CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Live From Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ed's shown walking through the doors to the meditation chamber carrying boxes of Green tea, Chai Tea and a case of beer for himself. The camera follows Ed into the chamber, and show's Versus, sitting on a pillow, trimming a bonsai tree.

Ed: Looks....

Vs: Shh. I need to concentrate.

Ed quietly puts down the drinks and begins putting them away in the fridge. When all of a sudden MMM busts through the door.

MMM: Well, well, well. This is what's become of the dive bar.

Vs: Shhhh. I'm almost done.

MMM: What? I tell you when you're done.

Mike kicks the tree out of Vs hands. Versus sits still with the scissors in hands, staring at the empty space where his bonsai tree used to sit.

Vs: (looks up at MMM) Was that necessary? Really?

MMM: Yes. I hate tree's. You're just lucky I didn't beat the old man with it.

Ed: HEY!

Vs: Calm down Ed. Find your chi.

Ed: Fuck my chi!! I don't need this Demolition creamsicle comin in here and threatening me. I'm going out for a smoke.

Vs: You need to calm down when you're out there. There's no need for hostility.

MMM: Hey, John Lennon, talk to Yoko later, I'm talking to you right now.

Vs: Here, have a seat Michael.

Versus hands MMM a pillow, and sits down. MMM looks at the pillow confused and slowly sits down on the pillow.

Vs: Now, tell me. Why did you kick that helpless plant out of my hands?

MMM: It's dumb. This whole place is dumb.

Vs: Is that really what you think? You think this place is dumb? Why?

MMM: Actually, it's not that bad. But I came here to let you know that I mean business. And that plant had to suffer my wrath. You're next!!

Vs: Ok. I understand that. Can...Can I ask you a question?

MMM: Fine...

Suddenly a scantily clad woman comes over holding a cup of tea for Versus and a cup of tea for MMM. She leans over and gives Versus his tea....

MMM: God...DAMN!!! Where'd you get this one?

Vs: I met Heather walking to this arena. She was lost, but we're working on re-aligning her chi and getting her re-focused on getting her life back in order. She's doing well.

Heather: I'm not cutting myself anymore.

MMM: You're not? Oh, well forget it, for a second there, I thought you might be interesting.

Vs: She's quite interesting, and luckily for you, you showed up right before our meditation session. Would you like to join in?

MMM: Hell no, I'm not gonna be in your hippie love circl...why's she taking her top off?

Vs: Her mantra involved her accept her surroundings and become one with them, with no barriers.

MMM: I think I can stay for a few.

Vs: Good, now, let's see if we can help you find your mantra.

MMM: How about "Mmmm, what lovely cans....mmmm, what lovely cans"

Vs: We're meditating, not playing ookie cookie. Now focus....

Camera fades out with MMM/Vs and a topless Heather beginning to meditate.

Damn these moniters! You'd think they'd only blur out the goods on T.V.....what?....were live?....



t Ugh...welcome everyone to Turmoil! The flagship show of CCW! I'm here with my partner in crime Double S!

That's the best cover up you could come up with?


t Ha...Ha...what are you talking about Scott?

When you got caught staring at those...


t Tonight is the last pit-stop on Turmoil before we head to the Event of the Summer, Summercide! In tonight's Main Event, it's the CCW Champ vs. The CCW TV Champ! Seth Irvings vs. Chris Ryder!

While those two dish it out later tonight, there oppenents if they can get out of there Tree Huggers Club Meeting. Versus and MMM in the Battle of the #1 Contenders.


t And making his Turmoil in ring debut, The Air will take on former CCW Champion Nathan Gaines in what should be a great EX Showdown!

Can we get this show going already?


t Another bad mood tonight Scott?

Not at all Rivers. We finally got rid of Carlos Cruz in the Draft last night and I thought I was safe from dirty wallet stealing Mexicans...and then we came here...




That win will likely highten his chances at some gold very soon here in CCW.

Great new look, same big nose!


Camera show's MMM sitting next to Versus and Heather (still topless) raking sand.

MMM: I've never felt so relaxed.

Heather: You look really good without your facepaint on. You should consider losing it altogether.

MMM: That's a big step, let's go one step at a time shall we? Sips his tea You know...I feel refreshed, I don't want to hurt anyone for the first time in years.

Vs: You've re-aligned your chi Michael. That's the first step to total consciousness. Next, you must maintain this state of peacefullness. Just keep in mind your mantra. You'll find that it is the source to all of your inner tranquility.

MMM: Thanks Versus. I'm really sorry about your bonsai plant. It's really a beautiful tree, you kept it up really well.

Vs: Thanks.

MMM: I'm going to go out and see what I've been missing with this world. I'm gonna start off by going and apologizing to Ed.

Vs: Take a beer with you as a peace offering, trust me, he'll accept it.

MMM: Ok, good. I can't thank you enough Versus. I...I'm sorry, but I can't wrestle tonight. There's no way for me to get into the mindset I need to be in. Tell the fans I'm sorry, but help them understand.

Vs: Not a problem.

Heather: Can I come with you Mike?

MMM: Do you mind Versus?

Vs: Of course not. It's nice to see two people who've found their way explore the world again with their newfound enlightenment. Namaste you guys.

MMM/Heather: Namaste Versus.

Heather and MMM walk out of the MC. Versus goes and picks up the pieces of his bonsai tree when the door flies open again and Malu busts through


Vs: Woah, calm down fellah. What makes you think I have puca pies?

Malu - Last time I was here, you had hundreds.

Vs: Key word there buddy, had. I think we may have a few more behind the bar area. You're more than welcome to check.

Malu notices one puca pie behind the bar.

Malu: ONE?!?! One pie!?! This isn't gonna fill a cavity!

Vs: You need to calm down. Here, why don't you try meditating with...

Malu: You said you'd have pies whenever I came here!! WHERE ARE THE DAMN PIES?!

Vs: I'm sorry old friend, we don't have anymore.

Malu: I should kick your ass right here.

Vs: Why?

Malu: When you promise me something, you stand by your word, or else you don't stand at all.

Vs: Malu, friend, please, understand, I didn't know you were coming. You know I'm more than happy to accomidate you when you're visiting.

Malu: That's not going to do. I'm going to look around for Puca Pies, and if I don't find any. You're paying for it.

Vs: Fair enough. How much will that be? I'm sure I can get Ed to write you a check or someth...

Malu: No. Not with money. With blood.

Vs: If that's how you think that should be handled, then so be it. I hope your search goes well, if not, I guess I'll see you later on. Namaste big guy.

Malu: Nama...whatever, you better pray that I find pies.

Vs: I don't pray, but ok. Goood luck.

Malu busts back out the door, as he leaves Ed comes back in drinking a beer.

Vs: Welcome back Ed. Are you feeling any better?

Ed: So get this s***. MMM comes up to me and says "I'm sorry" then hands me a beer. Meanwhile, there's Heather with her shirt off. I've never gone from enraged to engorged in such a short time. She's got something special goin on there.

Vs: Special?

Ed: Yeah, you don't see a perky d-cup much anymore. So, what's up with tubby?

Vs: Malu was expecting Puca Pies, and he says if he doesn't find any, I'm going to pay for them in blood.

Ed: He does know you can't buy Puca Pies with blood right? You should at least use change.

Vs: I tried explaining. But he's really upset.

Ed: You better hope he finds some. Last time he couldn't find any, I heard he ate a live alligator.

Vs: That's true, it was a sight to behold. Eh, whatever has to happen, will happen. The wheel's are already set in motion, I'm not concerned. Can you help me set up for the Meditation Chamber?

Ed: OK, go set up the water line, I'll turn on the freezer.

Vs: Deal.

Camera fades out.




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