CCW Turmoil Unleashed



The Steve walks over to the ring announcer before he has a chance to exit the ring and snatches the microphone away from him and starts to pace around the ring.

The Steve: Tonight, The Steve wants to talk about an injustice that has happened. Kaang James has shot at the International title at the King of OCW pay-per-view this Sunday. Granted, he won a #1 contendership match, but this is the guy who just two weeks ago got stomped like a NARC at a biker rally in the King of OCW tournament by none other than The Steve…in fact, he didn't win a single match in the tournament. So how does this loser still get a title shot?

The Steve pauses a moment.

The Steve: Oh, and lets not forget about the rumors floating around back in the locker room. Some of the boys are saying that Kaang is injured…that he re-injured his leg in his last match. The Steve is one hundred percent sure management knows about these rumors, but yet they still do nothing and keep the title match as is. Well tonight, The Steve is going to fix this injustice.

The Steve moves to the center of the ring and stands up straight in an attempt to look professional.

The Steve: Due to the fact that Kaang James is injured, unfortunately he will not be competing at the King of OCW pay-per-view for the International title. He will be replaced by The Steve.

The Steve cracks a small smile as the crowd jeers loudly at the announcement.

The Steve: The Steve promises to put on another one of his 5-star matches that everyone comes to expect from The Steve…


The Steve: Oh look ladies and gentlemen, it's The Pebble.

Kang James grabs the microphone out of The Steve's hand. Kang looks at The Steve with a disgust look on his face, like Kang is about ready to fight The Steve right now.

Kang James: The Punk seems to talk a lot, so much that Kang thinks Kang will have to shut C.M. The Steve up.

The Steve gets a little smirk on his face, sort of like saying go ahead and try while Kang looks at The Steve in the corner of Kang's eye.

Kang James: First off, as you all can see Kang is fine, Kang has never been better and Kang is ready to Molly Whoop! Betsey the face painted bitches ass come Sunday.

Kang looks back over at The Steve.

Kang James: And if this scrawny skinny little pretty boy'd lesbo doesn't shut his Got Damn! mouth he'll get his ass Molly Whooped! by Kaaaaaaang! James tonight.

Crowd gives a loud pop after hearing that.

Kang James: But wait, Just wait a second it seems that this brown haired baby face wants in on Kang's title shot, this half pint thinks he can hang with Betsey and Kang...

Crowd continues to cheer as they chant fight.

Kang James: ...and Kang says fine, Kang wants this half witted skinny lipped punk in the match, that way Kang can prove that every dog has it's day and this dog already had it's day.

Crowd give a loud cheer again as Kang and Steve stare each other down. The Steve then grabs the mic back from Kaang and paces around the ring again, while still looking at Kaang.

The Steve: Fine, fine, fine…you're not hurt and you can still compete this Sunday. The Steve's little rumor didn't help much, but it doesn't matter really, because you're still not going to the King of OCW pay-per-view for that title shot. Let The Steve show you why…


The Steve: You see that? You couldn't get it done, skeezicks. That title shot is rightfully The Steve's, and The Steve is taking that shot from you.

The Steve walks back over to Kaang and stares at him eye to eye.

The Steve: One more thing buddy, who the hell do you think you are talking like The Steve? The Steve realizes you're The Pebble and all, but The Steve is sick of you taking his shtick…

Kaang snatches the mic once more from The Steve. Kang puts the mic to his mouth as Kang chuckles while Kang looks at The Steve and then Kang looks at the crowd but Kang doesn't move away from Steve.

Kang James: This silly dilly CM willy doesn't know who Kang is, this skinny free willy act's like he doesn't know Kang. So all the Kang fans in this arena please tell buck toothed billy who Kang exactly is.

Fans: He's Kaaaaaaaaaaang! James.

Kang smiles while he looks at Steve.

Kang James: You get that Billy, did you hear what the fans scream... Cause Kang sure heard it, Kang heard it loud and clear. Kang understood exactly what the fans were saying... Kang thinks they were screaming... Kaaaaaaaaaaaang! James.

Kang starts to mimic Steve as Kang starts to pace the ring back and forth.

Kang James: But enough about Kang James, lets talk about Susan, and lets talk about what exactly is in Susan's head...

Kang James gets up close to Steve and Kang says something.

Kang James: Alright, Kang is about to talk about what is wandering around in Susan's head.

Kang James pauses for a second.

Kang James: ……………………………..................

Kang smiles as Kang clears his throat.

Kang James: You see, Kang just told you what was wandering around in Sally Susan's head and......

Kang is interrupted by music as Kang turns to look at the entrance and Steve looks over at the entrance ramp as well…


Mania motions to cut the music, he walks over to the corner and yells for a mic. John of Crew hands him a mic, Mania reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a 100 dollar bill and hands it to John.

Mania: So am I hearing this correctly? A no point scoring lucky loser with a title shot and a world renowned choke artist failure trying to convince themselves that they should be involved in a high profile match at Summercide. You wanna talk about some history, here I got a couple of clips of my own…


Mania: So gentlemen you can clearly see that neither of you should be fighting Boldo at Summercide.

The Steve and Kaang James stare daggers at The Million Dollar Spoon.

Mania: Chill out, I'm not here to whoop your asses again. Just listen, I'm out here for one reason and one reason only, I'm here to offer both you men the chance at a lifetime, a chance to draw in the big crowds and make some money.

The Steve walks over to the side of the ring where the ring announcer is and The Steve demands two more microphones from him, to which he quickly complies. The Steve tosses one of the mics to Kaang.

The Steve: The Steve is already a big time draw. Every time he's in the ring, he puts on a 5-star classic…every time. However, The Steve is interested in more money if it's offered. What's your idea, top hat?

Mania: What I'm offering gentlemen is the chance for you to be first hand witnesses to The Spoonman defeating Boldo and taking the OCW International Championship from him. Quite simply, I want in.

Kaang James: What's in it for Kaang?

The Steve: You mean, what's in it for Kaang and The Steve?

Mania takes off his hat and reaches inside, he pulls out a thick wad of money.

Mania: Ten thousand dollars cover it?

The Steve walks over to Mania and takes the money out of his hand, he flicks through it quickly as if he's counting it.

The Steve: OK, you're in.

Mania reaches into his hat and pulls out another 10k, Kang walks over to Mania but is hesitant to take the money.

Kang James: Hold up, Hold up. This is Kang's shot and you two hippie loving whores all the sudden think you can bump your way in this, Kang's gonna need 10K plus another 5K for Kang to agree.

Mania: You're smarter than I give you credit for, luckily money is no object to the Million Dollar Spoon.

Mania reaches into his hat and pulls out another 5k, Kang then takes the now 15 thousand dollars off Mania and puts it in his pocket.

The Steve: Hold on you roodie-poo c***sucker, there's no way you're going to get more money than The Steve.

Kang James: Listen you brown haired barbie doll, Kang is getting more money cause this was Kang's #1 Contender shot to begin with, so deal with it.

The Steve: We just went over this, you moron. I kicked the s**t out of you two weeks ago, therefore your #1 contendership is null and void and goes to The Steve.

The Steve and Kang once again get in each other's faces as the Million Dollar Spoon just stands back and smirks. Just then, someone else's entrance music hit's the PA system…Boldo the Clown‘s music. However, no one comes out onto the ramp. The Steve, Kang, and Mania look at each other in confusion when Boldo and The Ringmaster appear on the X-Tron.

Ringmaster: Ahh, so it seems that others besides Kang wants a shot at Boldo's title, well little ones if you want to be put to the end by Boldo the so be it, Mania send me 15K and nothing more or less and you shall be added, as for The Steve, since you put Kang on the mat for me and hurt that miserable little cocktail even more, welcome to hell. As for Kang, your lucky you won that 3 way, but you won't be so lucky come Sunday!

Mania pulls his cell phone from his pocket, flips it open and dials.

Mania: Yeah, 15.

Mania hangs up his cell, just then on the Xtron a hand pops up in front of the Ringmaster holding 15k.

Ringmaster: How fast and convenient Mania, and very well gentlemen you shall all be introduced to the Clown come Sunday and have your Title shot, but don't get your hopes up.

As the video feed of Boldo and The Ringmaster ends, The Steve, Kang, and the Million Dollar Spoon are in the center of the ring all staring each other down as the camera fades to black to go to commercial.





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