CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Gabe Richards is seen backstage, speaking with a lovely woman dressed in business attire.

RICHARDS: So if everything is set with your people, we should see things ramping up in about a month. I’m going to get with some members of the board to make sure this gets pushed through as quickly as possible.

WOMAN: Thank you very much, Mr. Richards. I’m glad that everything worked out… and… I…

The woman dawns a face of disgust as she looks past Richard’s shoulder. Wondering what could be causing this reaction, Richards turns around to see Morrison standing behind him, making crude gestures with his tongue, directed at the woman.

MORRISON: If you want to experience multiple moments of madness, you can stop by my locker room after the show tonight.

WOMAN: Excuse me?

RICHARDS: Morrison!

Richards grabs Morrison by the arm and pulls him to the side, all while Morrison continues to stare at the business woman.

RICHARDS: I swear to God, Morrison, if you botched this deal for me I’m going to trade you to team Xerox for their number one jobber.

MORRISON: Hey, hey, hey… there’s no way you can fit their entire roster in CCW. Besides, I think your little business chica likes me.

Morrison looks over Richard’s shoulder and winks and the business woman.

RICHARDS: Will you stop that! Listen, that is a jizz free business woman, you got me?

MORRISON: Yeah, yeah. Hey, you think she’s into handcuffs? I hear that office types are all freaky deaky when business hours are over.

RICHARDS: I don’t know. She strikes me more as a role playing type… wait, what the hell do you want?

MORRISON: Do you even have to ask? Last week, I politely ask for a well deserved rematch…

RICHARDS: Politely asked? You kicked David Duchovny in the stomach and almost broke him in half with the Vicious Cycle… in front of a live audience… during a major announcement.

MORRISON: Only because he instigated it.

RICHARDS: Instigated? How the hell did he instigate it?

I don’t know… he said something about my mother or something. Once again, you’re avoiding the point.


MORRISON: Alright, alright… calm down, chico. No need to get all worked up. Besides, I think you’re starting to scare business lady.

Richards takes a second to collect himself.

RICHARDS: Very well… what is it that you want, Mr. Morrison?

MORRISON: I just wanted to know what the deal is, putting me in a tag match with Chris “The Ass” Ryder as my partner. I want to kick his ass, not tag it in.

RICHARDS: I don’t need to explain my decisions to you, Morrison. I simply give people what they want to see and I don’t hear the fans complaining about the match, so you’re just SOL.

MORRISON: I don’t believe in luck.

RICHARDS: Well then you’re just out of shit. How’s that?

Morrison grimaces and realizes he can’t talk his way out of the situation. He glares at Richards for a moment, but when Richards dawns a smug grin of victory, Morrison smiles and looks over his shoulder.

MORRISON: Oye, chica… my offer still stands.

Morrison makes a quick "kiss" gesture towards the woman, who looks shocked and places her hand over her chest while stepping back; dropping her purse in the process. Morrison then looks back at Richards.

MORRISON: If you think this changes anything, you’re crazier than I am.

Morrison takes a deep breath and runs his hand through his hair. He forces a smile and takes his leave. At this point, Richards returns to the business woman.

WOMAN: Dear God… who was that?

RICHARDS: Don’t worry about him. Here let me help you with your purse.

As Richards goes to pick up her purse, a pair of handcuffs fall out.

WOMAN: Oh… umm… my ex-husband was a police officer. I guess I keep these as a reminder of better days. Anyways, back to what we were talking about earlier, before we were interrupted.

RICHARDS: How the hell did he...

What a pig.

You say Pig, I say P-I-M-P.


T Is this the cool night to break the law or something?

You bet your ass it is! I just swiped this #1 GM Mug from Richards office earlier!

The Steve emerges from the ToP locker room with his eyes bugged out and dilated and he has an excited look on his face…he also has some white residue on his nose. As he heads down the hall, he begins to yell.

The Steve: The Steve feels f***ing great! *SNIFF* He’s ready for his match, yes he is! Where’s that TiT? *SNIFF* The Steve is gonna f*** him up! Where are you TiT!?! *SNIFF* It’s time! *SNIFF* RAWRRRRR!

In walks Gabe Richards.

Gabe: Hey Steve, just wanted to let you...hey, are you okay? You look really funny looking.

The Steve: The Steve feels better than ever! Now if you'll excuse *SNIFF* The Steve *SNIFF* I've got a Three Way to win *SNIFF*!

Gabe: Not so fast Steve, I wanted to tell you Nathan Gaines had a family emergency to attend to and is excused from tonight's show. So I guess it's just you and Heaton out there.

The Steve: Whatever *SNIFF* The Steve doesn't care if it's a 3 Way, 4 Way, 10 Way, *SNIFF* The Steve always wins! *SNIFF* Since were talking Richards, heres something to think about while The Steve beats Heaton within an inch of his life *SNIFF!.

Gabe: Whats that?


The Steve walks off in a hurry leaving Gabe looking quite suspicious.




I wonder if that additive gave him that extra boost there?

Let the man be Rivers, do I ever publicly humiliate you for your problem with Child's Cough Syrup?


t What the hell are you talking about? I don't have a problem with cough syrup!

*Sighs* Denyal is the first sign of an addiction.




t Dear god! He has a match right after the break!







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