CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Live From Phoenix, Arizona

The camera fades in and we see The Steve entering the arena. He has his head down and is muttering to himself.

The Steve: This is bulls***. The Steve was having a great vacation…good ‘supplements‘, fast women…and The Steve’s gotta come back to this crap? The Steve is strung out, he doesn’t feel like fighting tonight.

The Steve puts his hands in his hoodie pocket as he walks down the hall to the ToP locker room when he discovers a rather full baggie of ‘powdered supplements’. The Steve’s eyes light up for a second before regaining his compsure.

The Steve: The Steve may feel like fighting after all…

The Steve walks briskly down the hall to the ToP locker room. He quickly opens the door, walks in, slams the door and locks it behind him.

Dear god, is that what I think it was?

The Steve has gone Hollywood Rivers. Talk about a pick me up to start Turmoil.


t I hope that isn't the case, but ladies and gentlemen it's time to start another week of Tuesday Night Turmoil live from Phoenix Arizona, and the weather isn't the only thing hot, just listen to this crowd!

I can't stand this heat Rivers, no black man should be forced to work here.


t Looks like Scott is in another sour mood, but that won't affect the outstanding matches to take place here tonight. And the one I think everyone is looking forward to, the Main Event, Versus & Seth Irving vs. Mad Michael Morrison & Chris Ryder!

I just want to know who's going to turn on who first, that's the only enjoyable part for me. And boring people since last week, Mugen gets another shot at the smallest little puke in CCW, Matt Spears in a 15 minute Ironman Match. Yay.


t Mugen out to get back at Spears for his baltant cheating last week, a trick no ref in CCW nor OCW has ever caught red handed. And in a Three Way Dance, Nathan Gaines vs. Michael Heaton vs. The Steve!

Let's hope he doesn't OD on his binge before the match.


The scene zooms in on the Air's camper! Doodles is seen sitting on the comfy magnetron watching a movie on television as the Air sits on his comfy couch.

Air: Oh man Doodles! What should I do now? Seems the only reaction my return triggered is that one, two or more heels are using me as a punching bag when I'm not looking. I hoped my return would have been a little more triumphant. How can I work peacefully on my wrestling career if some heels attack me when I'm not looking?

Doodles doesn't let his eye off the television for a second and mumbles: Oe ah ah oe! (If you want peace, prepare for war.)

Air: Yeah, but how can I prepare for something which I can't see coming?

Doodles still compelled by the movie on the television: Ie ah ah oe ie ah ah ah ah oe oe oe ie ie! (In certain extreme situations, the law is inadequate. In order to shame its inadequacy, it is necessary to act outside the law. To pursue... natural justice.)

Air: You mean I have too also use low tricks too get back at them? Isn't that immoral!

Doodles still watching television: Oe Oe Oe ah ie ah ie ah! (This is not vengeance. Revenge is not a valid motive, it's an emotional response. No. Not vengeance. Punishment.)

Air: You're right Doodles. I'll change outfits so no one will recognize me and attack me. Then I will Investigate who attacked me and go punish them! I'm off too the lockerroom!

The scene fades while Air searches his closet for some alternate clothes and then exits the camper leaving Doodles too watch the rest of the movie.




Deano leans over the ring ropes and requests a microphone from one of the ring staff. Deano is handed a microphone from a short fat fellow...

With the microphone in hand Deano taps it a few times which echoes dull thuds all over the arena.

Deano: Thanks chubs. Hunkamania is runnin' wild in Phoenix, Arizona!

Deano gets a cheap pop from the mention of the hometown and a few hunkamania t-shirts can be seen around the arena.

Deano: Phoenix, Arizona is big. But the people in Phoeniz, Arizona are REALLY big. I was in this bar last night I was sat on my stool minding my own business when I get tapped on the shoulder. I turn around and there are these three women staring right at me. But these were not normal women, they were Phoenix women. Don't get me wrong I showed them a good time because even fat women need to be loved. But these girls liked their twinkies.

The crowd begin to boo Deano.

Deano: No, no, no don't get me wrong I'm not saying everyone from Phoenix is fat. Not at all, just a hell of alot of them. But you fatties can stop being fat and start being normal. You see I have written a self help guide entitled 'The fastest way to lose weight, fast'. So all of you can now log onto and start enjoying the life slimmer people have. The book costs only $47.95 and can change your life.

Some of the crowd can be seen writting the web address down whilst looking bemused.

Deano: Now I would like to move on to another issue. Roll the footage.

The Xtron shows footage of the match between Deano and The Steve a few weeks ago. The match ends with Deano being pinned by The Steve.

Deano: Did you see it, right at the end.

The crowd are silent.

Deano: My shoulders were not on the mat therefore the match should be deemed a no contest. This means that I did not lose to The Steve. My skills far surpass his, I am the Excellence Of Sexcellence. I demand a rematch with The Steve right here tonight, so I can prove to the world that I am better than he is.

Rivers: Deano knows full well that The Steve has locked himself in the janitors closet!

Deano: Just what I thought, The Steve knows that The Excellence is a true ....

Malu's music hits.

Rivers: HERE WE GO. Malu has heard enough of Deano's big mouth and has come out here to shut it.

Double S: Is the one in the ring wearing pink?




He made up for lost time in a hurry there. Great match for both men.


The Air is seen sitting in his locker room as a knock comes at the door.

Air: Come in.

The door opens and Trips enters, he has no face paint on and his wearing a suit.

Air: What are you doing here?

Trips: Relax! Relax! I just came too see how you we're doing after those heinous attacks last Crisis!

Air: Hmpf! I've felt better to be honest but I'll survive.

Trips: Good to hear, you know who attacked you last Crisis in the lockerroom?

Air: I have no idea, seems I became a target for some people when I returned? I'm suspecting a few guys. Could be Infamous who wanted too do another number on me. Matt Spears probably not he at least had the audacity too attack me in the ring.

Trips: Well I know who attacked you in the lockerroom. I saw him walking out around the time you we're attacked!

Air: You did?

Trips: Yeah.

Air grabs Trips suit: Tell me! Tell me now! So I can get my fingers on him!

Trips: Wow! Wow! Don't mess up the suit! First I have a favour too ask of you?

Air: I could have known. You don't change ever you do?

Trips grins: Nope!

Air: And you won't just tell me without doing this favour probably?

Trips: You know me too well Air!

Air: So what's the favour?

Trips: Glad you see it my way. I'll get a chance too go for either the TV or CCW Title soon! I'm palming Gabe and Revan into my hands. It's just a matter of time, of course one gold plate around my waist isn't enough

Air: Of course!

Trips: So I've been thinking after I won either the TV or CCW Title! I need a guy I can trust too go for Tag Team Gold! I need you too be my tag team partner?

Air: Huh? Never saw that question coming! Well if you tell me the name of the guy who attacked me. I accept!

Trips: Thanks man appreciate it! The Enviromentalists reunite woohoo isn't that great!

Air: Yeah yeah now tell me the name!

Trips: You sure are the impatient one aren't you. Ok well the man that I saw walking out of the lockerroom was none other then ... Matt Spears!

Air: Matt Spears that backstabber!

Trips: I saw Spears in the bar a few minutes ago. If you want too give him a visit.

Air: I might just do that! That backstabber! One attack wasn't enough. That man is one f*cking sore loser!

Air motions too the exit!

Trips smiles: Ok well catch you later then. Tag Team partner!

Air: Hmpf! Cya!

Air exits and the shot fades out as Trips is left standing alone in the locker room.




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