OCW Turmoil Unleashed


* Ed Reed enters the gym while The Air and CJ Hoppus are sitting discussing in a corner of the gym. Reed starts his work-out. After a while he still sees The Air and CJ Hoppus discussing in the corner of the gym and starts thinking too himself *

Reed’s thoughts: “Hmm, shouldn’t he at least be worried about facing me. It’s beginning too annoy me. All he thinks about is Jack Porter, his belt and his would-be wife. I want too win the title from him and laugh him in the face, but it’s no fun if he doesn’t even notice me. I need too get his attention somehow.”

* Reed stands up and walks up too the corner where Hoppus and Air are still talking. *

Reed: "He, Air I hope your getting at least some preparation done for our upcoming match?"

Before CJ can respond in a I told you stay out manner Air responds: "He, Reed haven’t you heard Regan returned and he has null and voided all contracts made by Chris Mania in that short while. Think he wants me too face Porter for a second time, more story too it you see? Truly sorry I can’t face you, but that’s how things work in this business. Now if you don’t mind I need too come up with a plan too get Porter."

Reed: "WHAT?! Old or not he’s going too answer for this. REGAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNN?!!!"

* Reed storms out of the gym and too the GM’s office *

CJ: "Is that true! I hadn’t heard about that!"

Air: "Me neither!"

* CJ laughs as the scene fades*


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tuesday Night Turmoil


Fleminem vs K. Dangelo





**Versus can be seen walking in the hallway towards his jeep, when Rivers and a camera crew chase him down.**

Rivers: Versus, Versus, can we get some comments about what happened last week, and your current situation with Smythe?

**Versus keeps walking...**

Rivers: You're not one to keep your mouth shut during events like this, and I don't know why you'd start now, unless you're....scared.

**Versus stops short, and turns around...**

Versus: You want an interview Rivers...fine, ask.

Rivers: Good. I wanted to know ho...

**Versus violently smacks Rivers across the mouth.**

Versus: Don't you EVER talk to a grown ass man like that. You take that tone with me again, and you'll be wearing your spleen as a belt buckle, you got me? I'm gonna handle things when and how I handle things. Just a monkey and a rapper...I've dealt with worse. Matter of fact, I sh*t things tougher than those two. You know what...I don't have time for this, get the hell out of my way.

**Versus pushes the cameraman to the ground, Versus gets in his custom stretch Jeep Wrangler Limo, and it pulls away.**







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