CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Rivers: The wait is finally over! The CCW Revolution has begun and it all starts here tonight on Tuesday Night Turmoil! Ladies and gentlemen we are live from Tampa, Florida for tonight's edition of Turmoil. I am Johnaton Rivers and as always joined by my partner Double S!


Double S: And has Mr. Richards really dished out one hell of a card here tonight to kick off CCW's benefit from the draft. Folks if you missed last Monday's Asylum you've missed huge names like Versus, The World Television Champion The Steve, Mad Michael Morrison, Seth Irving, people I could go on and on about the picks we got.

Rivers: Let's not forget some of the names we lost such as Justin Time and Scott Hanlon and coming damn near close to losing our own CCW Champion Nathan Gaines! People if you missed it go to as soon as possible and get with the times. A new leaf has turned in CCW and at tonight's milestone show, our main event will feature Theatre of Pain's own Future Investment 'Mad' Michael Morrison and World T.V. Champion The Steve battle it out with up and coming drunk duo of Double A and Brauer, Drunk N' Disorderly.


Double S: And quite possibly the best pick in the draft makes his CCW debut as well here tonight as Versus steps inside the ring with also debuting Max Monero! And Deano Horse will welcome CJ Washington into CCW as the two will meet toe to toe later tonight.


Rivers: But Scott, don't forget the MAJOR announcement Mr. Richards made last week bringing in the CCW World Tag Team Grand Prix noting this will be a must see event that will blow away people. But Mr. Richards has yet to announce a prize for the winning team, apparently Gabe wants to keep the reward a secret till the final match.


Double S: I know Gabe will not disapoint with the reward come time to crown WTTGP Champions.


Rivers: Well Scott, now we have been told our newest #1 Contender is set to hit the ring and speak on Nathan Gaines. At Consequence the two will meet inside the ring for the CCW Championship apart of the Double Main Event!

Irving music hits as he makes his way down to the ring playing to the crowd a little but flicking them off once he is in the ring. Standing in the middle of the ring as he calls for a mic and one is thrown into the ring and he catches it in his hands

Irving: Well last Monday I made some comments about the current CCW World Champion Nathan Gaines.


Crowd pops as they hear Nathans name


Irving:*Waits for the crowd to calm back down* I made comments about one of the longest running factions in OCW to this date… The Militia.

Crowd pops even louder this time for the Militia

Irving:* Not waiting this time*Well turns out my dear old friend Mr. Gaines has become the new leader of The Militia. Now Nathan this is something I normally will never do especial for somebody like you but I will like to take this time right now and have you come down here and I can congratulate you face to face like a man.

Irving: Nathan I know what you’re thinking I am just going to attack as soon as you get to the ring. But the thing is I have been told by Mr. Jaysin fucking Sensation himself if I am to put one finger on you before Consequence I will be stripped of my title shot.*Smiling to himself* So Nathan you have nothing….

"Everyday is Exactly the Same" by Nine Inch Nails hits on the sound system as they whole place jump up to there feet showing respect for the CCW World Champion. As the camera pans back to Irving who is leaning on the ropes smiling as he is staring right at the CCW World title around Nathan’s waist

Irving: *Not even taking his eyes off the belt as he starts to talk again* Come on I know you all can be louder then that.

* Crowd pops even more for Nathan as he makes his way to the ring stopping right in front of the ropes looking up at Seth. As Seth opens up the ropes for him inviting him into the ring.


Gaines hesitates for a little bit but comes in not taking his eyes off of Irving who is backing away as soon as Gaines gets in the ring.*

Irving: Gaines I will like to be one of the 1st people to congratulate you on becoming the new owner of the Militia.

*Crowd pops again as The Militia is brought up again. Irving smiling as he looks around the arena as they are still going crazy for Nathan. Irving extends his hand with the microphone to Nathan who stares at it and takes it from him. Back pedaling away from Irving not loosing eye contact.*

Nathan: *Calms the crowd down a little before speaking* Seth, I consider myself a wise man. I don't like to believe that I am easily fooled. What is to make me think that you're not up to something * Irving shrugs at Gaines*


Nathan:So your telling me the only reason you came out here tonight is to congratulate me on taking over the Militia? Do you know what I've gone through in the last week. Do you even have a clue about what has gone on in the Militia? Why should I accept you're congratulations when you're the one who ran his mouth all over the place last week?

* Irving extends his hand out to Nathan as he is staring into the crowd not looking at him. Nathan stares blankly at his hand not knowing what to think.*

Nathan: You expect me to believe a man like you will not try something as soon as I shake your hand Irving?* Laughing to himself as he stares at Irving extended hand and placing the microphone in it*

Irving: * Taking the microphone out of his extended hand holding it with his other as he speaks* Gaines I am under contract that if I touch you I will lose my title shot. So come on Nathan shake my hand*Smiles again*

*Dropping the microphone to the ground still not looking at Nathan as he holds his hand out waiting. Nathan hesitates longer this time but reaches for Irving’s hand to shake it.

But is met with a Slap to his face knocking him down to his knees as Irving begins to laugh as he walks over to the corner setting Nathan up for the Gore.

Nathan Slowly makes his way up to his feet and turns as soon as Irving charges at him for the gore. Irving hits it and knocks him down to the ground.

Gaines slunches over clasping his ribs after being hit by the gore. As Irving hit’s the ground holding his shoulder as he struck it on the belt as he hit the gore.

Slowly rolling out of the ring, making his way up the ramp as he looks back at Nathan who is still laid out in the ring. Irving begins to move one of his hands over his waist signifying he wants the belt as the camera fades out*


Rivers: What in the hell has got into Seth Irving?


Double S: Championship Gold can do weird things to many people John, and Seth looks more determined to get that Strap at any costs.


Rivers: Well Scott we'll find out more this Thursday on Crisis and see the fallout at Consequence when Seth and Nathan face off. But now let's head backstage where Trisha Waltrip is standing by with Matt Spears!


Trisha: Hello Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing next to one of the newest members in CCW, Matt Spears.

Boos can be heared all over the arena, as they seem to detest matt spears.

Trisha: Well the people sure don’t seem to like.

Trisha is rudely interrupted as Matt pulls the mic right from her.

Matt Spears: Do you think I give a dam about what the people think? Hell no the people are nothing but idiots, matt spears is the future of CCW weather they like it or not.

Trish: Well tonight you have a three way as you go against two people that will fight for the number one contender spot for the Ex title at consequence.

Matt Spears: This looks to be an easy match for me and that’s all I have to say.

Trisha: Also you said you are Rochester right?

Matt has no idea what she’s going on about or does he

Trisha: Just your contract read you are from Europe.

Matt Spears: You know nothing; it’s a lie look I can proof that I am from Rochester… DUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, need I say more?

Trisha: People in Europe use the word dude too. I can go and get my book on words from different places and find out.

Matt Spears: Oh god nothing is worth this. I lied what you going to do sue me? I was born in England but I now live in Rochester problem? Didn’t think so and now if you excuse me I have a match to attend too.


Double S: EX Division action breaks on to Turmoil with a Three Way Dance!


Rivers: The debuting Matt Spears, The Teen Heart Throb Michael Heaton, and Iroshu Takunashi get ready to hit the ring!


Matt SPEARS v. Michael HEATON v. Iroshu TAKUNASHI


What in the hell?

I'm in the same boat as you are John . . . but still a great match.

Indeed Scott, he picked up a well desereved victory there. Well folks looks like once again Matt Spears is backstage with Trisha.


Later that night Matt is getting treatment from the EMTS as Trisha barges in.

Trisha: Matt after a very entertaining match you lost in your debute match and you are also bleeding do you have anything to say?

Matt Spears: ...

Trisha: Sorry i didn't quite catch that?

Matt spears: I am sick of stupid people like you, you sicken me and why the hell people employ someone as dumb as you god only knows.

Voice: Ignore him Trisha he is just saw because he jobbed too Iroshu Takunashi.

Matt Spears: Well if it isn’t Michael, opps I mean Guy Fausto.

Michael Heaton: Shut up faggot don’t make me give you the chinlock, no one likes the chinlock now do they?

Matt Spears: Oh god I bet you don’t even know how to do a chinlock, you are an idiot that is obsessed about Guy Fausto.

Michael Heaton: Shut up Jobber Spears.

Matt Spears: Sure after the ownage I gave to you and if I recall you’re the one that jobbed, you could have easily broken the pin fall but oh no you’re a faggot.

Michael Heaton: I never got pinned Faggot so shut up you, you jobber.

Matt and Heaton give off nasty looks at one another.

Matt Spear: In time Heaton, in time.

Michael Heaton: It's Fausto you idiot.

Matt Spears: Shut up faggot I will call you what the hell I like when I want and how I want. Right I’m bored of you now get in my face like this again and I’ll beat you down, got it? Good!

Moments after Heaton pulls Spears down and gets him in a chinlock, Matt spears already bleeding taps in pain.

Michael Heaton: Taste the Rainbow.

Matt coughs out blood as the chinlock starts to show its side effects. Heaton begins to laugh and walks away as the scene fades to DnD backstage.


:: CCW Cameras are backstage in DnD's locker-room. ::

Double A: You want a beer?

Bauer: No, and you shouldn't be drinking that crap before a match either.

Double A: is like my "coffee". I can't function without it.

Bauer: I heard you can't "function" with it either...

:: Crowd Pops ::

Double A: Speaking of "that" ya go left this behind on Asylum last night.

:: Double A pulls out the penis pump that Sensation gave to Bauer yesterday ::

:: Crowd chants Penis Pump...Penis Pump... ::

Bauer: Get that damn thing away from me...

:: Double A tosses the device across the room ::

Double A: So penile enhancements aside, we've got the Theatre of Pain Tonight.

Bauer: Good, I've got a chance to get in the ring with Michael Morrison and show him why the Future investment clause is in my near future.

Double A: Hey check this out...

:: Double A messes up his hair and covers half of his face with it. He makes an EMO face ::

Double A: It's not fair man, corporate america is taking over...Everything is so corporate. Homeless kids in China-

Bauer: Shut your Nick Kage pleaser....

:: Double A fixes hair ::

Double A: I hate you.





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