CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Live From Mexico City, Mexico

Ola folks! We are coming to you all the way from Mexico City, Mexico!

This place is a dump.


t Come on Scott, can anyone complain about Mexico? Sol, Senioritas, and the bursting sun!

Date rape, Hep A, B, and C, and sevre sunburns. What happens in Mexico never stays in Mexico.


t Sorry folks, Double S is still upset about his broken hand after his demonstration of his Black Belt in Karate. But don't let that keep your spirits down, tonight is the World Tag Team Grand Prix Finals!

Quiet Rivers. You laugh all you want, I will be the Ultimate Fighting Champion soon enough.


t Of course you will Scott...The Finals will pit The Team of Champions against Deano Horse and Mexico's own El Tiago! And in another Tag Team Contest, for the first time The Steve & MMM will face off against the Heart Attacks!

How you can deny my talent is a crime Rivers. I can make you tap in a million different ways.


t Double A, One half of the World Tag Team Champions gears up tonight against quite possibly the strongest man in CCW, Nemesis.

Stop changing the subject!


t Get over yourself Scott. It's time to start the show.

That's what I thought.


Cameras catch up to Brad Bauer as he is entering the arena.  Oddly enough, Vincent Valmont has returned and is carrying his bags.  Trisha Spruill stops Brad on his way to the DnD Locker-room.

Trisha:  Brad Bauer...

Bauer Stops and pulls off his shades.  Vincent stops behind him.  Bauer Motions for him to continue on with the bags.

Bauer:  That's my line...

Crowd:  BRADBauer!!!

Bauer shakes his head.

Trisha:  Brad, I know you just got here but-

Bauer:  But you want an exclusive, in your face, crowd popping interview that CCW lacked for an entire week?

Trisha:  No...actually, I was hoping you could tell me where Double A was.

Bauer hoists his tag team title up on his shoulder and pats it.

Bauer:  Wouldn't you prefer to talk to the "Better" half of the World Tag Team Champions?

Trisha:  Actually, you aren't even scheduled to compete here tonight....what are you doing here?

Bauer:  Annoyed You know, if you want to join Double A's fan club, you can probably catch him in Downtown Columbus at Duffy's Luv Shack slapping thick strippers and drinking his liver under the table. 

Crowd Pop.

Trisha:  But he's supposed to face Nemesis here tonight.

Bauer:  Well I guess, Nemesis will have to bang his head against a wall instead. 

Trisha:  Why would he miss Turmoil tonight?

Bauer:  Because he doesn't speak Mexican?

Crowd Boos.

Bauer:  He can't eat Mexican....he hates the beer...and the Mexican Customs office at the Airport prefers that he stay out of the country because of what happened the last time we were here.

Trisha:  ? ? ?  What happened last time you were here?

Bauer:  Let's just say it involved a couple of strippers, a donkey, and a pinata.

Trisha:  Oh my...

Bauer:  Well, that wasn't exactly the problem.  Everybody knows that Donkeys and Strippers go hand in hand right here in lovely Mexico City!!!

Crowd Boos.

Trisha:  I'm confused?

Bauer:  The problem my dear, was not the Pinata...the strippers...or even the donkey....the problem was that our good friend Double A tried to sneak them through customs and security.  Suprisingly enough, he got through Security.  Who knew that you could put a hat and a fake beard on a Donkey, and the Mexican border patrol on duty couldn't tell the difference.  BRADBauer!!!!

Crowd Boos.

Bauer:  I don't know what he would have done with a Donkey, a Pinata, and a couple of hookers on an airplane but....wait a minute....

Bauer pauses...puts his hand on his chin...and then looks up at the camera in disgust

Bauer:  That Sick FU-

Trisha:  Okay...Okay...we'll never get that new network deal if you continue that train of thought.

Bauer:  I've got some business to attend to.  With "The Clash" coming up, I have some arrangments to make.

Trisha:  Speaking of "The Clash", you've got quite a night of work ahead of you in Chicago.

Bauer:  Strider and Reed got lucky the first time that they faced DnD...I'm not worried.  This title isn't going anywhere.  Strider and Reed will continue to be light...because they won't have any gold weighing them down anytime soon.  As for Mad Michael Morrison...he learned the hard way that you don't screw with me.....BRADBauer!!!!

Trisha:  You arguably cost MMM the opportunity of a lifetime...he had Nate Ortiz in trouble when you came back down to ringside and used the "Headliner" to curb his play towards getting back into OCW, and more importantly, becoming the OCW World Heavyweight Champion. 

Bauer:  Nobody...and I do mean Nobody uses me as their pawn.  He used MY Future Investment Clause after I did all of his legwork.  I wasn't about to let Mad Mikey get over on me. 

Bauer looks into the camera.

Bauer:  Morrison, you want to soften somebody up before a championship match?  Do it at the Clash when you step into the ring with me.  I need a warm up before I show Sean Strider and Ed Reed how a champion gets down.  BRADBauer!!!

Trisha:  Tough words...aren't you concerned that you might be tired out before your first Tag Team Title Defense?

Bauer:  If my victory over The Steve last week didn't speak for itself...then I will say this.  Nate Ortiz isn't the only Champion around here that can go more than One time per night!  BRADBauer!!!!

Bauer puts his hand over the mic and lowers it while in Trisha's hand.  He pulls his title off his shoulder and gives the camera closeup before leaving the frame.


t Brad better watch his words before this Sunday, or they make come to bite him in the ...

Sean Strider and Ed Reed stand no chance against The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, if I have to I will lend my Ultimate Fighting Expertice to assist them this Sunday.


t It's called Mixed Martial Arts Scott.

What ever.


A dark room is seen, with the outline of a figure sitting at the back of the room. As the camera moves in closer to the figure, the lights turn on to reveal Carlos Cruz sat with his head to the floor wearing a orange T-Shirt bearing the words 'Que Tengan un buen dia naco' in large black letters on the front and wearing an eye patch over his left eye. The Camera comes to a halt as Carlos begins to lift his head and stare dead into the camera.

Carlos: Buenas noches CCW fans, I'm guessing your all wondering why I am here in the arena tonight when I dont have a match, well I will tell you. I am here to give my new enemigo a few words, and all of you out there in my hometown of Mexico City  *crowd pops*, The person I am talking about is 'The Unforgivable Saint' Chris Ryder *crowd pops again* . How does your leg feel Chris?,

Carlos: Bet you didnt think I would attack you like that did you. Well guess what I did and it felt brillante, i'm tired of being a pushover and tired of every single person on this roster laughing behind my back, I guess my only amigo on this roster is Deano Horse, because he did the one thing an amigo would do and that is tell me the truth, you call yourself an amigo after you laughed behind my back, HA, your nothing but a coward.

Carlos puts his hands on his head, stares down and starts to laugh.

Carlos: For the past two weeks, all you've done is tried to prove to me that Deano was lying about you, I've thought about a lot in the past few weeks and I now realise you were just trying to cover you tracks from me because how can a man like Deano, the self acclaimed 'Excellence of Sexcellence' lie to me, because he'd end up ruining his image by doing that, so I'm taking none of your BS. Last week, you showed me you will try anything to weaken me or even get me out of our match, by hitting me in the back of the head with a baseball bat and trying to tell me it wasnt you.

Carlos lifts his head with a menacing look on his face.

Carlos: My Head hurts a little after that attack Chris but theres one thing I wanted to ask you, what are you going to do next Chris?, Laxatives in my drink, Food poisoning, me being held hostage at gun point?, Dont you worry your little self Chris, I will be looking behind my back and around every corner, so I will know if you try any of your little games again. I am now looking forward to our match at The Clash, because I am now pissed off and you will not like this mexican when he is pissed off.

Carlos lifts his right hand, clenches it together and slams it onto the bench that he is sitting on which makes a bottle of water topple over and spill on the floor.

Carlos: I look forward to seeing you soon Chris. Que Tengan un buen dia naco.

The camera starts to back out of the room when Carlos is shown shouting for a janitor to come and clean the water up, and as the janitor rushes into the room, the screen goes blank.


t Poor Carlos, if he only knew what Deano started between him and Chris Ryder. Now instead of a classic Title Match, were going to see two men try to destroy each other.



t Your sick. Hold on....who?....gotcha! Well folks looks like Eddie Allen failed to arrive this evening and will be replaced in his match against Banjo Grimm.

Eddie Allen? Who the hell is that?




A great way to debut in CCW, he showed a lot in that match.

I'm afraid to breathe when he's around.






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