CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Trisha Waltrip is standing by with Alex Cooper.


Alex cuts her off

Alex: Call me Coop

Trisha: Coop, last week Tyro Kraven called you out how do you respond?

Alex: Im well aware of Tyro and his craving to call out Mr.Cooper, it doesnt bother me to much. I am all about competitiion and the fighting spirit and all that that good stuff.

Alex: So Tyro if you want another round with Mr.Cooper I accept.

Backstage cameras spot the two geeks standing around marking out. They spot Michael Heaton preparing for his match.


Geek 1: Dude, this rules!

Geek 2: Where the hell is the ladies locker-room????

Geek 1: I don't know, but Bauer didn't lie. Backstage passes are awesome!

RD Money enters the frame. The geeks are standing in front of his lockerroom door. He just finished his match. He's sweating profusely and is using a white towel to towel off.

Geek 1: RD MONEY!!!

Geek 2, reaching his hand out to slap five w/ RD:
YO YO YO what's up my ni-

RD Money puts his hand up in the face of Geek 2. He stares the two geeks down and shuts them both up. They are frozen. RD puts his sweaty towel on Geek 2's head. He opens his locker-room door and enters. Both geeks stand there frozen, obviously star struck. RD quietly closes the door.

Both geeks snap out of it and start marking out.

Geek 1: DUDE!!! You got RD Money's sweat all over you!

Geek 2: I got his post match towel!!! I'll never wash this thing!!!

Geek 1: Let's see if he'll give us an autograph.

They begin knocking on the door.

It opens. RD Money is standing there, he appears to be naked. Camera view is from the waist up. The Geeks stand there frozen again. RD Money stands there blankly, looking annoyed.

Geek 1: Could we uh...have an autograph....home skillet?

The camera catches the Geeks eyes wandering down. They both get shocked looks on their faces. RD slams the door in their faces. Both geeks look at each other, and then down their own pants....

Geeks: AWESOME!!!!!

Geek 1: Did you see the size of that thing???

Geek 2: Dude, Greatness.....

Geek 1: This was so worth it!!!

Geek 2: That thing was the biggest-

Gabe Richards enters the frame, with two security guards standing behind him.

Richards: Who in the hell are you guys...and what are you doing here???

Geeks: We got backstage passes.

The geeks hold up two hand written 3rd grade quality backstage passes. Richards looks back at his security and shakes his head back and forth.

Richards: You guys are freaking idiots. Escort these two gentlemen out of here.

Geek 1: You can't do that! Brad Bauer traded us fair and square.

Richards motions for the security to stop.

Richards: What did you just say?

Camera's at Ringside see Brad Bauer making his way to the front row of the crowd, along with Double A! Well.... the Double A blow up doll. He has a seat, and appears to be talking to the blow up doll. He then orders a couple of beers.

Gabe Richard's rushes down to ringside looking furiated. Richards has a microphone. He climbs out of the ring and addresses Bauer at Ringside.

Richards: I barred you from this building tonight. Yet, I see you are sitting in my front row.

Bauer holds up two front row tickets, and smiles at Richards.

Richards: This is even brought your girlfriend.

Bauer motions to Richards for the microphone.

Richards: I don't think so. You see, you may have a front row ticket, but you don't have any rights to cross that barrier....and I'm not about to hand you a microphone when we are live. We learned last week, what happens when we give you a mic live on turmoil.

Bauer reaches over the railing and snatches the microphone from Richards. Bauer hops the railing with Double A's beer.

Bauer: Double A and I thought we'd drop in see the main event!

Richards motions from the back for security to come down.

Bauer: Double A's a little bit incapacitated right now. (Points to Blow up Double A) but he wanted me to give you a message since you Suspended him!

Crowd boos....Bauer throws the Beer in Richard's face. The crowd POPS!

Bauer: He thought maybe he could change your mind. Look, his mouth is wide open. He figured that maybe he could do something to get himself unsuspended!!! He wants a turn in line to suck your-

Security graps Bauer and wrestles the microphone away from him. Richards wipes the dripping beer from his face and picks up the microphone.

Bauer is fighting to free himself, but cannot. Richards gets in his face.

Richards: Brad Bauer...You and Double A now have something in common...YOU ARE SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!!!!!! Get him out of my arena!

Crowd boos...

Bauer is dragged away kicking and struggling. You can hear him yelling. "WHAT ABOUT DOUBLE A, HE NEEDS A RIDE HOME!!!!"

The cameras focus back to the blow up Double A. The fans in the audience are tossing him around like a beach ball. Blow up Double A begins crowd surfing before the main event!

Richards makes his way to the back.

Security tosses Bauer into the back of a squad car. The two geeks are sitting in there marking out.

Bauer: Jesus christ, what's that smell.

The geek w/ RD's towel puts it up to his face and smells it. He then offers it up to Bauer who declines.

Geek 2: It's RD Money's towel!

Geeks in unison: AWESOME!!!!

Bauer: You guys really need to get laid.

Geek 1: Where's Double A?

Richards: You can let those two go. But take him (points to Bauer) downtown...I want to press charges! I hear Adrian Bold needs a cell mate!!!

The law enforcement officials let the geeks out of the car. Richards hands them their tickets.

Richards: Go watch the main event before I change my mind....

Bauer begins chanting the car drives away. Cameras back to ringside.

Stupid and smart at the same time. Brad never seises to amaze me.



Trisha Waltrip is shown backstage with a microphone.

Trisha: Thanks Rivers, I am being joined right now by the newest member of the CCW locker room, Ov Terror.

Ov walks into the shot and stands next to Trish and doesn't look all to happy.

Trisha: Ov, I guess it's a safe bet to say your CCW debut didn't go as well as you would have liked.

Ov: Didn't go as well as I would have liked? No. First of all I am interrupted by some pink wearing fruitball, who decided to sashay down to the ring and annoy the living hell out of me. Then he gets lucky and...

Deano Horse walks onto the shot.

Deano: Hi Trisha.

Ov: Aye! How many times a night are you gonna interrupt me? Can't you see we are busy here?!

Deano: Oh, it's you.

Deano looks into the camera and winks.

Deano: I didn't see you there. You really should wear something that makes people have to notice you.

Ov: I don't need to wear anything to make people notice me.

Deano: A streaker.. nice!

Ov: What? No. I mean I get noticed in the ring.

Deano: Right, how's that working out for you?

Ov: Shut it.

Deano: Trisha, can I ask you something.

Ov: No, this is my Fn time douchey. Go tap your foot in an airport restroom somewhere.

Trisha turns to Deano.

Deano: Would you rather your man smell like he was just doing squats in a sewage plant or like me?

Trisha takes a wiff of Deano but she wasn't the only one.

Manny: You smell wonderful. What do you bathe in?

Deano: It's an organic blend of avocados and shaved raspberries.

Manny: I should try that some day, I generally use Shrek Bubble Bath.

Manny was now standing near Deano, ignoring the fact that Trisha or more importantly, his employer Ov was standing 2 feet away.

Deano: You know, you should exfoliate.

Manny: Really? I was thinking about that.

Ov: What the hell!

Manny gets startled but then looks over at Ov.

Manny: Wasn't I just saying I should exfoliate Ov?

Ov: Shut it.

Manny turns back around to Deano.

Manny: I was just saying that.

Deano: I will give you the number of a girl out of Chicago. She works wonders. You should also Moisturize, I was showing Ov earlier.. look at my skin.

Manny leans in close, Deano rubs his own cheek.

Manny: Thats amazing. Ov you need to look at this.

Ov: I have already seen it... Wait. Damnit, this is my Fn interview. You two can manicure each other's nails later.

Manny looks at Ov and then at Deano with excitement.

Manny: Can we?

Deano: Ov, I don't know why you get so uncomfortable. Take control of your body before it takes control of you.

Ov: Alright, thats it.

Ov goes to make a move at Deano, but gets restrained by a couple of the off camera onlookers. Deano just stood there looking into the camera with a smile. Ov finally calms down.

Ov: Forget it. I am fine. Trisha, next time you want a word come to my locker room where we stand less a chance of being interrupted.

With that Ov pushes past Deano and Manny. Manny looks off to where Ov walked and then back at Deano.

Manny: We should do a spa day.

Manny smiled and then ran off after Ov.



Still a bit of ring rust but what a debut/return!

I still feel sorry for those kids who had to the unpleasent pleasure of smelling ghetto sweat.


The Camera fades to the backstage area as Seth Irving is walking back to his locker room still holding onto his rips. Slowing down as the sound of laughter and clapping can be heard in the back ground. The camera turning to see Deano Horse standing in the back ground. Irving stopping for a second as he doesn’t even turn around to acknowledge Deano presences. Shaking his head as he starts to walk again as the camera fades out.


t Looks like Deano is starting to really bother the former CCW Champ, we will have to see how this turns out next week right here on Monday Night Turmoil, take it easy folks!

Send e-mails, faxes, texts, P2P's whatever you can and tell that A-Hole Richards to unsuspend DnD! Don't let this happen people!





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