CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Arnhem, Netherlands

Live from the Gelredome in Arnhem


**Camera shows Smythe and Poe talking outside of the back door of the arena, when a stretch Jeep Wrangler Limousine pull up to them and stops. The door opens, and out steps Versus...joint in hand. Smythe and Poe approach the limo.**

Smythe: when did you get this little toy...

Poe: Can we all take a ride and enjoy?

Versus: Yeah, after the show, but right now, we got

**The scene opens with a new stretch Jeep Wrangler Limousine pulling away from an airport gate. The view goes from outside of the Limo to inside, where it's a bit foggy, but the camera pans around to show Poe and Smythe lounging and sipping on drinks.**

Smythe: good to have you back...

Poe: The way you left the monastery, didn't seem like a holiday.

**The camera pans to Versus who's slouched back into the darkest corner of the limo, smoking a lil something.**

Versus: Yeah, that place was boring when I showed up...

**Vs leans forward to expose his bright green eyes and smirk that hasn't left his face since the burning of the Monestary.**

Versus: But when I left...that place was HOT!!

**Group has a big hearty laugh**

Versus: Seriously though, I needed to get that old man out of my head.

Smythe: what...were you dealin with Professor X?

Versus: Not really, but kinda. You know how you have the devil and angel on your shoulders sometimes? **Poe & Smythe nod** Well, it's like having an Angel inside a devil, and I wasn't gonna get nowhere with that nonsense. So, now that that's past us. What's been going on here? We win any more gold?

Smythe: not yet...

Poe: Soon we hit the tag scene, and shortly after we get the belts that gleam.

Smythe: yeah...we entered ourselves in the tag tourney for a shot against Tyro and Ryder.

Versus: Hmm, a nazi and a boys will have a field day. What's next?

**Smythe and Poe look at each other without saying anything.**

Versus: Um...boys...what's next?

Smythe: we may have...redecorated the bar a little bit

Poe: But it's ok, we have a secretary with big ol....

Smythe: JUST...wait til we get there, you'll like it.

Versus: I certainly hope so.

**The camera pans back to the outside of the stretch Jeep Wrangler Limo as it pulls away.**







Rivers: Welcome everyone to this weeks episode of OCW Turmoil, coming to you live from the Gelredome in Arnhem, I'm you host...

Double S: Bertha McGilicutty!! And I'm Double S!  Tonight we have a...

Rivers: No...NO!  You're NOT doing this to me again!

Double S: Yes I am Bertha, unless you want me to remind Regan of a certain match you were supposed to be a part of.

Rivers: Carry on.

Double S: That's better.  We're coming to you live from the Netherlands, and tonight, begins the hunt for one of the biggest prizes in wrestling today, the King of OCW!!  As the Sensational One has already told us, there are 16 wrestlers, broken up into 4 groups.  The Red Team, consisting of Josiah Cross, Kang James, Tyro Kraven and a name that graces my ears like sunshine on a hookers ass, THE STEVE.  The Green Team, with Versus, Anton the Magnificent, Carlos Cruz, and possibly Trips.  The Yellow Team, one of the more interesting matchups will pit Boldo the Clown, Eddie Mace, Poe, and Guy Fausto against each other.

Rivers: But first off, we get to kick off this King of OCW tournament with the Blue Team!  We have former OCW Champion, Smythe DaWonder facing off against Jacob Trance!

Double S: Chalk up 3 points for the good guys.

Rivers: Exactly what I was thinking.  The second KoOCW match of the evening will pit Chris Mania against Aries! 

Double S: Somewhat clashing styles, it seems like this one could possibly come out as a tie.  Also, this evening, we have tag team action, when the Tag Champs face off against the team of Roderick and Stevens.  In this world of tag team craziness, it's hard to predict a winner, but Ryder and Tyro have been handling business week in and week out, and I don't see anything different happening, any time soon.

Rivers: Also tonight, we have a surprise opponent going 1 on 1 with the Ex Champ, The Air.  There have been some heads looking towards Air for the wrestler of the month, let's see if he can get the nods he needs after this match

Double S: And for the Main Event, the OCW World Champion, Nate Ortiz will face off against....against....I don't seem to have it here...

Rivers: That's because it's not announced yet stupid.  SO without further ado, let's get onto the seems we have a Limo of some sorts pulling up to the back door.


**In the parking lot a camera's opening shot is of a stretch Jeep Wrangler Limo pull up to the back door of the arena. The door opens, smoke comes billowing out of the Limo, and Smythe, Poe and Versus step through the huge cloud of smoke and walk towards the arena.**

Versus: So...there's not like, cubicles or anything right?

Smythe:'ll like what we did to the joint.

Poe: Yeah nothing of an orderly sort, just a few changes to better serve the members of our court...infact...we have a new cohort.

**The men walk through the door, and are now walking through the hallways**

Smythe: Poe you're supposed to be so suck at keeping suprises

Versus: I don't care about surprises. I just need my recliner to relax on, a big screen tv...

**The men walk through the door, and looks around. There's a couple big oak desks, comfortable executive recliners, brand new 103 inch HDTV on the wall, and at the 'receptionist desk' sits newest Bloodline member Rachel Chambers.**

Versus: ...and a busty receptionist. Hello and what are your names? **looking directly at her chest. Rachel giggles a bit.**

Smythe: smooth as always...we added Rachel last week...she hates Leon almost as much as Malu and I**raises eyebrows**

**Versus looks at Poe and he raises his eyebrows as well.**

Versus: I knew I could leave things in your hands boys. It's good to be home.

Poe: While I'm sure Smythe would love to stay and dance, I do believe he has a match with Trance.

Smythe: Yeah, yeah, I'm ready.

**Smythe pulls off his tear-away clothes and is in full attire.**

Versus: That's new.

Smythe:'s for the ladies.

Versus: Makes sense.

**Smythe takes off towards the guerilla position, as Versus makes his way to his desk and sits in his chair. He puts large green bags in some of the drawers, a large "lamp" looking object in the cabinet behind him, he leans back, and puts his feet on the desk.**

Versus: Now...where the hell is Coop?


Trance vs SDW



Rivers: That is how you make a statement young man.

Double S: Seriously, there was nothing about that match that said "Equal" I'll tell you that much.  That was total domination. 

Rivers: 3 points for that young man!


The scene opens up outside and the camera shows a man climbing a mountian. The Rocky Mountians that is, as the camera zooms in slowly the man climbing the mountain seems to be air guitaring with his hands with scaling a part of the mountian with his legs. As the camera gets closer you can hear him singing... "whether it's rock n roll or old soul, it don't matter, red head or brunette, it don't matter, there ain't nothing wrong with that, da na da da na na na na ya ya". As the camera pans closer the man is revealed to be the son of Badass Bill, Judas Hallows. He turns to the camera as it gets close enough to hear what he's saying.


the echo rings out thoughout the landscape and Judas starts to laugh.

haha. Hey, have you guys ever air guitared while climbing the rocky mountians?

Well I have. The name is Judas Hallows, occupation "thrill Seeker" and you all have to tune into Riot to watch me face the "sign guy" Adam Roderick in my first ever singles match. it will be an experience you won't soon forget, maybe you'll see something you've never seen before cause if it's tryable, then I'll try it. Risk taker extrordinare, that's what I am.

Now if you'll excuse me I have some climbing, and air guitaring to do.

the camera backs away as Judas continues to sing his theme while playing his air guitar




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