CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Live! From Denver, Colorado

And CCW returns after what can only be discribed as one of the greatest PPV's in OCWfed history, Summercide 2007! Welcome to Turmoil folks, I'm Johnathon Rivers and as always with my lackluster partner, Double S!

Get bent Rivers.


t Once again Double S is enraged with disapointment, because two nights ago we crowned a NEW CCW Champion! And his name is Versus!

Our Champion is a tree hugging hippie Rivers...what does that say about the rest of our roster?


t Oh will you stop Scott. The CCW roster keeps getting stronger each week, like the addition of Matt Wilson making his Turmoil in ring debut tonight against Chris Ryder!

And that bum lost to Nathan Gaines AGAIN at Summercide two years straight. That's like getting kicked in the nuts by your grandma.


t That battle went through hell and back, no matter my feelings towards Wilson's actions, he put on a show no doubt. And speaking of new additions, tonight Tyro Kraven makes his long awaited debut against Eddie Allen.

\_O_/ ... wow, that does feel awesome!


t And how could I forget the outstanding preformance Chris Ryder put forth against MMM retaining his TV Championship inside the cell, but only to be attacked by that Gimp, a very weird ending to that match.

That Gimp is my hero Rivers, watch your next words.


t Hopefully we'll find out more on that attack later. But next week Chris will be out to defend his title again, against the winner of tonights Triple Threat #1 Contenders match with Deano Horse, Mugen, and Banjo Grimm!

And has Trips finally bugged Gabby enough to put him in the big show? The Massive Nosed Scottsmen, takes on the former CCW Champ, Seth Irving. But let's head to the ToP locker room where camreas are standing by.


The Steve, Mike Morrison, Majin, and Casey Paine are seen sitting in the ToP locker room. The Steve is sitting on a bench in front of his locker smoking what looks like a hand rolled cigarette with a funny smell while the other 3 are sitting on a black leather couch across the room. Majin reaches into his pocket, pulls out his cigarettes and lights one up while Casey picks on Mike.

Casey Paine: So what happened Sunday? Some broad flashin’ her titties during your match?

Casey and Majin start to laugh to themselves.

Mike Morrison: Will you shut up? You had to have Sara carry you in that tag match, so I wouldn’t talk. By the way, how did you get Sara to help you guys out anyway?

The Steve takes a big drag from his hand rolled cigarette with the funny smell, stands up, and begins talking while still holding the drag in his lungs.

The Steve: (with his voice strained) The Steve is bored and you people are making it worse.

The Steve finally exhales and begins to have a violent 20 second coughing fit while the other three look on.

Majin: Jesus Steve, you new to smoking? I thought you were the resident drug expert?

The Steve finally regains his composure.

The Steve: That’s funny Majin, The Steve thought you were the resident hardcore expert. The Steve supposes that’s not quite true after you fought Kage.

Majin sneers at The Steve as he puts out his hand rolled cigarette that smells funny.

The Steve: The Steve has had enough. While you three sit here and bust each other’s balls, The Steve is leaving to go find something to entertain him…maybe go goof on those two from Team Xerox that myself and Mike are fighting on Thursday, or go and break Ewanchuk’s ankle again.

The Steve heads for the door.

Casey: Wow! You’re actually going to do something other than keeping yourself in a constant state of f***ed up?

The Steve: Shut up, c**t.

The Steve turns and walks toward the locker room door. As he is walking, he flips Casey the bird.


t Kids don't do drugs!

I think it's a little late to be saying that around here.




Could this man be the next big thing of CCW?

As long as he doesn't eat like Malu I dig it.


The Scene opens up backstage with Jeni Gaines walking with Matt Wilson down the corridor. Jeni looks upset and scared to be with her brother. Matt however looks jovial, and has his hand on the back of Jeni's neck making it seem like he is dragging her by the neck.

Matt: So were you impressed by your big brother's victory last night?

Jeni *Mustering up some courage*: Nathan beat you and you know it

Matt *Laughing*: Oh really cause as I saw it the man who never quits and never gives in, forfeited last night.

Jeni: Why do you have to do this Matt. I told you I'm in love with Nathan and I don't care what you have to say.

Matt: How would Nathan like it if he found out your little secret? Now I know you wouldn't like that lil sis.

Jeni: You're a bastard. I hope you rot in hell Matt.

Matt throws Jeni against the wall.

Matt: Sluts die first little sister. I'll make sure that if I go to hell I'm taking the family with me.

All of a sudden Nathan turns the corner and sees Jeni against the wall with Matt standing in front of her. Nathan takes off in a run as Matt retreats slowly.

Nathan: Get the hell away from my wife

Matt: Just a little family meeting that's all. Don't worry about it Nathan

Nathan: Last time I checked whether you like it or not I"m part of this family so if you wanna talk I'm ready for the conversation.

Matt *Muttering under his breath*: You're not the only one

Nathan: You got something to say?

Jeni: No he didn't lets just go please Nathan lets just leave

Nathan: This is from from over Matt

Matt: It's only just begun!!!!!


t And the Family Feud rages on.

You think we could get Al from Home Improvment to be the Guest Ref at their next match?....





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