CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Turmoil returns from commercial with Gabe Richards seen walking down the backstage area with several members of the media and other wrestling affiliates following the Turmoil General Manager asking him about the RD Money situation.

Reporter: Mr. Richards has RD Money signed with Cyber Championship Wrestling or has he decided to return back to OCW?

Gabe: No comment.

Reporter 2: Common Gabe, has there been any meetings at all between the two of you? Any offers? Anything you can tell us?

Gabe: It’s Mr. Richards.

The media continues to get frustrated but continues to ask the same questions over and over again trying to squeeze any details they can from Gabe, but all attempts end with the same outcome.

Gabe and the media turn after the reach a corner which leads to Mr. Richards’s office where he can finally stay clear of any cameras and reporters when suddenly the entire mod comes to a halt. The cameras switch from the group of people to towards the door where an obvious Michael Heaton wearing a wig with dread locks, Baltimore baseball cap tilted sideways, cheap black knock off Gucci sunglasses, 3 sizes too big Echo track suit, and his entire body painted black.

Heaton: Gangsta’s wazzzzzz uppp!!!

The crowd roars in laughter as Heaton begins to walk up to Gabe holding his hand high in the air waiting for a high-five.

Heaton: Don’t leave me hangin’ G! … aiiiight, dats cool yo. Memba’s of da media it is I, Greatness himself, RD MONAAAAY! Throw em’ up for ma. And do I have da story of the century homies, it’s true, it’s true, myself has been in talks with CCW and I’m here to say I’m ready to sign on the dotted line G.R! As long as tonight, you put me! Greatness! 1 on 1 wit Versus for the CCW Title!

Gabe: Heaton, what the he…

Heaton: Nah G, it’s me! RD Money! I’m so great I’m greater than great! Greater than that punk Michael Heaton, so what do ya say G, we gots a deal?

Gabe: Let me make this clear to you “gangta”, there is no chance in hell I’m going to give you a chance at the CCW Title if you keep pulling antics like this. Now my office is right around that corner, and when I walk inside and come out later on in the show, and if I see your still wearing this ridiculous get up, I’m going to personally suspend you without pay for 1 month. Now do I make myself clear?

Heaton nods his head as he brushes away his fake dreads from his face. Gabe pats Heaton on the shoulder and begins to walk away.

Heaton: Hold up Gabe, I don’t understand after all these life and death obstacles I put myself through week in and week out you can say no to the Heart Throb? I mean common I did defeat RD Money for the OCW Title a year ago.

Gabe: No you didn’t.

Heaton: >_>

Gabe: Seriously, how do you do that?

Heaton: If I tell you will you give me that title shot?

Gabe: No.

Heaton: DAMNIT!

As Heaton continues to beg to Gabe as they walk down the hallway they both run into Eddie Allen who stands in front of Gabe Richards office in full \_0_/ position.

Gabe: Oh god, not you. And what in the hell do you want?

EA: Bigger matches.

Gabe: Bigger matches? You want bigger matches? Let me guess, because you’re awesome?

EA: Grade “A” Awesome, just in time for back to school.

Gabe looks to his side at Heaton who is swinging his head around playing with his dreadlocks, when Gabe starts to smirk.

Gabe: You know what Eddie, tonight is going to be your lucky night. Since tonight is the last Tuesday Night Turmoil before we move to Monday’s next week, and tonight marks the first time ever a Title is defended on Turmoil…why not close out TNT with a bang?

Heaton stops and looks up looking confused at Gabe while EA continues to \_0_/.

Gabe: Boys, tonight for the CCW Championship, it’s going to be the Champ Versus taking on Eddie Allen one on one right here tonight in Oakland, California!

The crowd roars into cheers as Michael Heaton begins to freak out and Eddie Allen is left in shock put still in the \_0_/ pose.

Gabe: Good luck Eddie.

Gabe walks into his office and locking the door behind him as EA remains the way he has been and Heaton falls to his knees.

Heaton: WHY!!!! WHY!!!

You've got to be kidding me!? Eddie Allen..and Versus...tonight...for the CCW Title?






t A great contest and a great way to make his way back into CCW.

What was so hardcore about that? What a rip-off!


Backstage in Oakland, California, Gertrude continues her preaching this time standing on a crate, fistful of pamphlets.

Gertrude: “26 days! Each day that passes is another chance missed at salvation!”

This time The Steve and Casey Paine pass by the crate, as Gertrude hops down. She does not break her hip again.

Gertrude: “You! You two are in much need of Salvation! HE would not approve of you being such sinners!”

Casey: “It’s Grandma Death!”

The Steve: “The Steve? A Sinner? The Steve finds your logic crazy.”

Gertrude: “Some sinners won’t admit that the path they walk is damned until they are beyond the point of no return! Do you really want to spend the rest of your existence in a lake of fire for a few fleeting moments of pleasure on this earth!?”

The Steve notices Gertrude’s pamphlets.

The Steve: “The Steve has seen the light. The Steve wishes to know more.”

Gertrude: “Ah! At last! Someone who understands the message that HE wishes me to spread! The Message that I have reinterpreted to make it less heatheny! You need to throw aside your vices! I can smell them on you as you stand there! This is the first step you need to take!”

The Steve just nods and smiles as Gertrude continues blabbing onto the air.

The Steve:

Gertrude: “Yes! Then you must purify your body, by drinking 4 gallons of Bleach!”

The Steve: “…Wouldn’t that kill The Steve? The Steve has drank some pretty bad things, but The Steve does not approve of killing of The Steve.”

Gertrude: “But you must expire before you change your mind! It’s the most efficient way to save your heathen soul! What about you Harlot!?”

Casey: “…Uhh…no…I’ll pass.”

Gertrude: “Harlot!”

Casey: “Try not to die of old age in the next 5 minutes.”

The Steve: “The Steve will have to reconsider. The Steve wishes to have a pamphlet to help him think it over.”

Gertrude: “Here you go deary. Anything I do is to help you- even if it is asking you commit horrible suicide. I hear the way of death is very painful, but it purifies your soul of all the evil inside you!”

The Steve: “The Steve will deeply consider, your speech has truly moved him.”

The Steve takes the pamphlet and leaves the scene.

Casey: “…Really, you can’t be serious can you?”

The Steve: “Maybe Versus has a point. Maybe The Steve has to find a higher calling.”

Casey: “….”

The Steve: “…The Steve just needed rolling papers. Come on you walking monument to Syphilis.”

The Steve continues down the hallway, using the pamphlet in ways against what Gertrude intended.





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