a shoe box.

Big Joe D: Amen, Jim. This place was getting a little out of control. So many macthes and so many misfits it was enough to make anyone blind. I mean 7 deadly Sins, who can keep track of that mess? Laughs But change is good. Some just Fear it. Walk through that Fear!

Jim: I see you carrying a box with you, just what the heck is in there?

Big Joe reaches into the box, and pulls out a magnifying glass

Big Joe: Ah... ya see Jim. I brought these for Josiah Cross.

Big Joe steps up to the camera and places the glass over the lens and makes some faces, the crowd gets a ridiculos view while they laugh a bit Until you hear Jim in the background.

Jim: Knock that off! we are live! Joe steps back.

Big Joe: ALive indeed. But seriously these little gems are here to remind Not only Cross but everyone, they are being watched. All the macthes that I've been in where the ref missed all the cheap shots, and the no holds barred flatline attacks made towards me and others just isnt gonna fly anymore!

On with the Show. Good luck Cross Waves a glass towards the camera

Jim: OCW!


*The shot opens back to Vincent Valmont standing in front of the Bloodline's locker room door. A sound of a bumping bass and rap is emitting from the room. Vincent steps in and the camera catches a candid view of the Bloodline's happenings. Malu looms over the buffet table with a plate almost full, picking over what's left for its next addition. Poe is slouched down on a couch reading The Art of War . Smythe is situated in a seat next to the stereo system bobbin his head to what seems to be his own rap, and Versus is in a laz-e boy watching cartoons with the tv on mute, yet still laughing. They all look up at VV and the camera crew at the same time. Versus cuts the tv off and drops the remote. Smythe cuts the stereo off and walks up next to Versus, Poe place a mark in his book, and closes it putting it on the coffee table in front of the couch, and Malu turns around from the buffet table, but continues to hold his plate.*

Smythe: What are you doing in here JT? I didn't call you to sample my song. Timberland ain't on this track, and that means you ain't either.

*Versus chuckles a bit and whispers something to Smythe*

Smythe: Vs wants to know…do you perm your hair before you frost it, I don't get what he means ‘cause I thought perms straightened your hair but-

*Versus whispers to Smythe again cutting him off before he finishes*

Smythe: Really? There's a difference? That's why I got dreads…easier to handle… not all this perm or as you call it straightening stuff, right Malu?


Smythe: Right…Like I said what do you want big boy, the bloodline didn't send for you?

Vincent: I'm here to find out which one of you is prankster, and I think it's you Versus.

*Versus looks over to Poe and without saying a word, Poe speaks up for him.*

Poe: How dare you ponder upon such an inclination, you have no right to make such an accusation. Now I remind you, you are not to speak to Versus, don't infect him with your sucktastic curses.

Vincent: Well then it must be Smythe, he's a rapper and this guy is always rhyming.

*Vincent steps up to Smythe, Smythe steps back up holding his OCW championship belt*

Smythe: You see this, I'm the champ, chump, why would I waste my time with a hulked up boy band wannabe like you.

Poe: Don't be so terse I often speak in verse that contains a rhyme, when did that ever become a crime?

Vincent: Well then maybe it's you…or maybe it's Malu!

*Malu steps up finishing a hot wing, he drops it on his plate stares at Vincent.*

Poe: See even you rhyme maybe that's a sign, I suggest you refrain from trying to point the finger at everyone in the Bloodline.

Smythe: Yeah big boy, we got a big boy of our own, who's not juiced up, and each of us can take you out easy. I suggest you deflate that chest of yours and find your way out of here before we throw you out.

*Vincent stands his ground but realizing he's easily outnumbered backs out of the room with the camera crew,but making sure not to turn his back on the Bloodline. When he and the camera finally get out of the room, the door immediately slams in their faces. Vincent turns to the camera with a pissed off look on his face and walks off in the opposite direction towards his own locker room. The shot fades to black as he walks.*

Leonheart vs ???



Rivers: Devistating!!

Double S: What an opponent, Cross is a mean, mean man.

Rivers: Don't forget, he's in the same predicament...tonight is a night of suspense. I'm not sure if it can get much better than that match, but if so we're in for one hell of a memorable night.

The camera views the Turmoil arena. As the camera rotates around the arena,it slowly picks up up two unusual individuals.

Tyro :" Why...are we here ..."

Tyro's mood is grumpy as he snatches the beer Ryder got for him as Ryder sits down.

Ryder :" Oberserving our opponents for our Tag Team Title match"

A brief and awkard silence

Tyro : " We could have spend that same "

Ryder : " Yeah,that worked out great last time, didn't it? "

A brief and awkard silence

Tyro : " We didn't lose because we were weaker. We lost because the match went on longer then we could endure. The match was over 30 min..we just got to end it quicker,that's all."

Ryder : " We had trouble with them. What makes you think we'll do better against the champs ? So why not stay here..and see what ever weakness we can find ? "

Tyro : "What ? You want to win like that ? I'm no coward .."

Ryder is silent for a moment

Ryder : "You used to beat people with chairs,remove turnbuckle pad,attack people from behind..and you have a problem with THIS? "

Tyro is thinking hard to conjure a reply but fails

Tyro : " FINE ! I give up. I still say we're better of focusing on what WE can improve..instead of watching.. studying .. *Gets chills * "

Camera zooms out and fades to black








Carlos Cruz is seen sitting in his locker room watching the T.V Set which is showing adverts about OCW Turmoil.

Carlos Cruz: What in the blue hell is going on here. Turmoil isn't no B Brand, Turmoil is CCW.

A knock is then heard at Carlos's door before Trisha makes her way into the room.

Hey Cruz, Where have you been?

Carlos turns around and shows his cut and bruised body to Trisha.

Trisha: What the...

Carlos: This is the work of your good friend Dr Boycott.

Trisha: Oh so you went to see him then.

Carlos sighs

Carlos: Unfortunatly... Yes I did and no matter how much I'm paid, I'm never going back there.

Did he get rid of the voice.

Carlos: Nope. He said they did everything they could to find it but because the 'He' never appeared they couldnt get him. Now let me ask you something.

Oh right I see and Sure go ahead.

Why the hell is it OCW Turmoil?

The Draft happened while you were away and you orignally got drafted to OCW, but luckily for you Mr Sensation decided to merge both shows together. A Pretty good Idea if you ask me.

Carlos: Great, more freaks to fight.

Trisha begins to laugh.

Trisha: He also decided that at the next PPV the title's will be merged and re-named but you'll have to see that yourself.

Well I'd better go... I have more freaks to interview. Catch you later, you need to get preparing for the coming week.

Trisha and Carlos stare at each other then suddenly burst out laughing. Trisha turns around and exits the room still laughing as Carlos goes back to sitting in the chair.

Carlos: Maybe shes right. Maybe the Draft is a good thing. More fights, more opportunites.... and probably more losses

Carlos suddenely smacks himself across the face

Carlos: No, I cant think like that and i'll prove what I mean on Riot and at Consequence... If i'm picked that is.

Carlos leans back in his chair and stares at the ceiling

I just hope something doesnt interfere before hand

As Carlos says these words the camera starts moving backwards slowly fading out to black




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