CCW Turmoil Unleashed


**The scene opens with Versus sitting behind Malu, smoking a joint. Malu moves to the side, and Versus spins his chair around, so he's facing away from the camera. Malu walks to the other side of the chair, Versus leans in and speaks to Malu. Malu begins to speak...**

Malu: Versus can't even stand the sight of you, so he's decided that he'd rather stare at this brick wall, then see your dumb expressions as he blows your mind with yet another breathtaking conversation. **Versus leans and whispers to Malu** As a matter of fact, leave the camera and get out.

Cameraman: What...well...what should I do? Where should I go?

**Versus leans into Malu**

Malu: Versus says go out onto the overpass, and see if you can spraypaint your name under the bridge with no harness.

**Cameraman looks confused and Malu flinches at him, sending the cameraman hauling ass out of the door. Versus leans in and tells Malu something.**

Malu: Good, now that the distraction is gone, Versus has something he'd like to say.

**The seat stays facing the wall.**

Versus: I'd give you the respect of facing you when I speak, but we all know you piece of s**t, c***s****rs don't deserve a f***ing thing from me. Regan had to rethink sending in that no t*t havin, c**t Chloe Snatchrot in here to talk to me. I'll tell you what, send her on in, I got a wiffle ball bat that I can put to use. For now, I'll just address the little turd's that need addressing. For those of you wondering why there isn't much mystery or intrigue in the title hunt as of late, let's take a motherf***ing trip back to the draft, when the title picture was laid out in all of it's fart scented glory for you ignorant tw*ts. Fact is, we're going to have 1 grand champion, just one. And when it's me, expect me to p*ss all over all of you from the top of the mountain. Golden showers for all you scumbags....I've said enough...Malu...

**Versus leans into Malu.**

Malu: When Consequence comes around, all the talking ends, and once again, Versus rises to the occasion. Whether it's Overrated Ortiz, In the Out Do' Fausto, or even my own partner Smythe matter who it is, when the title's up for grabs, I've proven myself, over, and over, and over, and over, 10 times, that I...Versus....rise to the occasion, and always get what's mine. Consequence, won't be any different. Now, get out.


Rivers: Ladies and gentlemen, it's now time for our main event.

Double S: That's right. Can Versus turn his bad luck...

Rivers: Karma.

Double S: Whatever hippie. Versus needs to turn things around, or his momentum going into this PPV is going to be none existant.

Rivers: Wrath, back after a very short hiaidus, has his sights set on re-establishing his name, starting with Versus. Let's not wait anymore...let's get to the action.


Main Event

Majin vs Versus



Double S: I hope the viewers at home had their binoculars!

Rivers: Thank the heaven's we're ringside, but with that much excitement, you sometimes need a wider angle to catch all the awesomeness.

Double S: Shhhhh...what do you want EA out here? He's always stepping on something that's mine when he poses. I needed to leave a restaurant one time, and for some reason he's right behind my table standing on my waiters foot when I was waiting for my check, posing, and refusing to move. I didn't leave til after they closed!

Rivers: Ok, no more A-word!! Ok, well that's it for OC...wait...what's Trips doing out here?


*Trips grabs a mic from the timekeeper and stands in the centre of the ring clutching his gut from his match earlier in the night by Cross.*

Trips: I've had enough of this nonsense. Since last weeks Riot I've been worried about being attacked. All through tonight it's been on my mind.

*He lowers the mic for a second to catch his breath.*

Trips: But just then I had a revelation. I know it's coming at some point. They're not going to let me get away with what I did last week and there's a hell of a lot more of them than there is me, what's the point in fighting it.

*The crowd look confused as he continues.*

Trips: I am not the kind of man who will wait until the moment he is attacked. Always worried when it's going to come. So I'm calling you out. All of you circus freaks.

Trips: If you're going to do it come and do it now. I'm waiting!


Double S: HOLY SH*T!!!

Rivers: HOLY SH*T!!!





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