OCW Turmoil Unleashed


The camera remains black for a few moments, as the sound of someone inhaling deeply is heard. Finally, the camera fades in to reveal that The Steve is sitting at a desk In the Bloodline locker room. In front of him on the desk is the OCW International Title belt, where a huge pile of white powder is on top of the belt, to which The Steve is seen face down in the pile of powder. The Steve lifts his head, his nose covered in white powder, and looks at the camera.

The Steve: It’s been a great weekend for The Steve…er, The Champ.

The Steve laughs maniacally for a few moments before diving face first back into the white powder as the camera fades to black.


Charlotte, North Carolina


Turmoil goes on air with Nate Ortiz standing in the center of the ring with a mic in one hand and a contract in the other.

Nate: Normally after a Pay Per View on Turmoil the champion comes out and gives his big speech after defending or winning the World Championship. Well that’s not happening tonight. As you can see I am standing here without the championship on my shoulder. And I have earned the right to come out here and let you know how I feel about it.

Nate paces in the ring.

Nate: I’m not happy, not one bit. I can blame it on Leonheart for taking the low road this past month and taking the championship from me. I could blame Guy Fausto for low blowing me twice attributing to me getting eliminated first from the championship match. But I’m not, when it all boils down to it I lost, it’s my fault and I am the reason that I am no longer OCW Champion.

Nate stops pacing in the center of the ring.

Nate: Five times I’ve been champion and in those four previous times I have stepped aside for someone else to try their hand at defeating the new champion. But not this time, no not this time! This time I’m taking back what’s mine and I’m doing it tonight!

The crowd explodes with cheers.

Nate: That’s right in my hand I hold my rematch clause for the OCW World Championship and I’m cashing it in right here right now. So Leonheart get your ass out here and let’s do this…

Nate waits as a song plays that isn’t Leonhearts. Through the curtain walks V.F.M. to the ramp mic in hand.

VFM: Hello Nate. You'll be glad to know that I told Leon to stay in the back, to let you and I talk, man to man. Now Nate, I knew your ego wouldn't allow you to keep your mouth shut long enough to be called a gracious loser. See that's what I can't stand about you Nate. You can't lose. Whether it's graciously, or ungraciously, you just...can't...lose. Like my man Barack says, it's time for change! The Ortiz Glass Ceiling of championships is about to smash into a thousand little pieces.

VFM: Nate, you want a title shot? Well, you get NOTHING. That flimsy little piece of paper, yeah, that doesn't adhere to me. I didn't give it to you, and since I'm in control here, I think I'll let you keep that 'rematch clause.' So you can do something useful with it, like dust off old pictures of you in your glory days. Like 2 years ago, when people didn't feel obligated to cheer for you. A time when people actually WANTED to see you win. Not like today. No, people have called for change and I clearly care...what the people want.

**Crowd boo's intensely.**

VFM: What? It's true. Nate, your ego has had a hold of you since you first got your gold.

Nate: Listen...

VFM: NO! You listen Ortiz. You almost crippled my best friend when you ran over Ed's ankle, you take titleshot after title shot, it's like whenever you lose you get an auto rematch card. Well not this time!! Ortiz, you've caused people to quit, you've ended peoples careers, and you want another reward? YOU DAMN NEAR BURNED ME ALIVE, AND YOU WANT ANOTHER REWARD!?!! YOU TRIED KILLING YOUR FACTION, AND YOU WANT TO BE THE PINNACLE OF OCW?! Screw that!! Ortiz, I'm going to ask this of you once...Stand Down.

**Nate looks around at the cheering fans, pleading with him to tell VerSuse to shove it. His head drops a little, and he puts the mic down and begins exiting the ring.**

VFM: Security, escort Mr. Ortiz please.

**Security comes out and walks Nate past VerSuse.**

VFM: So...now that that's over, let me begin by saying that I hate all of you. **Makes his way to the ring** I told you that I was going to shake things up right? Well, let's start by addressing the fans shall we? Week after week, we here at OCW put on a 5 st...well we deliver consistantly. But lately, it seems as if we have too many cooks, and not enough people to serve the soup to. So, because of that, I'm now going to be observing who says what about these shows. I'm tired of you ungrateful fans just overlooking some incredible work, just to appreciate your OWN PERSONAL FAVORITE superstar. For those 'fans' who don't want to apprecaite other superstars works...well, I'll have a very interesting surprise for them.

VFM: Also, for the wrestlers...I've noticed some shady, SHAAAADY wrestling techniques out of you. Why? Just for the wins? Well, just to let you all know, I have personal vested interest in each of your matches, and will be watching all of them individually. And if FPR issues stand out, expect to be dealt with harshly. One more thing, boys in the back. Remember, this is my first day on the job, if you think this is interesting, remind yourself, I'm JUST getting started. So make sure you get your friggin act together, or I'm going to make you wish you were never spat out of your mother. So, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the show. I'm sure I'll see you later on.

**Camera fades out.**


the X-tron cuts backstage and the crowd riles up looking forward to another Judas hallows stunt. There's 3 cars lined up in the center backstage hallway and a ramp infront of them. The camera clips over to Judas who is revving up a ninja bike. A crowd of staff and a few wrestlers are gathering around.

Judas: Hey North Carolina, Crowd: Judas, Judas have you guys ever jumps 3 sick cars on a ninjabike inside a Turmoil Arena??? Crowd: no!!!!
Well your gonna see it tonight.

we hear a man shouting "Don't do it" the camera turns and we see a chubby ran running to Judas

Man: Showing a badge I am Mortimer montey from the building health and safety board and I can't let you do this as it is a violation of the health and safety regulations of this building.

Judas: Shakes his hand Nice to meet you MM. I'm Judas Hallows, thrill seeker. If you don;t let me do this tho, we might have a problem. You see all these people here, the thousands in the crowd tonight and the millions watching at home. Well Mortimer they expect me to jump over 3 cars on a ninja bike. Can't be letting the fans down you know.

Man: but you have to have a stunt permit a driving permit. Do you even have a motorcycle license???

Judas: yeah yeah, it's all in my contract. It's over there if you want to read it.

Mortimer turns to look for a contract and Judas speeds off on the bike. He hits the ramp and clears the 3 cars easily.. but when he lands he jerks the front wheel and loses control. Judas bails the bike and it goes sliding across the floor through a door and crashing into another room. Judas runs to the other room to make sure nowone is hurt to massive cheers. he peers inside and he sees Omega Dragon stretching in a split across two chairs. Judas walks into the room and Dragon swings his legs back he flips to his hands into a head stand

Judas: I just, like, sent a bike flying through the door there. Really sorry, hope nowone got hurt or anything. If anything got messed up I'm sure my dad could pay for it. you know, Badass Bill.

Omega flips back to a stand and looks at Judas

OD: no harm no foul. You some sort of stuntman or something???

Judas: Thrill Seeker, I do things that would be cool to do. 90% success rate. Good times for all.

OD: what would you consider that then???

Judas: another notch for me, the ending left more to be desired but the cars were cleared.

OD: You jumped over cars?

Judas: 3 of them!!!

O.D: Well it looks like you failed to me. Sometimes it's best off not to try things that are above your abilities.

Judas: well how about this, to make up for that. How about I display my abilities in the ring against you later on tonight???

O.D: Is this a sporting challenge Judas or is this something to prove?

Judas: It's something to do. we've never wrestled before.

O.D: Well then I don't see why we can't get this in tonight what do you say?

Judas: Great, but you do know I have to keep with a percentage. get ready for a thrill seeker.

O.D I'm already warmed up Judas, See you in the ring

Judas Hallows and Omega Dragon shake hands as the scene fades out


Omega Dragon vs Judas Hallows





*Camera shot pans to the Bloodline lockeroom. Malu is seen sitting down on the couch. He's eating out of a bag of chips, and a big 18" sub the sub is in a wrapper ontop of the OCW tag title which serves as his tray for his food. Wesley is on the other couch, channel surfing on the tv*

Wesley: Hey, big man! You mind sharing some of those chips?

*Malu grunts, and just stares at Wesley*

Wesley: Damn playa, nevermind! I'll just check the mini-fridge.

*Wesley walks over towards the mini-fridge and notices that there's nothing left in there. He begins to shake his head*

Wesley: *whispers to himself* I swear to god...

*Suddenly Smythe bursts through the door. Not in a very good mood*

Wesley: Hey cuz! Can you please tell this vacuum cleaner to slow down on the food? I need to eat as well.

*Smythe crashes on his leather chair. Rubbing his hands over his face in frustration*

Smythe: Wesley...shut that mouth of yours. All your country ass needs to worry about is getting your homework done.

Wesley: And what's my homework, cuz?

Smythe: keeping your eyes on the happenings around here.... you can't be going around losing all the time kid... it's gotta be wham, blam , BOOM... Wesley for the win... you know...

*Wesley's cell phone begins to ring*

Wesley: Hey baby? Ooh is that right? Well, my room number at the hotel is 292. I'll meet you there.

*Wesley hangs up the phone, and quickly puts his shades back on*

Smythe: The hell you think your going???

Wesley: Looks like that homework will have to wait, cuz. I got some business to attend to as well.

*Smythe rolls his eyes, and shakes his head*

Smythe: oh really... I'm assuming you'll make that quick... actually I got a better idea... call that chicken back...

Wesley: naw you can't stealin my birds cuz.. that ain't right...

Smythe takes the phone out of wesley's hand and *69's the number back

Smythe: Take your bird... haha... hell no... I'm just gonna cut her head off and watch her run around cuz....

Smythe now talking on the phone

hello... yeah... naw it's not Wesley it's SDW... scream from the other end I know........... how about you meet my cousin at teh arena in like 15 minutes???????? yeah he wasn't lying after all haha....... yeah he'll show you around the arena... alright...

Smythe hangs up the phone and tosses it to wesley

Wesley: man, you just blocked my game. How am I supposed to slay that chicken here.

Smythe tosses a key yo Wesley

Smythe: Show her the woman's locker room... nowone goes in there EVER... it's set up nice... one of my old spots cuz.

Wesley smiles and struts out of the locker room

Smythe: he's just like me... just like me... don't kill the boy Smythe... he wants to be like you... Auntie B will be mad if you hurt him Smythe...

as Smythe leaves the scene talking to himself the screen shows Malu nodding his head then he goes back to eating.







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