CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Camera fades into the Intensive Care Unit, at the Los Angeles, Ca hospital.

There are balloons, flowers, and get well cards, from his wife, his children, and from fans all around the world.

Recon is still unconscious from his fall that he suffered at the hands of Nathan Gaines.

Leslie is reading to Recon, his favorite book, A Catcher In The Rye, hoping that her voice will help him wake up from his coma.

Doctor Klutz comes in, doing his daily rounds and checks the clipboard of Recon’s status that is hanging at the foot of the hospital bed.

Doctor Klutz: I see that some of the swelling on his brain has subsided alittle bit, that’s a good sign.

Leslie puts the book down.

Leslie *upset*: That is a good sign, but I would rather have my husband up walking around and talking, instead of being in this coma.

Doctor Klutz: I know what your going through. I have seen…

Leslie cuts him off.

Leslie: YOU have no idea the mental strain, the anguish, and the wondering that my children and I have been put through!!!

Leslie calms down some.

Leslie: I am sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you. I am just so stressed out right now, all I can do is hope and pray that everything turns out good.

Doctor Klutz: Have you been able to rest? My staff tell me you’ve been here day and night.

Leslie: I won’t leave him.

Doctor Klutz: I understand.

Doctor Klutz starts taking down the information from the heart monitor, blood pressure monitor, and checks the IV bag to make sure it is dripping probably.

Recon’s hand starts to move.

Leslie sees this and starts talking to him.

Leslie: Recon.. It’s me, Leslie, please, PLEASE come out of this coma, come back to us, come back home.

Recon slowly starts to open his eyes, and tries to focus them.

Recon looks dazed and confused as he tries to look around.

Recon tries to say something but is still to groggy to get the words out

Leslie: Shh.. Just rest. I am just so relived that you are hear with me now, it’s a beautiful day outside, here take a look.

Leslie gets up and walks over to the window to open the blinds to let in some sunshine, but instead of sunshine, there is a big black storm cloud in the sky.

Recon: I love you..

At that instant, a bolt of lightning streaks through the sky and striking the hospital causing a total loss of power, and the lights go out, but the backup generators instantly kick on.

Recon’s heart monitor starts to flatline.

Leslie is in shock.

Leslie: Recon…Recon…..RECON!!!!

Leslie starts crying.

The doctor quickly starts taking action, trying to revive Recon using CPR.

A few seconds later, nurses, orderlies, and other doctors come rushing into the room.

A few minutes pass, and the CPR hasn’t worked.

Doctor Klutz: Prepare the defibulator..

The nurses quickly grab the defibulator and start to charge the machine*

Doctor Klutz grabs the paddles.

Doctor Klutz: Clear!!!

Doctor Klutz zaps Recon with the electrical charge, Recon’s body jumps from the volts, and the doctor looks up at the heart monitor, but still is flatlining.

He makes several more attempts to revive Recon, but is unable to do so.

Doctor Klutz: That’s it, he’s gone.

*Leslie screams at the top of her lungs.


Leslie runs over to Recon’s body and begins to cry, laying her head on his chest.

A doctor comes over and tries to console her and escorts her out of the room.

The doctors and nurses are finishing up in the room.

Leslie turns around, so distraught, as a nurse places the sheet over Recon’s body.

Leslie breaks down.

Leslie: No.. This can’t be.. He can’t be gone…Nathan Gaines is a murderer!!!!

A nurse comes over to help, and gives Leslie some medication to help her calm down, as she collapses to the ground crying and distraught.

Camera fades out.

Live From Tokyo, Japan

This can't be right, Nathan Gaines has murdered Recon...?
He loses the CCW Championship and we lose a great man. I am in shock.


t I'm not to sure if our fans here in Tokyo understand what just went on, but the show must go on.
t Our first venture oversea's is off to a rocky start.


t The World Tag Team Grand Prix takes off here in The Land of The Rising Sun with the debuting hometown favourites, The New Yakuza as they battle the Dark Bloods!
t Hey now, don't try to over shadow the REAL Main Event. All of Japan shall witness Drunk N' Disorderly trample over Matt Spears and his mystery partner and advance in the WTTGP!


t Well Scott, our real Main Event will see The World Television Champion Chris Ryder face the current Future Investment holder Mad Michael Morrison!
t It's a classic case of Battle of the Noobs, tonight Mugen will see the deranged Thuriaz inside the ring.


t And as always another Rated-R segement of Tea Time with The Air! But it's time to start the night off as CCW's first ever international match kicks off on Turmoil!

Turmoil: One - Crisis: Nothing.




He nearly squeezed his head right off!

He came so close to winning that after that shakey start.


Deano is seen walking backstage. He is dressed in casual clothing, clearly not ready for competition. He then walks past a few backstage workers...

Staff member: Hey Deano, hows it going man.

Deano: And who in the hell are you?

Staff member: Im Roy, I do all the w....

Dean: Roy I dont want a life story I just asked who you were. What gives you the right to talk to me whilst I am wondering around the backstage area?

Roy: Well, you see my daughter is a....

Deano: ...Unless your next words are going to be nymphomaniac or slut then I really do not give a damn about what your daughter is.

Roy: But she...

Deano: ...Jesus Christ Roy, I dont want to know about you, I dont want to know about your daughter. What I do want to do is carry on with what ever it was I was doing before I was rudely interupted.

Roy hangs his head in shame.

Deano Shakes his head at Roy and tuts.

Deano: I'm sorry Roy. Im a little bit touchy I missed my manicure session yesterday and I have bags under my eyes. Bags arent a good look Roy.

Deano pulls out a black marker pen from his back pocket and autographs Roy's forehead.

Deano: There you go Roy, enjoy.

Roy, looking extremely confussed, walks away from Deano and out of frame.

Just then Trisha Waltrip CCW's #1 Interviewer spots Deano.

Trisha: Deano, your not scheduled for action tonight what are you doing on Turmoil?

Deano: Hey baby. I may not be scheduled for any in-ring action but I have noticed the way you look at me during these sexually tense interviews and I happen to know a few more indoor sports that could take our mind off of wrestling!

Trisha blushes and begins to play with her hair.

Trisha: Ahem, Deano last week you were defeated, convincingly, by Double A one half of the newly crowned tag team champions. What do you have to say about that?

Deano: I'm man enough to know when I have been beat. But I have to say I wasnt playing my A game last week, more like my D game. I was tired, I hadnt had enough beauty sleep. I need my sleep Trisha. You may have noticed that I was involved in a Four way battle royale last week, you may also have noticed that I eliminated OCW legend Versus. If you were were watching the Excellence, and I bet you were Trisha, then you may have noticed that I beat the hell out of AA in that match. It was only because of Chris Ryder that I didnt win that match and lets be honest here Trisha I deserved to win that match."

Trisha: I'm not sure if thats completely true Deano but you still havent answered why your here tonight.

Deano: Trisha don't you worry your pretty little head over why I'm here. Deano Horse is here on Turmoil because he can. The Excellence has decided to grace everyone in the arena tonight with his presence. Its for the fans Trish.

Deano then walks away from Trisha leaving her puzzled as he has still not explained why he is present at Turmoil.



t Can he go five minutes without flirting Scott?

It's not his fault he's so good looking. I have the same problem everyday of my life Rivers.


t ........We'll be back after this short break.









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