CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Chloe Taylor: “What in God's name are you doing, Guy?”

The scene fades in. Chloe Taylor is standing next to Guy Fausto, who is wearing his wrestling gear, entrance attire...and a white apron and chef's hat. He's standing over a very large metallic pot, holding a ladle.

Guy Fausto: “What's it look like? I'm feeding the homeless.”

Taylor: “Yes, I can see...but why?”

Fausto: “Doing good deeds warms the sole. Or something. Supposedly that makes time pass faster. I don't know, may as well give it a try.”

Taylor sniffs the soup.

Taylor: “What's that smell?”

Fausto: “Hey, don't be so rude to the homeless.”

The hobo currently in front of the pot sniffs his armpits. Fausto glances at him.

Fausto: “Don't worry, the homeless shower is in a few weeks.”

Taylor: “I'll be sure to miss it.”

Fausto: “I'm not looking forward to it either. “

Taylor: “But that's like burning rubber. What kind of soup you making?”

Fausto gestures to the huge stacks of large sacks of a green plant packing much of the area behind him.

Fausto: “Healthy Vegetable style blend, give them all the nutrition they need that they've been sorely lacking. Added some spices. When I found this room, there was a lot of oregano sitting around, so I added a good deal of that. Really can't say myself how good it is, I've avoided tasting any. Trying to watch my weight.”

Taylor: “How have they been liking it then?”

Fausto: “They do keep coming back for seconds. And thirds. And fourths. And fifths. I think I'll start to have cutting them off at some point, but they come up to me so famished and their eyes tired and blood shot, I can't refuse them. It's like a sad puppy.”

The camera zooms back over the large room. Many of the hobos within are either furiously gobbling up their soup, or staring at their hand in amazement, murmuring to themselves and the hobos around them.

Taylor: “So you're going to be here all night then?”

Fausto: “Yessum. Outside my match anyway. Stupid company actually expecting me the wrestle. The assholes. Would you like some soup before you go Stacy?”

Taylor shrugs.

Taylor: “I'm sure hordes of unwashed homeless can't be wrong.”

She takes a sip from the soup ladle from Fausto...and coughs.

Taylor: “...Strange. Doesn't taste good...but...I suddenly feel great. I'm out of here. I need to find a bag of Funyuns.”

Fausto: “Have plenty of soup, but go do whatever you please. I have unfortunate to feed.”

Taylor wanders out, giggling, mumbling something about Funyuns. The line in front of Fausto moves forward as Fausto fills another bowl. Fausto recoils from the stench of failure.

Fausto: “Goddammit Dane, what did I tell you? I'm not serving you any soup. The world, both for everyone around and you would be better off from your suicide. I will not assist in any way in persisting your survival, including feeding you. Are you going to show yourself out, or do I have to chin lock you into unconsciousness again?”

The camera pans around to the poor, decerepit and totally deserving of it Dane.

Dane: “But I need to recharge my batteries if I'm ever going to get back into OCW!”

Fausto: “I said scram! Too late! Rest hold time!”

Dane screams like a little girl, running away as Fausto throws down his ladle and gives chase to him. The scene fades.


Bloodline vs Mystery Team



Tag team matches can be unpredictable to say the least! This was no different. Classic tag team action from two great teams. Sometimes, strategy just isn't enough.

**twirling her hair**

It's like watching a monkey with downs, I swear to god.


* The Scene opens in a dark landscape with palm trees all around and lots and lots of graves. The image zooms further in too two men who are talking besides a hurse. *

Is this the new arrival?

Driver: Yeah! You take care of him. I need to go this place gives me the creeps.

Hehehehe, most people tell me they don't like it here, but I think it's peaceful. Nothing ever happens here and that's just the way I like it!

Driver: Too quiet for me! Well I'll be going now. Cya later John.

Gravedigger John: Later, Kasey!

The Gravedigger examines the case and mumbles too himself: Hmm, another John Doe it seems.

* Suddenly a mysterious voice is heard throughout the graves and the gravedigger starts too get in a sudden trance as a black voodoo priest comes out the woods *

Voodoo Priest: Make preparations for our new helper, my worker slave.

Gravedigger John: Yes, master!

* John removes the casing of the chest and it shows the beaten-up body of Jack Porter *

Voodoo Priest: This night my revenge shall begin, watch out OCW with my new helper Jack The Ripper, I will kill OCW. You will regret the day you ever thrown out Triple Q.

* QQQ Laughs manically as the scene fades*





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