CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Las Vegas, Nevada

Live from the Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas

(scene comes in with K.Dangelo and Kavito driving up)

K.Dangelo:I told you I need you for tonights tag match I want to be a champion.

Kavito:Yeah but I still need to lay low.

K.Dangelo:Lay low after what I did for you,after what I went through and lost for you ,you want to lay low!

Kavito:My family has compensated you over time.

K.Dangelo:No excuses !

Kavito:Oh ok but after this we are even.

K.Dangelo:If we don't win those titles it will only be the beginning.

(scene fades with them walking in the building)







Double S: Welcome everyone, to OCW TURMOIL!! That's right, the big happy dysfunctional family has returned for another week of chaos, insanity, and most likely, blood. I'm Double S and my partner here is Delta Burke!!

Rivers: Hello...I'm...Delta Burke.

Double S: That's right Delta. Tell everyone why you're the best Delta Burke ever.

Rivers: Because I'm a skinny Delta Burke. That's why. I can't believe you're holding me to this. I was clearly too drunk to be making deals like that.

Double S: Think of that next time you try playing a 7,2 against me. I told you, Hold Em's MY GAME! I LOVE VEGAS!! Now get to the announcements Delta.

Rivers: Tonight we have Guy Fausto and Boldo the clown, fighting for some points. Some...YELLOW points!!

Double S: Was that a pee joke?

Rivers: Yep! Proud?

Double S: Any lady with a mouth like that is a whore! WHORE!! Now...finish these up in a more PG fashion Delta.

Rivers: I hate this job sometimes. Next up, the former CCW champion, Bloodline member, Versus, goes 1 on 1 in the KoOCW against...well...nobody really knows.

Double S: Versus doesn't care. After he burned that monastery down, I think he just needs to get his hands on a human. Next up, Versus' brother in crime, Smythe DaWonder goes 1 on 1 against the newest painted face in the Final Act, Aries!

Rivers: Then we have a tag tournament match, with the Ex-Effect, going against EIDS! Both of these teams are yet to be established, so this is completely unpredictable! And finally, we have Tyro Kraven going 1 on 1 against Josiah Cross!

Double S: It's gonna take a real man to break down this match Delta, take five and get yourself an appletini.

Rivers: Those taste delicious.

Double S: Sure, just don't spill any on your tampon. This match between 1/2 of the Tag Champs and the leader of Death Row is sure to come down to the final seconds. These two have a no nonsense, straight up, rock em - sock em, style that is more than welcome on ANY of my shows. Now, without further ado, let's get to the action in SIN CITY!!!


" Only moments before the first round of the Tag Team championship begins. From one of the side entrances of the arena Tyro Kraven and Chris Ryder make there way trough the crowd. Jumping over the security railing they make there way to the announce tables. Rivers and Double exchange hands with the Tag Team Champions as they join the announce team "

Rivers : " Thats right lady's and gentlemen. Todays tag team matches will be closely monitored by the current champions: Tyro Kraven and Chris Ryder. Good to have you both on board."

Ryder :" Good to be here ! We're really excited to see what the other teams will bring to the ta- * High screeching sound*

* Ryder,Rivers and Double S glance to Tyro *

Tyro : " I can't..get this... damm headset on. Gimme a second."

Double S : " Removing those rediculous glasses would help."

Ryder quickly covers Double's mouth with his hands

Tyro :" Aah now they fit . Sorry i didn't hear that last comment,mind repeating it?"

Ryder & Double S: "It's ok. It's nothing !"

Double S :"S-so what do you two think of these two teams? EX Effect and IEDS?"

Ryder :" The Air..EX Champ..should say enough. Evan Knox ..interesting wrestler still a freshmen hope he does alright."

Tyro : "K. Dangelo ..never heard of him...Kavito...heard of him..not impressed. But ya never know..."

Rivers : "Alright. With this information it is time to get the first match underway!"





Double S: The inexperience showed during that match. A more veteran team would have sealed the deal a lot sooner.

Rivers: It's a shame really, they had that locked up.

Double S: What's a shame is that you're ACTUALLY drinking an Appletini.

Rivers: I told you, they're delicious.


*Camera begins to shoot backstage. Vincent Valmont is seen entering the building, through the parking lot doors. He's already in his wrestling attire, although not booked. He walks over to a staff member*

Vincent : You....

*The staff member turns around, confused*

Vincent : Did you hear me?

Staff Member : ....Yes, Mr.Valmont.

Vincent : Have you seen any of the clowns wondering around?

Staff Member : Which ones?

*Vincent shakes his head*

Vincent : ......Final Act.

Staff Member : No sir, I'm afraid I havn't.

Vincent : Can you atleast tell me where their lockeroom would be located at?

*The staff member points left*

Vincent : Well, how about Poe? Have you seen him?

Staff Member : Actually, yes I have. He's in the Bloodline lockeroom.

Vincent : Ok, and thanks for your help.

*A focused Vincent walks off before the staff member could reply, as the camera fades*




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