CCW Turmoil Unleashed


The scene fades in as Gertrude hustles around backstage handing flyers out to random people.

Gertrude: “13 days! Slowly the days become fewer and fewer and still none of you heed my warnings! See, not only are you going to be burning in the lake of fire, but it’s going to be awfully crowded because none of you heathens are listening to me!”

She storms around and eventually walks up to one Chris Ryder, who is currently sipping a cup of coffee.

Gertrude: “You!”

Ryder puts the cup of coffee down.

Ryder: “…What?”

Gertrude: “You look like a fine gentlemen with a mission in life.”

Ryder: “…Uhh, thank you.”

Gertrude: “Now mind you, they’re inevitably going into the lake of fire anyway, but I salute you for speeding up the process.”

Ryder: “…What are you talking about?”

Gertrude: “You’re doing god’s work my son. I’d love to do it myself, but people tend to be testy when you declare that.”

Ryder: “Look lady, whatever you’re talking about…”

Gertrude: “Oh don’t worry, I’m not here to rat you out. I pride you. I’ll be sure to put in a good word with HIM- in 13 days, you won’t be one of the ones condemned to the lake of fire.”

Ryder: “That’s wonderful, I’m sure, but regardless of what you may of heard…”

Gertrude: “No, no, no need to be modest. Be proud, keep your head held high.”

Ryder: “…But I’m not a…”

Gertrude: “Shhh! You don’t want to let them into your secret don’t you? If they find out they won’t let you continue God’s work!”

Ryder: “For the thirty seventh time, I am not…”

Gertrude: “Just take this. Your contributions will not go unforgotten brave warrior.”

Gertrude hands Ryder and a pamphlet, as he just looks at her like she’s completely insane. Which is quite possibly true. She then salutes him.

Gertrude: “Keep up the good work.”

Gertrude walks away, leaving Ryder staring at the pamphlet.

Ryder: “…Why do I even try any more?”

Gertrude up to her non-sense yet again.

Tell me how Gabe can ban Bauer from the arena, but let this Johova's Witness wanabe ramble on backstage week after week?


The shot opens with Trips pulling on his wrist bands as he looks into the camera.

Trips: Hello CCW, last week I was left off the card and everyone in the arena left with a sour taste in their mouth. Now I know you are all desperate to see me return here tonight and I can officially tell you that you will not be disappointed. Tonight I will take on Mad Michael Morrison.

Trips smiles as he looks into the camera.

Trips: Don't tell anyone but a source has leaked to me that this match will determine who is to face Chris Ryder for the CCW TV Title next.

Trips winks at the camera and points to himself.

Trips: You know I've been waiting for this for some time. I've been faithful to CCW and Gabe Richards, I started to lose my cool with him but I reassured myself and signed on the dotted line for him and here we are. I knew I could trust him.

Trips' smile fades from his face and he looks all the more sinister.

Trips: Back to business. The match is set and the prize has been hinted but the challenge still lies ahead, last time I met Mad Michael Morrison in a CCW ring I was victorious but I had to reach right down into myself to pull out the win. This time there is a prize on the line, the chance to face Ryder. Michael has had that price on more than one occasion, I on the other hand am yet to hold it. I desire to test myself against Ryder and my ambitions to once again hold my prized championship which has elluded me for so many aggonising months are strong. Michael is out for revenge against the man who has defeated him more than once in Chris Ryder but also the man who defeated him the only time they have been in the ring together, me.

Trips cracks his neck and rises to his feet.

Trips: We both have reasons for wanting it but at the end of the day, I NEED it!

He storms off the shot.




HEY! That's Nate's move!

He's dead Rivers, it's totattly up for grabs.


Scene opens up inside the medical room. Seth Irving is sitting on one of the medical tables. As the Camera zooms in we can see that Irving’s ribs are heavily bruised and there are deep lacerations. A CCW doctor is carefully wrapping Irving's ribs in bandage. Seth is in clear discomfort.

Irving: Grapping the Doctors hands You do that again, Your saturday nights might just get even worse.Squeezing the Doctors hands before pushing them away

The camera pans around and Deano Horse walks into the medical room with his head down itching at his groin. He doesnt notice Irving sat on the side.

Deano: Hey Doc do you have anything for this, I have this really bad itch right on my...

Deano finally notices Irving and takes a look at the state of Irvings ribs

Deano: Well, well, well Seth Irving. Wow those ribs are a nice colour enjoy that hardcore match did we?

Irving: You got a lot of guts to show your face here after you no showing that hardcore match. Or was it you were just too afraid to risk that so called perfect face and body of yours, and decided not to show up.

Deano: Scratching his chin as if he was thinking about something Well thats not the real reason but its a whole lot better than the excuse I was going to use. I will have to remember that one. But the real reason is I had this huge photo shoot and I just didnt have time to jet back to Turmoil.

Irving: Well what you think of this one. “I Deano Horse decided to not show up because, I was to embarrassed after I ran my mouth and got my ass kicked. By the CCW TV Champ Chris Ryder.”

Crowd popping when hearing Chris Ryder’s name

Deano: Ahhh very funny. Almost as funny as your CCW World Title reign there pal. Plus Ryder got lucky, we really have to sort out the refs in CCW they count waaaay to fast.

Irving: Your full of excuses, when was the last time you actually won a match. You claim to be the best that CCW has to offer but I'm pretty sure you have to beat people to be the best?

Deano: Hey, I'm the Excellence of Sexcellence when I step into that ring and all the Hunkamaniacs are screaming my name and there is hot blonde sat in the front row with a sign saying 'Take me Deano, take me' I get a little distracted. This causes me to..

Irving: Lose?

Deano: Did you watch my match earlier, I'm back on form baby. Heart beatin', show stealin', panty wettin' form.

Irving:...oh god...

Deano: Hey you should get ready for your match and I need to sort out this rash. But when your out there tonight just remember one thing...

Irving: Whats that?

Deano putting his hands up in the air as if displaying something written there

Deano: Hunkamania is Runnin' Wild.

Irving palms his head as Deano makes his way out of the room.

The X-Tron shows a limo being driven playing some popular rap music by none other than OCW`s Multiplatform Superstar Smythe Dawonder. the camera then switches to a view inside the limo where it shows Smythe sitting in the limo with a bottle of champange and beside him are 2 huge bodygaurds. the bodygaurds are grilling the cameraman...

Bodygaurd: hey, you`re a CCW cameraman. Smythe is NOT contracted to your show or is he obligated to say anything to promote or endorse your organization. What the hell do you want anyway???

Cameraman: Well Paul Pugh has issued a challenge to Smythe from last week. Were here to get the response.

Bodygaurd: well you get that camera ready. The Wonderchild himself has a response.

Cameraman: Were already rolling!!!

Bodygaurd: shut up.

Smythe looks into the camera while the two bodygaurds put a mean mug on to try to intimidate the cameraman...

Smythe: Last week... I was informed that I was issued a challenge... which is new to me... cause normally... nowbody wants a piece of the Wonderchild... NOBODY... but anyway... I get into the limo last week... and I tell the driver to bring up the challenge promo... and well... well.. I don`t know what kind of stuff you guys over at CCW air on national television but that was damn well disturbing...

Smythe: Paul Pugh was in a doctors office NAKED... first of all you don`t challenge another man while naked... cause that`s just not right... and whatever you have there buddy... make sure you get that taken care off... Casey`s the only walking STD in wrestling... and you know this Pugh...

Smythe: After that... Pugh says bring your friends family whatever you want but make sure you bring one thing... YOUR ASS??? What the hell are you guys doing over there??? first off... a MAN... must NEVER... tell a MAN to bring there ass... unless he`s talking to Gary Young... which I certainly am not... secondly HE WAS NAKED... which not only was disgusting... but it just isn`t right... so after all that... I need to know one thing Pugh??? DO YOU THINK I GO THAT WAY PUGH??? WHAT ARE YOU CHALLENGING ME TO PUGH??? cause you know I don`t swing that way if that`s what you were thinking Pugh???

Smythe: Paul Pugh... if you want to get slapped around Pugh... I can do that... I can`t do it tonight... because well.. they don`t pay me to wrestle over there... and... well This is Montreal... one of the party capitals... and well I have 2 options... wrestle a maybe gay guy for free... or... try to score with some sexy french speaking 18 year olds and make a movie which I`m sure will come back to haunt me in the near future....

Smythe pretends to dwell on it... and the camera pans over and shows one of the bodygaurds with a handicam smiling...

I`ll take the road more travelled obviously... but I seem to have nothing to do for September 2 Remember so if you want to get slapped around it can happen then... just bring your wrestling gear... and leave my ASS out of your conversation from now on.... you call yourself the current classic... well I call you a SICK SON OF A BLEEP... and if you keep yapping that mouth of yours... I might just come down to Turmoil next week... knock some hetrosexual into you... and no... I won` be coming alone... cause well... I don`t have to...

Bodygaurds: that`s it shut the camera off...

the X-tron goes back to the outside shot of the limo... and Smythe and his bodygaurds are heard laughing as the music is turned up again...


t Smythe Dawonder on CCW? That just isn't right.

That ratings just crashed Rivers.





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