CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Paris, France

Live from the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy in Paris

* The scene opens with the camera man approaching a window and zooming in on it, as we can see The Air preparing his wrestling gear as Natalia lays on the bed *

What's wrong, Air! You haven't been yourself lately.

Air mumbles

Don't be like that, I know you have a lot of stress. Defending the title against a man that isn't around can't be that bad.

still packing his gear up: I got a bad feeling!

Look on the bright side this Thursday you'll be a married man and I'll show you what a real woman can do! I've been holding back! Purrr!!!!

The Air's,
who was just on his way to the door, eyes suddenly grow larger and then look frightend as he feels his genital he says : I need to go too work or I'll be late. A lot of things to do, today! Cya later, Babycakes!

Natalia: Allright honey, take care. I'll be waiting for you right, here! Come back in one piece.

The Air
still holding his hand by his genital thinks too himself: As if she hasn't noticed yet, she already almost broke an important piece of mine.

* The Air closes the door behind him as the camera zooms out back too the window shot, beside the window we suddenly find a mysterious figure grinning. That man can probably be best described as A Jack of all trades! *





Regan put the mic too his mouth: Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome tonight too OCW Turmoil. I have come for a little business announcement here recording the upcoming weeks of Turmoil. I will be going on a short holiday, therefore someone else needs too tend too Turmoil in that period. And what better man can you wish then a former Turmoil GM. The one man that left me in control after he vanished mysteriously. Some say he is better then Superman others say he was responsible for killing your cat? Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome back your new Interim GM ALEXANDER REVAN!!!!

* Revan's song sounds over the PA System, but no Revan comes out! *

Regan: Unfortunately he was busy today. So you will see him next week! Sayonara everybody!

* Regan makes his way back as we turn too commentary. *

Bonjour everyone, welcome to OCW TURMOIL! Broadcasting live, from the city of love, Paris, France!! I'm your host Double S! Rivers is still suspended because of drinking on the job, so tonight, we have yet another celebrity co-host!! This week, we have the soulful voice, and golden shower implimenter, extrodinaire, R KELLY!!

**Singing** I'm sittin in this announcer chair, thinkin about waater. Then the announcer says to me, I think you have a dauughter dauughter dauughter...

Who said you had a daughter?

He's playin dumb now, that's when I get my GUN!!!!

ENOUGH!! NO GUN!!! Ok, you just sit there. I'll announce.

I couldn't handle the pressure, so I put away my gun. She says "Baby don't you run!!" So I stop!

Great...Trapped in the Closet Turmoil Style. Eating a bullet wouldn't be the worst thing in the world right now. Let's get to the match breakdowns for you.

It broke down on the side of the rooooad. I slammed the hood with tears in my eyes, and said "DON'T YOU DIE ON ME HERE!! NOOOOO!!!"

**singing** Fine! I'll do this...**stops singing** why the hell am I singing? Hmph. Well, anyway. Tonight we have a very interesting card. We have a good old fashioned hardcore match, between Evan Knox and Hardcore Champion, Colt. Will Evan prove his worth in the Hardcore division, or will Colt sweep his dreams out from under him with a thunderous blow from a chair?

Sittin in this chair, I can't speak to her as she kisses her man!! I'm in the movie ghost!

What the hell a...


Ok, let's get through this quickly.

Why aren't you singing?

Because I'm a white guy with no rhythm.


**singing** AND THE NEXT MATCHUP WE HAVE THIS EVENIN, IS VINNY VALMONT AND PARKER STEVEN....S. Both men are tryin to climb the ladder, but who will win, Valmont or the latter?

Now you get it. Keep this up and we copasetic. And I won't have to USE MY GUN!!

**both men singing each word now** Next up Judas Hallows faces the Air! Somehow, someone's going to pick up a win there.

Next up we...

PEE ON A TEENAGER...AGER...ager...ager.

I wish I had morals enough to disagree, but that sounds like fun to me!! Next up we have a tag match, Ryder and Tyro, but there's a catch. They face Nate Ortiz, and his partner will be whoever he


Yes, we've established that, so let's move on to the match that I feel people are sleepin on.

I think your catchin on. Then she opens the door and it's her boyfriend...boyfriend...boyfriend...

I can't wait for this night to be over, over...The next match is going to be Deano Horse going against Versus' hired horse. Alex Cooper and Deano Horse, should end up being the main event of course.

Now we got nowhere to go, so up, up, away, let's get on with the show...the show...the show


Vincent Valmont vs Parker Stevens




*Parker rolls out of the ring and grabs a mic off the announcer,then starts to make his way towards the ramp*

Parker -It's time,once again,for question time with The Answer!,it's very simple,ALL the answers this week are one word,and if you can figure out this riddle,you will have the answer to all the questions I will put to goes...what's dry but cold on the outside,but warm yet wet on the inside?

*The crowd start to mutter between them selves trying to think of the answer*

Parker -Now for the questions...what do you call a 'man' who shaves his head to fit into a group of jail birds?

Parker -Anybody got the answer yet? no..ok,next question....
What do you call a man who accepts a challenge then 'runs off on vacation' for 2 weeks?

Parker -Anybody getting warmer? No..ok.i'll tell you all....a PUSSY! that's right, Seth 'Pussy' Irving!..where the hell are you! I know your running scared,hiding behind hardcore pussy and hoss pussy back there! Quit avoiding me! You screwed over yellow pussy before i got the chance to beat the hell out of him! You have 1 week....if I don't see your shiny head in one week then I want Death Row to come down to the ring and announce infront of everyone that Seth Irving is afraid of the Diamond Ace!

*Parker heads towards the curtain,he pauses before he goes through,and takes a big sniff of the air*

Parker -Yep...I definitely smell pussy!



**not singing** Hahahaha. Oldest trick in the book!!

That was wrong, that man should have won! It gets me so mad...THEN I WHIP OUT MY GUN!!!

AHHH!! NOT AGAIN!! F*** this!! I'm leaving! I don't get paid enough for this.






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