CCW Turmoil Unleashed


In the parking lot of the arena Nate Ortiz walks up to the arena entrance gym bag in hand. As he reaches the door a security guard stops him before he can enter the arena.

Guard: Mr. Ortiz I'm sorry but I've been ordered to keep you from entering the building. By orders of V.F.M. you will not compete tonight.

Nate looks at the guard, smirks before punching the guard in the face sending him crashing to the floor.

Nate: I'm taking my title back tonight…

Boston, MA

Live from the Banknorth Garden, Boston

**VFM sits in his chair in his office, as his face is shown on the Xtron. The crowd, in Boston, split in their loyalty, cheers, and boos. **

VFM: Home! The streets of Boston, where I smoked my first joint, 2nd, and 3rd...584th, 839th, you get the point. It's's GREAT to be back in this city. The city of champions! The city that hosts the Boston Bruins, the team with the only 16-0 season in the history of the NFL, the dynasty that is the New England Patriots, World Champion Boston Red Sox, and the World Champion Boston Celtics. Not only that, but you had the privilege to bring the world a 10 time champion, a hall of famer, the VP of OCW, his royal HIIIGHness, Sir VerSuse Francois Montpellier!!

**Crowd cheers as the Patriots logo, Red Sox logo, Celtics logo, and a picture of VerSuse smiling gets displayed on the Xtron.**

VFM: That's right, take in every square inch of eliteness from that screen. That is as close as any of you blue collar, union working, middle class heroes are ever going to get to know what it's like to TRULY, TRULY, be a champion.

**Crowd's cheers IMMEDIATELY turn into boos and jeers.**

VFM: Oh calm down schmucks. I know the truth hurts, but sometimes, you just have to accept it. Tonight, to all you OCW superstars, I'll be keeping my normal close eye on everything that goes down here so watch your damn steps. Oh, and just so all of you know, that tonight, I have something very, very special for one OCW superstar. Very, special. So until you see me again...and you WILL see me again, let's get this show going.

**VFM flips off the camera, and Turmoil's opening credits begin.**

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to what's sure to be another explosive episode of OCW Turmoil! I'm your host John Rivers, and with me as always, Double S!

Lucky bastard.

It would appear so, wouldn't it. Recently OCW has been shaken to it's core. VFM, formerly known as Versus...

Don't let him hear you call him that.

No matter, he's been shaking OCW to the core, and I don't think anything's going to change here tonight.

That's right, since his promotion, he's done nothing but good keeping Ortiz OUT of the title picture. It's a new day's a new day!

And with this new day, comes a new card. Opening up the show, we have former Turmoil GM, and current Rock Star...SPOON, going one on one with KAAAAAANG JAMES! This is a first blood match, so I'm certain this is a GREAT way to start off the show. Next up, we have former Ex Champion Air, facing the madness himself, MMM!

That's 2 matches in a row with the possibility of Blood. I'm liking this card so far!

Next up we have a #1 contenders match for the Ex-Division Title, when Omega Dragon goes one on one with the Wonderful Wesley.

Too many Wonders for my world, wet me teww you that.

Pushing the W thing aren't you?

You bet your bottom dowwar.

This and much more, I'm sure! Let's get back to the action!!


Kang James vs Chris Mania




I'm thoroughly disappointed.

For the first time in a long time...I agree. It was a good match...just not what we were expecting.

No, no, not the match, I dropped my candy bar in that puddle of lemonade.

I didn't have lemonade.




We cut backstage with Carlos Cruz and Chris Ryder chilling out in the lockeroom area, watching Turmoil. Chris is laid back on the couch, drinking a can or Carling, while Carlos is sat on a dining chair by a dining table, talking to someone in his cell/mobile phone.

Chris notices Carlos talking nervously to someone.

Ryder: "Hey Carlos, is everything alright?"

Cruz: "Hm? Oh, I'm not sure man, it sounds like I may not be getting my Green Card for a while .... NO YOU HOLD ... GOD DAMN IT!"

Voice: "I told you not to call the 0800 line didn't I?"

Cruz: "Shut up"

Ryder: "Huh?"

Cruz: "Not you, him"

Chris looks around the Lockeroom confused, he shrugs it off and continues to watch the TV.

Cruz: "Ah finally, look I'm trying ... oh hold on, I've got a call on the other line ..... hello? .... This is he ...... yeah ....... WHAT?!"

Carlos jumps up, the chair he was sat on goes flying behind him, Chris jumps up also.

Ryder: "What? What's going on?!"

Cruz: "WHAT THE HELL! I THOUGHT YOU WERE LAYING LOW! ..... THAT'S NOT LAYING LOW! THAT'S CALLED KARIOKE NIGHT! .... Okay, I'm on my way over there now, just don't get into anymore trouble, okay? ..... Alright, I'll talk to you later"

Chris throws his Carling in the bin and walks over to Carlos.

Ryder: "That didn't sound good"

Cruz: "It wasn't, someone has taken it upon themselves to not only report me, but my family now too"

Ryder: "Ah bloody ell', look, is there anything I can do?"

Cruz: "Can you drive me to the Airport?"

Ryder: "Done .... oh hey, you know earlier, you said there was someone else in the ..."

Cruz: "It was the Voice"

Ryder: "Oooooh!"

Carlos picks up his things and walks off-screen, Chris suddenly realizes what he heard.

Ryder: "Wait, what?





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