CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Houston, Texas

Live from the Reliant Stadium in Houston


As the camera fades in, we see Sloth laying on a picnic table near the wrestler and employee entrance to the arena where employees take their smoke breaks. As Sloth lays there, he pulls a joint and a lighter from his pocket, sits up and lights the joint up, takes a toke, and lays back down and exhales. Sloth closes his eyes and takes a few more tokes and lets the joint dangle from his mouth. A couple seconds later, someone walks up to Sloth and removes the joint from his mouth and stamps it out, but his identity is unknown because he is off camera. Sloth immediately sits up to confront the man.

Sloth: What in the hell do you think your doing, corn rows?

The camera turns away from Sloth who's eyes are still staring intently at the man who just destroyed his last joint. The camera then reveals Nathan Gaines, as a slight cheer from the crowd inside can be heard.

Gaines: So I see you notice the new hair style....surprising for a guy who's so hoped up on drugs he can't even remember what he calls himself.

Sloth: The only thing I notice is that you ruined my last joint, jerk off. Do you know how friggin' hard it is to score dope when you don't have any connections in these s**thole towns? No, you don't. Besides, it was only pot, you moron. You need to get the hell out of here right now before I…

Gaines: Before you what? Attempt to challenge me to a fight? Come on sandbag lungs, you're in worse shape now than you were when you were The Steve.

Sloth's eyes widen.

Sloth: If you only knew, I'm on s**t now that The Steve only dreamt of doing. Just remember though…The Steve will always be a part of me, even if my name isn‘t, and he was a bad motherf****r. You shouldn't take me too lightly, Gainesy. Now, to current business, what the hell do you want?

Gaines: I want to help you man. Look before you were Sloth, before you were The Steve, you were Steve Jones, the guy I came up in the business with. Man, you wanna talk about bad motherf****rs, Steve Jones before the drugs was one big time badass. I'm coming back to help you cause right now you sure as hell can't help yourself.

Sloth: Oh, is that all, is it? You're going save me from my demons. I suppose you're going to say that the people I hang out with are a bad influence too, eh? Did it ever occur to you that I might not want to be saved? That I like what I'm doing? That it's none of your damn business?

You want to know why I why I decided to align myself with the Se7en Sins and started doing drugs again? It's because I realized that doing the ‘right thing' will get you nowhere. It took Lust to remind me of who I was when I was successful around here. When I was with Theatre of Pain and on my supplements, the sky was the limit. With Se7en, it will be again. So, I don't need your damn saving. Why don't you leave me alone and go kill off a faction…I know you're good at that.

Gaines: You're right, my record with factions is about as good as yours with winning title matches. Now, I don't give a rat's ass about your health hell with the amount of drugs you do you're a god damn medical miracle that you're still kicking. The thing I care about is having you off the drugs so you can be at your best. Steve, I know you're dying for another shot at the top and when you wrestle the way the Ironman can you'll get there. Don't ask me why, but I'm coming back to help you because we both have a respect for the business. Don't piss on what you respect with the way you handle yourself.

Gaines just shakes his head and then turns his back on Sloth and makes his way back into the arena. Sloth returns to the picnic table and sits down again and starts talking to himself.

Sloth: Damn idiot, that was my last joint. Now what the f**k am I supposed to do to kill time? Friggin' Lust makin' me come here and I'm not even booked for chrissakes. I need to score some dope. I could have sworn I saw some teenage idiot stoners in the parking lot…

Sloth gets up from the picnic table and walks off in the direction of the side parking lot.




*The shot opens and the camera is zoomed far out, at the end of the shot however, a bulky man can be seen towards the end of the hallway the camera is shooting and he is interrogating every crew member he sees. He finally reaches a crew member close enough to the camera for the conversation to be heard. The man appears to Vincent Valmont.*

Vincent: Hey you, yeah you, you look like a caterer. You take food to the locker room of The Bloodline?

Crew member: I'm not a caterer man, I just tell people where all these boxes of merchandise go, but I do know where The Bloodlines locker room is, it's just a little further down this hallway. Why did you think I was a caterer?

Vincent: You looked like a guy who likes to take it all in.

*the crew member looks puzzled, but replies anyway*

Crew Member: Yeah, well you should get someone to take care of those frosted tips, okay, they look a hot mess. Ole Justin Timberlake wannabe, you'll never be as fine as him.

*Vincent looks to the camera and speaks to the audience*

Vincent: My point exactly.

*The crew member turns around very homosexually and Vincent continues down the hallway, the camera follows him as he walks and talks.*

Vincent: Last week the two founders of the Bloodline said something suspicious, “ Don't be mad, just get glad.” Sounded a lot like the notes I've been getting lately. If the pranksters in the Bloodline I'm going to find out tonight!

*The crowd pops back in the arena*

*Vincent finally reaches a door that is signified to be the Bloodline's locker room with a plaque on the door with the engraving, The Bloodline:Members Only. Valmont steps up to the door anyway and takes a breath. He raises his arm up to knock,but before his fist could meet the white wooden door, it creaks open.*


Double S: It looks like Valmonts search has lead him to the Bloodline locker room...not the best place to be looking for trouble if you ask me!

Rivers: Welcome everyone, to OCW Turmoil! Broadcasting live from Houston, TX to all of you watching at home. We have a more than incredible show for you tonight, all being capped off by, what's sure to be an explosive Main Event as Wrath, formerly of borderline homosexual fame, faces off against the reigning CCW Champ, Versus.

Double S: The champ has been off of his game as of late. Could it be the new haircut, could it be his theory "suck by association", nobody knows. But one thing's for sure, he can't go into the biggest matches of his career riding a losing streak, but Wrath is no easy win, so this should be a hell of a match.

Rivers: Before that, we have an international contender mystery tour! So get this...Josiah Cross picks Leonhearts opponent, Kang James picks Josiah Crosses opponent, and Leonheart picks Kang James' opponent...what a way to get contenders, huh Double S?

Double S: I pick Colonel Mustard, in the bathroom, with a broomstick!

Rivers: A broomstick? How do you kill someone with a broomstick?

Double S: If you have to don't want to know.

Rivers: Ohhhh kay, moving on. Opening this action stuffed show will be an EX TRIPLE THREAT! With who's involved with this match, I can honestly say I believe ths has the capability of being one of the best triple threats Turmoil has seen.

Double S: I just had an idea. How about we talk to Mr. Sensation about the possibility of a new award. "Making the best of a crap match" award has a nice ring to it.

Rivers: I realize you're not a fan of the triple threats, but you need to realize there's nothing...nothing with the word "crap" in it, that has a nice ring to it.

Double S: Ohhh really? How about "Oh daddy, put it in my cra..."

Rivers: Let's start the show...NOW!!!


Ed Reed vs Jack Porter vs Jacob Trance



Double S: What did I say? Best match ever!!

Rivers: Well, I wouldn't go that far, but it was a heck of a showing by all these young men.

Double S: Especially one...You could say this match left me in a...Trance! Get it?

Rivers: Actually, this left me so over ED-ucated I had to use the Porter-potty....get it?

Double S: Annnnd joke killed. Fantastic.

Backstage, A-Jax and Mace are relaxing while Cross is gearing up for his match.

Mace: So who do you think Kang will chose to face you tonight?

Cross: It doesn't matter.

A-Jax: Who you picking to wrestle Leon?

Cross: Mace get off your ass and get ready. I want you take out Leon.

Mace stands up slowly.

Mace: You want me to fight Leon tonight? I was hoping to just get the night off. I had some business to take care of.

Cross: Too bad. I pick you now get ready!

A-Jax: I'll do it! I'll fight Leon.

Cross: Aren't you busy…

A-Jax: Busy? …no

Cross: I could have sworn you were busy running and hiding from Parker Stevens!

A-Jax: WHAT?! No…!

Cross: Well he has called you out twice and you haven't done a damn thing about it! That tells me you are scared or…

A-Jax: Yeah well I'm not.

Cross: Then you better not have let that new video game consume your life Metal Queer Solid or whatever it is.

A-Jax: Gear…

Cross: I don't give a damn! Do something about Parker! And get your stuff on too you are coming to the ring with me! Watch my back and don't do anything stupid!

Mace is now strapping on his boots.

Cross: Mace I want you to go out there and eliminate Leon for good. Send him a message!

Mace: You got it.

Cross begins to tape up his wrist as the camera fades out.







A Shabby Old yellow cab pulls up in front of the Arena. The Cab Door opens and Carlos Cruz emerges from the car.

Cab Driver: That'll be $40 then pal.

Carlos puts his hand into his pocket and pulls out a wallet. Carlos goes through each part of the wallet looking for $40.

Carlos : Hold on I know I have some money around here somewhere.

Carlos begins to go through each of his pocket and finds another wallet. He pulls out the $40 and hands it to the driver who drives off as soon as he has the money. Carlos then puts the wallets back in his pocket and begins to walk to the Arenas main door. As the automatic doors open for Carlos, he begins to walk forward into the mass of Fans who are pushing and shoving in line for their tickets. As Carlos begins to walk to the door for the locker rooms he is greeted by a woman.

Good Evening Mr Cruz and Welcome to the brand new OCW Turmoil.

As the woman says OCW Turmoil; Carlos turns to her and gives her a blank confused stare.

Is everything alright Sir?

Carlos continues to stare at her before walking through the doors and out of the camera's view.




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