CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Miami, California

Live from the Miami Stadium in Miami

Smythe and Steve are sitting the Bloodline office hot tub with Ms. Chambers having a random conversation about what they have planned for the next few weeks

Smythe: ahh this is the life ain't it???

Steve: The Steve is happy he joined the Bloodline, I feel special, good times.

Ms. Chambers: Yeah, it's like we have it all. big sexy men, oak office space and a hot tub. You guys spoil me.

Steve: and your chest spoils the Steve.

they all laugh

Smythe: Tonight is a piss me off and a half... first I gotta tag match against I have no idea who... actually I have no idea where the hell Poe is... after I find him... I think Versus said he wants help with something!!! no idea about that either... dammit....

Steve: well the Steve has to slap around Tyro, then get high, then I'm not sure what to do. Rachel do you have time to do the Steve???

Rachel slaps Steve drawing a pop from the crowd

Ms. Chambers No, I'm posing for the OCW calender then I'm gonna go get some new bra's all my old ones went missing from my change room and i had to go without one for the last few days. Who do you think would have taken them?

Smythe and Steve look at each other with a smile on their faces winking at each other

Smythe: it wasn't us we wouldn't do that... would we Steve??? Must've been Poe.. damn pervert!!!

Steve: Yeah, the Steve saw Poe taking your bras and he said "Stop that Poe, Rachel won't have any bras and will have to walk the office bra less and hopefully topless if you take those" but he took them anyway.

Rachel: well Smythe, just toss me that company black card when you have the chance.

Smythe: that's right... I have something to tend to actually... Steve slap Tyro for me too... Rachel... stay sexy... I'll be back... hopefully with Poe... so we can scold him for stealing your undergarments sweetie...

Smythe pops out of the hot tub leaving Steve and Rachel in there as the camera cuts away you here Steve and Rachel

Steve: Sooo ummm....

Rachel: don't even try it Steve.

Versus comes around the corner, smoking a blunt, and stands behind Steve, without saying a word.

Steve: sniffing Rachel, I love that new perfume. The Steve's never smelled something so...magnificent.

Rachel leans in close, and Versus leans down, as Rachel gets close, Steve closes his eyes. Versus blows a hit in Steves face...


Steve, startled, jumps creating a huge splash.

Versus: Whooa Cracky, you almost extinguished my smoking device. Where's Smythe?

Steve: You just scared the **** out of the Steve! Um...I think he had one of his matches to get ready for.

Versus: In that case, it's probably good that I have to ask Rachel to get out of the hot tub.

Rachel begins to leave


Versus: Sorry big guy, gotta check up on sumn.

Steve: sulks his head a bit. Where are the Steve's supplements, it's time to forget what day it is.

Versus smirks and makes his way over to Rachel, who's toweling off.

Versus: I'm not even gonna act like this isn't hot, so wrap yourself up so I can tell you what's goin on.

Rachel wraps the towel around her.

Versus: Good. So, I went to go roll up a blunt, and noticed that my stash draw seems considerably low. Do you have any idea why this could be?

Rachel: You're smoking more than usual?

Versus: We all know what I smoke. There are guidelines. I smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night.

Rachel: I know the...

Versus: I smoke two joints in the afternoon, and then I smoke about 10 in between.

Rachel: Those aren't the words.

Versus: I wasn't singing.

Rachel: Ahh, touche. So what do you want me to do.

Versus: Why don't you catwalk stroll down to the ol greenhouse storage room, and check on my stash.

Rachel: Ok, I'll be back in a few.

Rachel makes her way to the door.

Versus: You're gonna just go like that?

Rachel: When you got it, flaunt it, right?

Versus shrugs his shoulders, Rachel walks out of the door. Versus makes his way back to his desk.


Good evening everyone, and welcome to an incredibly special OCW Turmoil! I'm your host Double S. In some shocking news, my partner Felicia Rivers has been suspended for drinking on the job. The good news, I haven't! So why not make his time away beneficial to everyone? For the next 4 weeks, I'll be having tryouts for co-announcer of OCW Turmoil! The big news...they'll all be 'celebrities'!!! We start the tryouts with the biggest who...socialite in the business. Ladies and gentlemen, Paris Hilton!!

Oh my god, this place is hot.

Miss Hilton, it's so good to meet you. But I have to say, you look very different than how I remember you.

*pops bubble of bubble gum* Yeah.

I can't put my finger on it yet...I'll figure it out. Anywho, let's move on. Would you like to do the match breakdowns for the evening?

Oh my god, one time, my Mercedes broke down. I was like 'whatever' so I had daddy buy me a new one right then, and gave the broken down one to a homeless guy or some stuff.



I...I don't know how to respond to such babbling.

That's hot.

Ok. I'm going to calm down, and let me do the breakdowns for you, since it seems to be too difficult for Braniac Hilton. We have a KoOCW qualifier for the yellow team when the resident zombie clown, and ass kicker, Boldo the Clown, going 1 on 1 against the hysterical hyiena, the Bloodline's own, Poe. Next up, a Green team matchup, with former TV Champion, Trips goes 1 on 1 with yet another clown from the Final Act, Anton the Magnficent!

My hairdressers name is Anton. He's totally gay.

I wouldn't be surprised if you drove him to it. Next up we'll have the tag tournament, with the Bloodline going up against a mystery opponent! Paris, what's your thought on who the mystery opponent could be?

Is it Nicole? She could totally wrestle. Like this one time, we went out, and she at like 6 ounces of steak. I was like oh my god, you could be a lineman for a wrestling team or some junk.

I think your lack of intelligence has me seeing double. Speaking of seeing double, we have 1 more tag tournament matchup. With IEDS going against Kang James, and Aries. This tournament is heating up.

That's hot.

Almost made sense there...almost. Next up another KoOCW qualifier for the red team, when The Steve goes one on one with Tyro Kraven!

Who's Tyro Kraven?

...I can't tell if that's complete stupidity, or if you may have watched AND understood one of our programs...I'll assume the first option. Next KoOCW qualifier is Guy Fausto v. Mace for the yellow team! That could prove to be a great match! Lots of promise in that ring...

I like rings.

I'm still...just not sure about her. There was something before, where I could deal with the stupidity. Maybe you're not as I remember you...hmmmm...


IEDS VS Kang/Aries



For up and comers, those guys really seemed green out there'S IT!! Hold on...cameraman...cameraman...**Double S whispers in the cameramans ear.** There got it? Let's see here, how's she look.

I always look hot.

SOOOO MUCH HOTTER!! There's the lil skan...socialite I remember.

**looking into the monitor** haha, I'm all green and stuff.

**Double S stares maniacally.**


K.Dangelo:Well last week was really close but we have to be extra careful against Kaang and Aries.

Kavito:We have nothing to worry about age is catching up with these guys.

K.Dangelo:Stay focused and serious ,I need this more than you know.

Kavito:C'mon KD don't worry I got ladies and drinks in the back lets go relax if you get my drift.

(KD grabs Kavito around the collar and pushes him against the wall)

K.Dangelo:You just don't get it this is one step closer to one of my goals my chance to make a name for myself.Just remember if we lose in the tournament well your debt to me will be paid in blood!




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