CCW Turmoil Unleashed


* The Scene opens with Natalia and The Air argueing with each other *

Air: You know how this business works. I can't let that attack by Cooper slide past me.

Natalia: In the state you are now?! You wouldn't even become Women's Champion. Let alone beat Cooper. As long as I'm here you won't go anywhere.

Air: Then why don't you go on ahead and arrange our marriage in the Netherlands, while I kick Cooper's ass. You won't see the violence I'll put on him.

Natalia: Cause I don't want too marry a crippled person.

IF this is the best Cooper can do. I can handle a lot more.

Natalia: No, you cannot! Be glad you landed on your right side and not your left side. Otherwise you wouldn't even stand here.

I have had worse.

Natalia: Did you? What if I touched you here? * Natalia touches Air's left ribs and Air begins too scream like a pig while tears fall down his cheeks * Is that enough proof for you? Now lay down on that couch untill you have recovered at least a bit off that agonizing pain I just delivered you.

Air mumbles something

Natalia: You have any ... * Then Natalia's words get overrung by the doorbell *

* Natalia goes to open the door as The Air sits down on the couch. Natalia opens the door and a delivery man is seen with some flowers in hand and a fruit basket. *

Delivery Man:
It seems you have got someone that likes you, misses! If you would sign here.

* Natalia signs and takes the flowers and the fruitsbasket from the delivery man as Natalia thanks the delivery man she closes the door behind her. *

Natalia: I wonder who has sent them. * Natalia sniffs at the wonderfull smelling flowers * Seems these are for me. It says so on the card, but it doesn't say from who it's from. Might be something in this fruit basket. * As Natalia looks at the fruit basket she sees a letter enclosed on it which states that it's for The Air. * Oh, that's nice someone sents you a fruit basket, Air!

Air still mumbles as Natalia opens the letter and begins too read:

Dear Sun and Air,

I have given you these flowers and fruit basket as an apology for my heinous attack on you two and ruining your happy moment on last week's Riot. I do not know what has faired in myself. I hope you will accept this apology letter.


Alex Cooper

Air jumps of the couch, which makes him feel the pain of his ribs again:
WHAT?! Ouch! Let me read!

Natalia gives the letter too Air: Well it's nice that he has come too his senses! I think we should accept it and go too the Netherlands together too arrange our wedding. Also you can visit the hospital there, too take a look at those ribs.

Air ignores the words of Natalia and reads the letter of Cooper:
I can't believe the nerve of this son of a bitch. Now he wants me too just forgive him. After what he did. I'm going too get some answers from him straight away!

The Air moves too the door, but Natalia stops the Air by poking in his ribs again. Which let's him scream too new heights: Your not going anywhere! Except on this couch.

Air obeys and mumbles: Damn woman! That hurts!

* The scene fades out of the apartment and too the opening credits of Turmoil *

New Orleans, Louisiana

Live from the Superdome, New Orleans

"1976" by RJD2 hits the PA, the crowd get on their feet as Carlos Cruz walks out onto the ramp, he doesn't look happy at all, he makes his way down the ramp and up the steps, he looks around at the crowd as they start to chant "Carlos!". He gets into the Ring, Microphone already in-hand.

Cruz: "Ya' know, I didn't think something like this would even happen to me, once I came to OCW, I thought this place was made up of great people, who would give it all to entertain you people"

The crowd pop.

Cruz: "... But, it seems someone has it out for me, and I've got no idea why. Apparently he'll do anything just to get me to leave this Company, and this Country The crowd jeer .... Yeah, sucks doesn't it? Well, last week he gave me one last chance, to make up my mind, walk away, or face him in the ring. Well, mister whatsyourface, you think that beating down my friends when their backs are turned, is gonna' get me to walk away? You must be crazy esse!"

"You wanna' kick me out of OCW? Then why don't you come down to the ring right now and try?!"

The crowd pop, Carlos waits for a response from the Xtron, suddenly, the screen goes pitch black.


The crowd begin to chant "Asshole!" as Trance takes a Microphone from a member of Staff outside the ring. Trance bends down and stares Carlos right in the eye.


Trance slaps Carlos, who's lifeless on the ground. The boo's and jeers get louder, as Trance gets to his feet.

Trance: "Ya' see, people like Carlos Cruz don't listen, people like him, shouldn't be here, people like HIM! Shouldn't have the right to Wrestle!"

The crowd gets even louder, some people start throwing plastic bottles and cups into the ring.

Trance: "Oh give it a rest, you're all thinking the same thing, unless you're like Carlos here, in which case, you shouldn't be here either"

Jacob kicks Carlos before he even try to get to his feet.

Trance: "Don't bother Carlos, this is my time, stay down and let me talk"

Trance begins to walk around the ring.

Trance: "Now most of you may not like my actions here this evening, you may not have expected me to show up at all. But you see, I've been given the chance, to rid this fine Company of this filth, now don't get me wrong, I'm no racist"

Chants of "Bull*BEEP* can be heard.

Trance: "Believe what you wish, I just don't want people like Mister Cruz here, in our company. For better reasons than Racism, my reason being, THIEVERY!"

Trance notices Carlos on his knees, he quickly kicks him in the gut.

Trance: "I'm not finished yet. Yes, this man is a well known thief, he's stolen from many people in the past. Carlos Cruz stole and stole, and continues to do that, right to this day. But I won't have it, I will not sit by, and watch this low-life steal from you, for you see, I have been "woken up" as it were. I was told of the horrible things this man has done, did you know Carlos Cruz is wanted in at least SEVEN STATES?!"

"Of course not, you don't care, why should you, as long as he's "wrestling for the people" it doesn't matter. Well I'm not going to stand by and let it happen any longer, I will rid this company of people like Carlos, because it's the right thing to do! Now obviously there's more to it than simply hating Carlos for being what he is, I have my reasons for wanting him out of this Company and this Country"

"You see, while Carlos was on one of his "stealing sprees", he came across some of my things, things I would like back, but are probably on their way to his family in Mexico right now. One of things, being a family airloom, something that cannot be replaced, and for that, I will never forgive him"

Trance crouches down to Carlos' face and lifts him up by his hair, to the point where he's on his knees.

"Did you hear all that Carlos? Do you understand now?! Heheh, boy if you only knew the half of it, of how I got you in this state, but for now, I say we settle this in a match, at the next Pay Per View, which, correct me if I'm wrong, is September to Remember. What do you say? ESSE?! HAHAHA!!"

Trance drops Carlos' head, Carlos falls to the ground as Trance drops the Microphone and slides out of the Ring, the crowd continue to boo and jeer Trance, as EMT's rush past him to tend to Carlos. Trance makes his way up the ramp as we go back to Ringside.


Welcome again to OCW TUESDAY NIGHT TURMOIL!!! We're coming to you LIVE from Naaawlens!!!

That's New Orleans to the lay man. Good evening everyone, I'm John Rivers with my ever punctual partner Double S!

I told you, I had to change a flat on the highway. You know how it...wait, no you don't. You don't change flat tires because you don't want to mess up your nails, huh?

I'll have you know, I've changed plenty of flats.

We're not talking about your ex girlfriends! HA!


**Rimshot sound out of nowhere.**

What the hell was that?

Nothing. How about you get the viewers up to date with what we'll be seeing tonight.

Well, we'll be starting off the night with, what should be a decent matchup with Braddock and Black Dragon. Angry russian against an ninja-dore.


You know a ninja-luchadore.

Why didn't you just say that?

  **Rimshot out of nowhere.**
What the hell?! That wasn't even funny?!

The next match of the evening is a match that only the hazy, smoke filled brain of VFM could create. Entertainer extrodinaire Fleminem goes 1 on 1 with Jack Porter for a shot at the Ex Title at September 2 Remember. But the stipulations don't end there. Tonight will be the debut of the 80's match or as he calls it a Flock of Wrestling match. Where every aspect of the wrestlers entering the match have to be derived from the 1980's.

I hope someone goes as Billy Ocean.

Considering there's 1 major difference between Billy Ocean and these match participants.

Billy Ocean's black?

NO RACIST!! Billy Ocean was a singer! My god man!


**Rimshot out of nowhere**

What hate it when you set me up. The next matchup is the 4way with Carlos Cruz, Chris Ryder, Vincent Valmont and a MYSTERY OPPONENT! I don't know who VFM's got in mind, but I'm certain that it's not going to be someone any one of those men will be happy to fight.

Finally we have Ed Reed against THE STEVE! Ed Reed has definitely grown into a top notch contender here in OCW. And the Steve...he's growing something in his closet that we won't speak about. No matter what, we have a battle of champions to close out the night.

So let's stop with the talk, and get with the rock. Enjoy the show!


Black Dragon vs Braddock




BEAUTIFUL SETUP!! That match is a PRIME example of how to kick off the sh...

**Rimshot out of nowhere.**


That was a great match, and I gotta say that it's nice to see some heart and a good match from these guys.




The crowd is looking on in curiosity at OCW's newest rookie. He stands in the ring and looks over the crowd. A mixed reaction from the people gets his attention. Donny signals for a microphone and eventually gets it. Donny slowly puts the microphone to his mouth to begin to say something.

Donny T****: ...............

Donny looks over the crowd one more time and shakes his head as if to say this isn't the right place or time. He pulls the microphone and takes it out of the ring and walks to the top of the entrance way.

Donny T****: This half-rate show doesn't deserve the presence of Donny T****. Regan can't put a good show together and I sure as hell don't want to deal with these saints fans! I'm GOING TO RIOT!


Donny blows a farewall kiss to the crowd before he gets his bags and gets ready for his official debut on the premier show, RIOT.





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