OCW Turmoil Unleashed


Baltimore, Maryland


Just 48 hours removed from the King of OCW, OCW TURMOIL is coming to you LIVE! Tonight, the house is quiet, for the King is pudgy! Last night, Guy Fausto climbed the ladder atop of 15 other men, and stood tall as the King of OCW. On the lighter side, tonight, my search for Rivers replacement shifts into high gear with 2 candidates! That's right. Before I begin the match review, let's get with the introductions. To my right, a man OCW is very familiar with, professional motivational verbal abuser, Hutch!


Next up, we have an official A-Lister! Ladies and gentlemen, the co-star from Me, Myself and Irene, the leading lady in the...Diary of...oh no, I'm blanking.

Anne Frank dude.

From the Diary of Anne Frank...HEY!! Bridget Jones' Diary, that's it! Phew, close one.

Wasn't that bitch in Oleander? That movie was F***ED UP!

FCC, we're in for a long, long night. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Hollywood superstar, Rene Zellweger!!


You're way hotter in real life, you know that? Did you get surgery to fix up the pucker face?


Save the flirting for your own time skinny.

Oh you.

Let's get you guys the match lineup for tonight! First up, we have Darren Rebel facing Jacob Trance.

Rookie matches blow. Let's get to the topless pole dancing and pot smoking I was promised. Last time I saw two rookies face each other, it looked like two monkeys swordfighting. I'm sayin man...


Oh, sorry zoned out. We still talking about Oleander?

Nice to have you around. Next up, we have a matchup of Emo proportions! Future Investment holder, Leonheart, goes one on one with the laughing stalker of the Bloodline...Wesley Adams Poe. Miss Zellwegnick, would you like to take this one?

Blaphle laaaaaarrrrrmm. Mraawwwara, fsshsllsslp AIIIIIIIIEEE!!

I remember you being more articulate in Jerry Maguire. Ah well, it's still early, and you're still beautiful.

rene MShhhh....awwwww.

And our main event Bloodline members, Steve, and Versus, step into a tag match with the King of OCW, Guy Fausto, and his mystery partner! Any speculation about who that could be Hutch?

h I'm thinking Olivia Newton John, or Ric Moranis, Dick.

That's Double S, and I doubt very highly that it's going to be either of them. BUt you just keep on smoking out of your smoking lamp...I'm sure your comments will just keep getting more and more logical. So, to save myself from overdosing on headache medicine, let's get started!





Mania: Ah good evening Baltimore, what a dump... Now I realise everyone of you and everyone in the back was expecting Mr. Revan to be here tonight, but that isn't going to happen. Ya see after last weeks announcement that Revan would be taking charge of this weeks show, I had a brilliant idea.

Mania smiles, crowd boo.

Mania: I made a little visit to Revan's home and after talking to him for an hour, he and I agreed that retirement was the best place for him. Ofcourse it took a little persuation on my part but luckily I had Mr. Benjamin to help me out.

Crowd go silent, a sorta wtf atmosphere surrounds the arena.

Mania: You people need me to spell everything don't you? Hmmm how can I put this? Oh yeah I got it.

Mania tilts his head back and lifts the mic up in Dwayne fashion.

Mania: Welcome to.... TUESDAY NIGHT MANIA! That's right, I've bought off Revan and now Turmoil is under my control and there's not a damn thing anybody can do about it!

Spoonman hits and Mania exits the ring. The crowd are in a state of disbelief.

The Million Dollar Spoon just bought Turmoil for the night, can he do that?

Why are you asking me? I don't even work here.

I was talking to the fans at home, making it interactive it's what we announcers do Hutch.


And now onto our first match.


Darin Rebel vs Jacob Trance



In the midnight hour, she screamed mo' mo' mo'. With...

s FINALLY! You know, if you sang that for a reason, I wouldn't have minded. But 12:38 of Billy Idol? Jesus man!! Did you even pay attention to that match?
s Nah, I think Rene's been winking at me. You know...if you ignore the horrible scarring, and seafoam green skin tone...she's still hotter than she was in Me, Myself and Irene.

Dear god, what time is it? Is this almost over?!



* The scene opens with Reed smiling as he leaves the GM office, The Air approaches the GM office *

The Air in not a good mood: What are you smiling at?

Reed: Mania is a wise man! He finally gave me my chance at your EX Title.

The Air: What he can’t do that!

Reed: Guess what? He just did! You better prepare for losing, cause that’s what your going too do at Summercide! Lose by my hand!

The Air: I don't believe ...

* Suddenly Mania ’s door opens and Mania comes out. *

Mania: Air! Don’t just stand there outside my office! Come in!

Air leaves Reed behind and enters Mania ’s office: Is it true you gave Reed a shot at the EX title?

Mania: Yes, he is past due and you have eluded him for way too long! This is a good thing for the EX division. What’s not so good however is you misplacing the EX Title? You’d better have it back in time for the PPV or you will be stripped from your Title! Is that clear?

Air: What? You can't do that, you don't have the power.

Actually I do, ya see as General Manager any match I choose to make whenever that may be is 100% valid, hell I could book a match for Turmoil 2019 and it would be official.

* As the Air leaves Mania ’s office a stagehand approaches the Air. *

I have a telegram for you, Air!

Air: A telegram?

Stagehand: Yeah, here it is!

* Air opens the telegram and begins too read *

Dear Mr. Air,

I now have two of your loved possessions, Natalia and your EX-title, only your life remaining.

Your personal demon,

Jack “The Ripper” Porter

PS: Both Natalia and the EX-title are save in my hands, your life won’t be!

* The Air stops reading and a What The F**k can be read from his lips as the scene ends *







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