CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Los Angeles, California

Live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles






*A Camera shot fades into the locker room of Vincent Valmont. He can be seen sitting down, wrapping tape around his hands as he prepares for his match up next with Mugen*

???: Hello, Vincent

*Vincent looks up along with the camera as Poe walks in the locker room with a grin on his face*

Poe: I see you're preparing for your match against Mugen, I expect you to win.

Vincent: Yeah, my first return match. I'm happy it's in my home town of Los Angeles, California.

*Crowd pop for the mentioning of the home town*

Poe: Well, you do know it's a hardcore match? Please tell me you didn't forget that catch.

Vincent: Of course I'm aware of that, and I'm more ready for this return match than anything else before. It's not just a return match, but a chance to prove something. A chance to prove that I still have what it takes after my close encounter with a career ending injury.

Poe: So, you're not afraid of any tricks? It's a hardcore match, the prankster could attempt anything he so picks.

Vincent: If he does, I'll be ready. Doesn't matter if it's after my match with Mugen, and I'm bleeding all over. If he appears, his ass is finally mine.

Poe: Well we'll see. Speaking of, why didn't I see you at the ppv?

Vincent: Only one way I wouldn't of been able to make it to the ppv, and that's because of our mystery man decided it was fun to keep me at the airport.

Poe: What do you mean? Did he cause a scene?

Vincent: I mean, somehow the security at the airport thought I was carrying a bomb in my luggage, and I was stuck at the airport for hours which caused me to miss the ppv. Not to mention the worst part of it is that the full story got leaked somehow, and it's all over

Poe: Well, your match is up next so I'll be backstage if you it is I you seek. Are we still on for Riot this week?

Vincent: Damn straight, we're still on for Riot this week. I want to find out the identity of this mystery guy as soon as possible. Because the second he reveals himself, I'm going to shove some laughter down his throat, and I'm going to show a example of that in my match right now!

*Vincent cuts off the last bit of tape around his hands, and slams his locker door as he looks focused, and determined with a straight glare in his eyes as he begins to walk with Poe out of his locker room. Vincent walking into one direction towards the ring, and Poe walking the other way as the camera fades at Poe looking over his shoulder at Vincent*


Rivers: Rivers: Good evening to you all, and welcome to OCW TURMOIL, broadcasting live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA! I'm...

Double S: Double S: Tonight, he's known as Rosepetal Petunia Rivers!

Rivers: How the hell is that my first name? Everyone knows, my first name is...

Double S: Rosepetal Petunia IN THE HOUSE! That's right, Rosepetal Petunia, amonst the other, new crazy named babies in the buidling. Right over there, we got Shilo...sure fire h-mo in a couple years with a name like that, nice choice Scientolobitch, and there's Mr. Coldplay and Paltrow's kid....Apple. the fruit.

Rivers: You must want us to not have jobs...seriously!

Double S: Why? Because Hollywood types are setting their kids up for a life of interest in interior design, and hair styles. Look, over there. The kids wearing a leather S&M outfit!! Oh...wait...that's Andy Dick. But still, that's their future!!!

Rivers: That's right, a lot of stars here tonight. Let's hope I can hold back my vomit long enough to run down the matches for you...thanks Andy Dick. Ok...*dry heave*...ok, we've already heard from the Champ, Nate Ortiz!

Double S: He better thank his lucky stars Versus is in Tibet right now, or that pretty new belt would be just another indent in the giant cranium of Nate Ortiz.

Rivers: I'm not sure about that Double S, Nate defeated 2 other men to win that title. And your boy, Versus, was one of them. Moving on...we also heard from newfound friends, Poe and Vincent Valmont, whom we'll see in action next. But before we get to the action, here's the rundown.

Double S: Tonight, we have the cartwheeling cranium crusher, Boldo The Clown, going 1 on 1 with the longest reigning OCW NA Champion ever, Chris Mania! As we know, Boldo is the re-incarnation of 06 Mayhem, sans the cheeeese. Unstoppable force, that very few have escaped.

Rivers: But this is the Spoonman, if there's one person who's Spoon. Next up the EX Champion, The Air, goes one on one with a skyrocketing rookie known as Jack Porter.

Double S: That's right Rosepetal Petunia, The Air, the EX Champion, defended his title, YET AGAIN at Consequence. So tonight, he gets to shut another Rookie mouth up.

Rivers: We'll see about that one. Next up, Nathan Gaines, faction cancer, chameleon, and newfound rehabilitation specialist. Goes one on one with the man he's trying to get clean...again...Sloth.

Double S: There's no plant too green, no powder too white, and no rocks too big, for waste bucket named Sloth. I can't wait to see him smoke that do-gooder right out of the building.

Rivers: But before that, we have a battle royal that could send one of these men on the path of greatness!

Double S: What's that, trip over to Popeyes, then to his baby mama house, then back to Popeyes?

Rivers: WHAT?!...ooohhh, Greatness. I didn't mean it that way you racist jackass. Carlos Cruz, AJax, Bloodline member Poe, and Big Joe D face off! Joe D, the consumate narcaleptic, should have a little difficulty. Maybe with more men in the match, he might stay awake.

Double S: I know you will Rosepetal.

Rivers: I hate you so much. Finally, one of the men we've already heard from in this show, Vincent Valmont, goes one on one with the slick oriental dance machine and chick magnet, known only as BxB Mugen. It's a case of hot dance steps against hot temper in this hardcore match. Let's not hold you up anymore, and get right to the action!!


Vincent Valmont vs BxB Mugen



*Vincent walks over to the announcer, and gets handed a mic. He takes a moment to wipe away the blood thats all over his face as he breathes*

Vincent : Before I address a few things that I want to discuss, first I want to give props to Mugen. That was one helluva match. For a little guy, you really did push me to my limits. Also, as all of you notice I'm not green anymore, thanks to a little nice invention called soap. *Crowd pop*

*Vincent continues to wipe away the blood as it begins to flow again, before finally stopping*

Vincent : Next thing on my agenda is I want to give everyone in my home town a big round of applause as there was nowhere else I wanted my return match to be than the place that I grew up at. The home of the L.A Lakers, the Dodgers, and the home state of the best college in the world, USC!

*Huge crowd pop for the mention of the hometown teams*

Vincent : Now, the final thing I want to discuss here tonight with all of my loyal fans is why I wasn't at attendance at the Consquences PPV. Because I'm fully aware that most of you know by now, the reason behind it.

*Crowd boos as they show their concern*

Vincent : Thankyou for the concern, but theres no need to cry over split milk. Because with every little prank that bastard does, it just motivates me more to beat the living hell out of him on Riot this week. *Crowd pop* I won't go into much description about the reason that kept me away from the ppv as the full story somehow got leaked on, and all of it is there to read. But, I will say this. If that bastard thinks he's funny, then when Riot rolls around this week I'm going to be the one who's laughing while I stand over his motionless body.

*Vincent drops the mic, and taunts one time for the hometown crowd as he slowly makes his way backstage as the camera fades*

Double S: I'm not sure if it's this polluted ass city water, or if Andy Dick has made me break into epileptic siezures, but I'm pretty sure lag won that match.

Rivers: My head....oh god my head.

Double S: Calm down Rosepetal Petunia, let's get you some warm milk.



Commercial break


Rivers: One of our interesting stories from the ConSequences PPV last night was the emergence of the most unlikely superstar I have ever seen in professional e-wrestling. OCW mainstay BxB Mugen was scheduled to fight in the 10K Turmoil ladder match against a mystery opponent, but little could anyone guess WHO exactly that opponent would be! The owner, Mr. Sensation, gave the choice to the FANS to see who would come down to the ring for not only the money, but a developmental contract here at OCW! And who would take up the challenge when singled out from the crowd but OCWs very own, and very inebriated, Sign Guy. Far from being decimated, the Sign Guy not only held his own but managed to squeak out a win as he capitalized on a missed elbow off the ladder from BxB Mugen and went on to grab the gold!

Double S: No one could believe it, but it happened! Hell, I almost filled my pants with excitement when he came down with the cash. Almost.

Rivers: horrifying. Nonetheless, the unnamed Sign Guy came down with the money and signed a 6 month contract to OCW for his efforts in the match! He told us he would be here at Turmoil tonight, and we have correspondent Stacy Clark backstage to get a word with him. Stacy?

Cameras flash backstage to show Stacy Clark standing beside an OCW locker room. Check that, it appears to be a janitor closet with a piece of notebook paper taped on it reading "SIGN GUY".

Stacy: Guys, I'm here at the janitor closet where I'm attempting to get a word with OCW's newest member, the Sign Guy! He ran in here about an hour before the show and has locked himself firmly away; passerby have claimed a 'whining' noise comes from inside and the stench of general fear and confusion emanate from this closet of cleaning supplies. HEY! SIGN GUY! Stacy slams her fist into the door violently. Get out here!

The door cracks open and a tiny periscope made from toilet paper rolls makes its way out; it peeps one direction and the other before being snatched away by Stacy. She yanks the door open to reveal the Sign Guy in all his average-ness; he has a distressed look on his face, and he doesn't seem to have slept since the PPV.

Stacy: Sign Guy, you pulled out an incredible upset victory at ConSequences, doing what many people would kill to do: you, a wrestling fan, entered the square circle and not only competed, but you won your first match live on PPV! But before we go any further, the people have to know: ...who the hell are you, anyways?

Sign Guy: Adam...I'm Adam Roderick. No way, this has all been some kind of horrible mistake! I was just coming to the shows because I love OCW, but then...

Stacy: On top of the victory, you won $10,000 as part of the stipulations of the match! Do you have any plans for the money at this time?

Roderick: I mean, I was drunk as hell! How did I know that a fan would be the one to enter the ring?! I heard the ultimatum, the chance to become rich and a wrestler, and the ALCOHOL in my system says "Guess what retard, we're going down to the ring to fight the scary muscleman in the shiny white pants!" A fricking waiver gets handed to me, I can apparently sign my name while drunk, and off I go to the races?! What the hell is that about!?

Stacy: ...anyways. And the icing on the cake, Roderick, is that you signed a 6-month contract to continue competing here in OCW as a developmental wrestler! Your thoughts?

Roderick has remained in his own little world of worry up to this point, but now snaps back around to face Stacy.

Roderick: My THOUGHTS? You want to know what my thoughts are? The FIRST thing I thought when my liver started functioning again in the morning was "WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!" I walked into the ring with a trained professional, a ring filled with dangerous weapons mind you, and apparently the functioning portion of my brain thought that was a DANDY IDEA! I climbed a ladder to get cash, across from a dancing Asian Sensation! And did you hear me backstage earlier? God, I swear, no more heavy drinking. I'm just a normal guy! I have a normal family, normal house, HAD a normal job, normal friends, and live a pretty normal life. I could have been killed, goddammit!

Stacy steps back a moment at this outburst.

Stacy: But, you didn't.

Rodericks face changes from its confused look; his eyes light up and a grin slowly begins to invade his face.

Roderick: ..and when I realized I wasn't killed, instead, that I won, I started to realize a few other things. See, wrestling has always been a dream of mine, since I was a kid. My friends and I watched a lot of people growing up; Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Curt Hennig, and so many more of those great competitors that weren't the strongest, burliest powerhouses of the world. We sat there thinking "Those guys get to live their dreams, even though they don't have the physiques of a Mr. Universe" and that gave us some hope that maybe one day even we could live that dream of being a pro wrestler.

We would practice the moves we saw on TV constantly, trying to get them down right. We would follow our favorites through tapes of their overseas matches, and reveled in any time we got to see them on TV. Wrestling became our lives, Stacy. But it had to end someday. Reality is a harsh mistress, the kind that calls everyday and sucks all your money without ever seeming to put out. So all I had left was my memories; all until I started coming to the OCW shows. I wanted to be a part of that atmosphere again, and so I started making the signs, started frequenting all the arenas, starting trying to live my dream as a fan again! But, looks like I got more than I bargained for.

Rodericks adrenaline is obviously high; he seems to have forgotten his nervousness as his passion for wrestling takes over. This same rush could be seen at the PPV; once his adrenaline kicked in he was able to fight back and forget his fears in the ring.

Roderick: I could go back on the deal, you know. I could just say "Fuck this contract, I can't do it" and walk right back out there into the crowd, and go back to being the OCW Sign Guy. Part of me wants to; you know, the part that likes staying alive. But the part of me that loves wrestling wants to stay, wants to train to wrestle, and wants to compete, and so against my better judgement, Adam Roderick is going to keep competing here in OCW. It would be a slap in the face to every fan out there who longs to enter the world of wrestling if I walked away from this once in a lifetime chance. And believe you me, Stacy; I plan to make my dream become a reality, one match at a time.

Roderick finally stops and begins to calm down; Stacy steps back in with the microphone and waits for him to stop breathing so hard.

Stacy: Well, it will be a hard road ahead of you, but with passion and determination like that, I'm sure you'll do fine. We don't have confirmation of when his first match will be, but it seems that whoever faces "Sign Guy" Adam Roderick first will be in for a surprising fight from this fan turned wrestler! Back to the booth, Rivers!

Stacy moves off screen, but the camera stays on with Roderick still in view. He takes a deep breath and releases the rest of his tension as his adrenaline fades. He sighs, looks up, and notices the camera.

Roderick : Huh? ...oh shit, I got excited and...oh hell, what did I say? Man, the guys around here are going to kill me if I ran my mouth! Look, camera guy, don't tell anyone where I am! God, I'm in such trouble! Why did I sign that contract, I'm going to get beat all to hell...

Roderick turns and shuts himself back in the janitors closet, mumbling to himself. Cameras cut back to the broadcasting booth.

Rivers: I can't tell if he's a coward, a brave soul with a dream, or a bleeding lunatic.

Double S: Why do you always have to label people?

Rivers: It looks like his excitement gets the best of his timid side; lets hope he gets some training it before his next match. Now, lets get back to the action!




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