CCW Turmoil Unleashed


* The scene zooms in on Natalia's and Air's apartment. As Air is sleeping on the couch, Natalia is cleaning in the kitchen *

takes a look around the corner of the kitchen and sees The Air still sleeping. Natalia thinks too herself: “Well he's finally taking his rest, after a week trying too escape. Pufff! I'm tired off that chasing around and keeping an eye on him! I need a rest! Seems I can sit down for a while.”

* Natalia stops working and sits down on the other couch, not long after she falls a sleep. The camera zooms in on The Air's face who suddenly opens one eye and looks at Natalia. *

The Air
thinks too himself: “Finally she is asleep! Now only for me too quietly stand up and get some answers from Cooper. Who the hell thinks he is?! Coming down too the ring and clobbering me and threatening Natalia. Can't let this slide. Not as easy as Natalia does.”

* The Air quietly rises up too his feet. And moves slowly too the front door. He puts on his shoes and jacket and goes outside leaving a sleeping beauty behind him *

Denver, Colorado

Live from the Invesco Field Stadium, Denver



*The camera pans to the backstage area. Stacey Clark can be seen awaiting someone by the parking lot doors. Moments later, Vincent Valmont bursts through the doors. He's already in his wrestling attire, and looks upset. His match is up next against Tyro Kraven*

Stacey : May I have a word with you, Valmont?

*Vincent walks right past Stacey, completly ignoring her question*

Stacey : ...Vincent?

*Vincent pauses, and looks over his shoulder at Stacey. He smirks, as she runs to catch up to him*

Valmont : Let me guess, another interview?

Stacey : I'm just doing my job, and yes I do have some questions for you.

*Vincent sighs, and shakes his head*

Valmont : I'm not answering anymore questions right now. I've already voiced my thoughts. As for anything else? It doesn't matter. I'm booked tonight against Tyro, and that's where my mindset is at right now. Nothing against Tyro, but he picked a wrong night to come back to the active roster.

Stacey : Why is that?

*Vincent chuckles at the question, and proceeds to walk away. He pauses yet again near the entrance curtain, and turns back around at Stacey, and the camera*

Valmont : Because I'm out to send a message!

*Vincent leaves the frame, as the camera fades on a confused Stacey Clark*


Goooooooood evening everyone, and welcome to OCW Turmoil!!! Tonight, as always, I'm joined by my co-host, Double S!

It's a good night to be me, I'll tell you that right now Rivers.

Why? Did you scumbag your way out of another hooker bill?

I think we got ourselves a winner!

You're a horrible man.

Look, I'm not dropping $150 on 3 minutes of passionate lovin.


...I did it to save money.

No, you switch your car insurance to save money. You
'finish the job' early, because you got mommy issues that cause you to prematurely e....

Great card tonight!

No, the card sucks, like usual. But it's not about the card, it's about skipping out after severely disappointing a hooker!! 3 MINUTES!!

Despite having the newest rook with the rudest last name in the business, lined up to meet...the 'biggest' names in the biz, RIPPED away from our hands, we still have a solid card. Starting off the night will be Vincent Valmont going 1 on 1 with Tyro Kraven, in a warm up before VV's big match at S2R.

Both of those men have a very smashmouth style of fighting, so we're going to definitely be in for a brawl. Next up is an EX division 4 way face off!

Ex division matches are always insane, but ex division 4 ways is like the big bang held inside a squared circle!

The last thing you should be discussing is the big bang, Three Minute Theresa.

Hey! I do the insulting.

Not when you toss a nugget like your bedtime disappointments my way. Then it's open season.

Well, no matter folks, that's the lineup we got for you tonight, but with VFM in charge there's no telling what we're in for. So buckle up and lets get ready for a bumpy ride.

If you're drivin, it's a short ride.






Aries paces around the ring with a mic in his hand, while Christine stands in the middle of the ring. A mix of cheers and boo's is heard from the crowd. Aries, looking around the arena, finally picks up the mic to his mouth, and decides to speak.

Aries - I came out here tonight....for one reason...and one reason only.

Mixture of cheer's and boo's from the crowd.

Aries - I can understand why some of ya are booin'. Wot' I did on Riot two weeks ago wos' wrong. I attacked one of the very people who used to cheer for me.

Crowd boo's.

Aries - I really did not want that to happen. After losin' the Pride title to that.....douchebag, Kip Conrad...I just lost it. I can understand if ya all want to be mad at me, so I just want ya to know how terribly sorry I am.

Crowd gives out light cheers.

Aries - From the bottom of my heart....I am sorry. That fan didn't deserve to get beaten up just cos' he said I sucked. I of now, I kind of agree with him. Up until now...I really haven't been giving much effort..

Crowd stays silent.

Aries - I lost my Pride title in a few nights of having it. I should be ashamed of myself...and I am. But there is ONE thing that I am not ashamed of, and that's giving each, and every one of you fans a DAMN GOOD SHOW! I....

Before Aries can finish his sentence, he is interrupted by a familiar theme. Jacob Trance walks out from behind the curtain, and stands atop the ramp.

Trance - Well, well, well. If it isn't Aries, the Scottish Boy BLUNDER.

Crowd boo's.

Trance - I've been watching you Aries. I've been watching fail...time, and time again. You haven't had ONE glorious moment in your career...I mean aside from winning the Pride title the first time. I won't even mention that sham of a second title run.

Crowd boo's.

Aries - Whoa, whoa, whoa there mister tuff 'n' stuff. I have one question for ya lad. WHO THE HELL ARE YA?

Crowd laughs.

Trance - Who am I? Funny you should ask that.

Trance begins walking down the ramp, towards the ring.

Trance - I am the saviour of souls. The magnificence of manifestation. My young, dumb Aries, I am here to redeem your soul. I am here to give you a second chance in OCW..start a new.

In the ring, Aries tells Christine to quickly leave the ring. She walks out, and as she makes her way up the ramp, her and Trance cross eyes. She walks passed him as Trance makes it to the ring.

Aries - Let me get this straight Rumplestilskin...ya want to save MY soul?

Trance - That is correct.

Aries - From wot' exactly little man?

Trance - Another marvelous question Aries. Well, here's my answer.

Trance cracks Aries over the head with the mic, leaving Aries on the ground holding his head.

Trance - I'm here to save you from your own self destruction.

Trance looks up the ramp, and signals for a referee to come down. The ref gets in the ring, and tells Trance to back up. Aries makes it to his feet, as an unscheduled match begins.



Aries vs Trance




Impromptu, but impressive. Great match by these boys.
Both of these men were out to impress tonight...








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