CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Live! From Montreal, Quebec!

Bonjour everyone and welcome to Monday Night Turmoil. Tonight we are live from beautiful Montreal and making our Canadian Debut!

What's so great about this place Rivers? It smells like feet, and that poutine crap is all hype.


t Oh stop Scott, tonight is the first time ever CCW runs out of Canada, and you have to run it down already?
t Is that any different from any other city we run out of?


t Well folks tonight is going to be one wild night...what's that?...folks I'm getting word we have footage from earlier tonight with Brad Bauer trying to get into the Centre Bell. Brad has been barred from tonight's event by order from Mr. Richards. Let's roll the footage.
t BRAD!!!


Camera's reveal Brad Bauer standing outside of the arena pacing about.

Footage from earlier in the day airs. Cameras were backstage as Brad Bauer was arriving to the Arena earlier in the day. They approach the check in area.

Bauer flashes his credentials. Security reviews them. Gabe Richards is in the background.

Richards: He's the one...

Security: Okay Mr. Richards, you're the boss.

Bauer: Mocking the security officer Okay Mr. Richards...

Security: I'm sorry sir, but Mr. Richards has barred you both from the building tonight.

Bauer: Excuse me?

Richards: That's right aren't coming into my arena tonight. After last week's incident, You're lucky I didn't suspend your ass like I did Double A's. So take this on the chin and enjoy your night off.

Bauer: Everybody knows you're the only one around here that likes to take things on his chin.

Richards: Get him the hell out of here!

Security escorts Bauer quietly out of the arena.


After Bauer is physically forced back out of the tosses his bags out behind him.


t Good thing Gabe has hired extra security tonight. Brad should be keeping his cool this week rather than be a pest.
t LET BRAD IN! LET BRAD IN! LET BRAD IN! AAAH! If these people wern't French they'd be cheering with me!


t They know English too you know.
t Look at meeee I'm John Rivers, I went to College, I'm sooooo smart.




t Looks like we are ready to see the latest CCW signee in action!
t The very vocal, OV Terror!


t It's pronouced Ov, actually.
t Go to hell College boy.


Ov gets handed a microphone as the crowd gives the big man a mixed reaction.

Ov: You know, up until this point I was very excited to make my official CCW debut. The big stage. National Televsion. The lights. It should all be very exciting.

Ov: It wasn't until I remembered where I was that it completly shattered. Canada.. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhk!

The crowd boos the big man as Ov shakes his head and rolls his eyes.

Ov: And it isn't even one of the more respectable parts of this craphole country. It's Fn Montreal, Quebec. More than half of you morons speak French. That is hands down the worst language in the world. I would rather be in Zimbobaway listening to clicks, pops and whistles then here having one of you idiots order a pastry or for that matter even saying hello. Mercy' Blah Blah.. What the F' Ever.

Once again the crowd jeers Ov as he continues.

Ov: But the entire country, if you want to call it that, is a disgrace. The ONLY reason your allowed to be here is because global warming hasn't set in yet and this place is still balls cold. Wait though, once the temperture gets warm enough to open up a Starbucks or a McDonald's, the real country just south of here will find a reason to "invade" and take over. It won't be much of a fight anyhow.. We should be able to do it within the commercial break of Heroes or Lost. But enough of you bear humpers.. onto my real target.

Ov: The CCW! This goes out to the jerkstains in the back, any one of your that thinks I am just another loud mouth better think again. I have every intention on backing it up. I plan on getting my hands on CCW gold very soon and headlining even sooner. Just wait.. I..

Suddenly Ov's mic cuts off, he taps it a few times but gets nothing from it. The crowd cheers when the lights turn pink.

Enter Sexbomb

Deano walks over and gets handed a microphone while Ov taps his and it finally comes back on.

Ov: Who are you?

Deano: No, Who are YOU?

Ov: I asked first.

Deano: So..

Ov eyes up Deano.

Ov: And why the hell are you wearing Pink?

Deano: Why are you NOT wearing Pink?

Ov: Alright, I have had enough of going in circles with you. Why are you out here?

Deano: I should ask you the same.

Ov: No, you really shouldn't.

Deano: Do you moisturize?

Ov: Do I what to who?

Deano: Your skin really doesn't have the shine and excitement it should.

Ov: I have no idea what your on about.

Deano: Just look at my face.. get a close look.. come on.

Ov moves in slightly and the looks at his face. Deano rubs his own cheek as Ov nods.

Ov: Oh.. I see. You definatly can see a difference.. WAIT! What the hell.. Shut it. I am out here to make everyone fully aware of the new TERROR of the CCW.

Deano: You really should do something about those crows feet..

Ov begins feeling under his eyes and then shakes his head in anger.

Ov: I said Shut it.

Deano: Fine, you want to show the CCW what your made of, then let's do it right now.

Ov and Deano Horse drop the mics and begin getting into each other's faces until the ref calls for the bell.



t Kind of a squash, did not see that coming.
t Some degree you got. Can't even predict a match, pathetic.


t We both picked the same guy to win.
t Your still pathetic Rivers.


More footage from earlier in the evening is show. This footgage was shot as fans were entering the building. Bauer is seen outside as he approaches a fan. Upon closer inspection, the fan is wearing a Seth Irving T-shirt.

Bauer: Hey buddy can I buy that shirt from you?

Fan: Whoa!!!! Brad Bauer!

Bauer raises his arm, fist balled.

Bauer: BRADBauer!!!!

Fan: uh..okay...

Bauer: Gimme that shirt?

Fan: No way, I ain't going in there topless. They won't let me in.

Bauer: Join the club pal..

Fan: Huh?

Bauer: Nevermind. $100 bucks for the shirt?

Fan: Make it $200 and you've got yourself a deal.

Bauer fumbles through his pocket and hands the fan a balled up wad of cash. The fan removes his shirt and hands it to Bauer. Bauer holds the shirt up and has a puzzled look on his face.

t What does he think he is up to?
t Whatever it is it will be geneious! Brad's so clever!




What a contest! They went at it forever and it made for a classic match up!



More on Bauer's attempt to gain entry to the building. Backstage footage from earlier in the day returns back to the arena entrance. He's wearing the Irving shirt he bought from the fan earlier. The shirt is two sizes too small. Seth Bauer pulls at the neck to get some much needed air.

Seth Bauer: Gentlemen, It's me, Seth Ba...err..Irving. Former CCW Champion.

Security: You got some ID?

Seth Bauer: Look at the hair...the excessively tight t-shirt...!

The two security guards look at each other...

Security 1: He kinda looks like Chris Mania to me...

Security 2: Maybe Blade?

Seth Bauer: GODDAMN IT!!!!

Richards enters the frame.

Richards: Nice try Bauer. Don't let this clown into my building...


t Busted again.
t Common, that was clearly Blade, Richards! LET BRA...BLADE IN! LET BLADE IN!


t It's going to be a long night, that's for sure. We'll be right back after this commercial break.






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