OCW Turmoil Unleashed


* The Air is seen preparing for his match as suddenly CJ Hoppus stumbles in the lockerroom *

The Air: What happened with you?

CJ Hoppus in a moany voice: After our victory over Jack Porter. I thought I needed too celebrate. So I went too a greek restaurant, danced the sirtaki and drank a lot of alcohol, went too the disco and went with the foam party and mr. beer. Then too sum it up I went too the pub and got me hands on a great bottle of Irish Whiskey.

The Air: Well seems your fit enough! Natalia thought we needed too celebrate it more privately. So know my groin hurts again. Damn can that lady f…*beep*

CJ Hoppus: Good to hear your well rested! This tag match should be easy then.

The Air: Yeah, but before we do we might as well get prepared.

* Both men relax, almost falling asleep as the scene fades away *

Cardiff, Wales


Rivers: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to OCW TURMOIL!!! I'm glad to be saying this again, I'm your host John Rivers, and beside me is a humbled Double S.

Double S: Welcome back alchy. How was rehab?

Rivers: Fine, how was hosting with my cousin?

Double S: He definitely has a way with words. Anyway, welcome to Cardiff, Wales. Home of...well...sheep... and of course, Turmoil's bossman, Chris Mania! Rock and Roll wrapped up in a cucoon of sexy. Tonight we have a great card, Rivers, let em have it.

Rivers: We have whats sure to be an exciting, high flying, Ex-Elite matchup tonight, when The Air teams up with the consumate underdog CJ to face the resident dirty Mexicano, Carlos Crus and Ex staple, Chris Ryder! Evan Knox goes one on one with Hardcore champion Vincent Valmont.

Double S: Hardcore or not, with those two in a match, it's almost a guaranteed loss of some blood. Following that matchup, we have Versus' warm up match for Summercide, against Death Row's own Mace.

Rivers: Versus might be on his own tonight, and that could definitely spell trouble. And finally we have Leonheart warming up for his triple threat title match, against Kang James!

Double S: That's no warm up, that's a MATCH. I'm predicting moty candidate.

Rivers: Big words Double S, big words indeed. Well, let's not linger longer, on with the show.


Chris is sat down in his Lockeroom with Stacy Clark, he's wearing his Wrestling Attire and is currently slipping on his Elbow Pads. Carlos can be heard shouting in Mexican in the background, Chris turns his head back and shouts over in Carlos' direction.

Ryder: "What's wrong Carlos?"

Carlos slams a bag he's holding; to the ground.

Cruz: "I can't find my damn Gold Watches!"

Ryder: "YOUR Gold Watches?"

Carlos walks out of the room in the back, not noticing the Camera.

Cruz: "Well ...*Carlos looks up at the Camera* YES MINE AND I'D THANK YOU NOT TO TREAT ME AS A CRIMINAL CHRIS!"

Carlos looks at the Camera nervously for a moment, before running back into the back room.

Ryder: "Will you just hurry up and get ready, our match is coming up soon"

Chris goes back to his Elbow Pads, Stacy taps him on the shoulder.

Ryder: "Oh right! Sorry Stacy, what's up?"

Clark: "Well to put it bluntly, what happened with you and Kavito last week?"

Ryder: "Hehe, the beginning of a great thing, that's what"

Clark: "Come again?"

Ryder: "It's very simple Stacy, I anger Kavito, Kavito goes into rage and we get one of the best EX fights to look forward too. To be honest, I didn't like provoking on Kavito like that, but it's all for the good of the EX Division, do you know what I mean?"

Clark: "Well, sort of ..."

Ryder: "It'll all pay off soon, I promise you that. Kavito wants blood it seems, well I'm ready for a fight if he ..."

Suddenly, a crashing sound is heard in the room behind Ryder and Stacy, both look behind them to see what happened. Carlos rushes out of the room with a Bag in his hand, smiling at the Camera.

Cruz: "Can't talk now, gotta' make a business call, great seeing you Stacy, bye now, won't be long"

Carlos runs off-screen, the door slams and a picture on the wall behind Chris falls to the ground in Comedic fashion.

Clark: "Err ... should I ask?"

Ryder: "You could, but then I'd have to tie you up and hand you over to Carlos"

Both Stacy and Chris laugh.

Ryder: "I'm serious"



Carlos Cruz & Chris Ryder vs The Air & CJ Hoppus



Rivers: Ahhh, you know it's good to be back here, ringside with the best wrestlers in the world performing just feet in front of my eyes!

Double S: You got a big seat to fill. We had some seriously great guest hosts while you were gone. We had R. Kelly, your cousin Dr. Cox, and of course Miss Paris Hilton!

Rivers: Did you wash my seat!? Tell me you washed it?!

Double S: No...why?

Rivers: Oh god.


* After the match CJ Hoppus and The Air stand arguing with the referee, while Ryder and Cruz go backstage. The Air makes a more then believable threat, but suddenly the referee grabs The Air and puts him in the Super Bulldog. Shocked CJ Hoppus wants too interfere, until he is tapped on his back. He turns around and gets whacked by a chair by another referee. Both The Air and CJ Hoppus lay knocked out on the canvas. While both referee’s look down upon them. Both men grin too each other and shake there hands. The both men go walk opposite of each other too a turnbuckle. Both men put there hand on there head and pull there skins off. Underneath the faces of Ed Reed and Jack Porter arise grinning as the crowd boos the scene ends.*







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