CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Live From St. Paul, Minnesota

The show opens with Gabe Richards standing backstage in front of a locker room door that is closed with two large security guards on each side.

Gabe: Ladies and gentlemen I welcome you all to Tuesday Night Turmoil here in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The crowd cheers.

Gabe: As announced last week, four members of the CCW roster have the chance of a lifetime to main event SummerCide to face Seth Irving 1 on 1 for the CCW Championship. Versus, Mad Michael Morrison, Nathan Gaines, and Michael Heaton will each be randomly drawn to face 1 of the four men behind me inside this locker room.

Gabe: Each man has 20 minutes to score a pin fall or submission and set the fastest time. The man with the fastest time shall face Seth Irving for the CCW Championship, but if any of the four men fail to win within the time limit or lose against their chosen opponent will be immediately eliminated from The Beat The Clock Challenge.

Gabe: As for the opponents, I had a word with Mr. Vimes and Mr. Sensation and in this very room stands four men from the OCW promotion. Tonight will test four 2 former Heavyweight Champions, The Future Investment Winner, and….Michael Heaton. Gentlemen good luck, tonight…time is in your hands.

The scene changes to inside the arena with the crowd on their feet, signs held high, and cheering wild as Turmoil's Ring Announcer Johnny Cruise takes the microphone.

Cruise: The following contest is the first match in The Beat The Clock Challenge!



That's how you kick off Turmoil! Ladies and gentlemen you have just witnessed our openning contest for tonight and with much, much more still to go.

God damn, what a night The Clash was! Can you believe Majin is back? That was a shocker.


t Indeed, Majin returning is a wake up call for CCW to keep our game up. But how about Seth Irving retaining the CCW Championship against The Steve in a classic battle.

Give The Steve some credit, 2 matches in 1 night. That man deserves a rematch!


t Chris Ryder remains The World Television Champion after a great contest against Carlos Cruz and cross-promotion faction was born as The Best Damn Tag Team Sean Strider and Ed Reed, Chris Ryder, and Nathan Gaines have joined forces.

What is this like Nathan's 10th faction now? You'd think the rest would look at all the other careers he's ruined and just say no.


t Stop it Scott! This team has it all and I expect big things from them. Speaking of the Best Damn Tag Team, can you tell me what happened in there Title match against DnD?

They took a dive Rivers! In a legit match DnD would lose to no team when the gold is on the line!


t Sure Scott. I know this is CCW but talk about a shocker, Jaysin Sensation turning on Nate Ortiz and now Guy Fausto is the OCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Was'nt it grand Rivers? How glorious was it to watch The J man kick in Nate Ortiz's teeth? I was crying it was so beautiful!


t I am still in shock and waiting to here some anwsers on that one. But last night we witnessed one of most heated feuds ever clash yet again in another brutal match that left Versus a bloody mess. What will that mean in tonights Beat The Clock Match he has?

I can say it won't be good Rivers. He better hope he get's picked to fight last, Nick Kage tore him a new one last night.


t In addition to the Beat The Clock Matches tonight, our Main Event will feature Chris Ryder & Brad Bauer take on The Steve & making his Turmoil debut, Trips! We our going to take a quick break and will be back with another Beat The Clock Match!















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