CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Midnight Pre-show airing. A footage of a security camera in Gabe Richard's office is being shown. The office is filled with a desk and a lot of file cabinets too the back walls. There is also a few plants and a couch and some chairs in the office. The office seems deserted or is it?

A sound can be heard and a roster is seen being removed from the ceiling. Then a small figure can be seen coming out of the duct vent with a large coat on and a hat on his head.

A radio cracks and a voice can be heard coming from the small guy:
Ok, your in *sqweak* Now go too the file cabinet and let's get us *sqweak* some nice scoops.

The small figure slowly moves too the file cabinet and gets something out of his pockets. Then he tries too open the file cabinet. After a few failed attempts he finally manages too open it. The figure rumuges through some files and picks them up and throws them on the desk. The security camera zooms in on the figure but not much can be seen of him. The figure turns his back again too the gets another small device out of his pockets. A few flashes can be seen.

The radio sqweaks again and we here that voice again coming from the radio of the small figure: Allright that should be enough for now. *sqweak* Put the files back in the cabinet *sqweak* then return.

The small figure puts the device back in his pockets and returns the files too the cabinet. Then locks the file cabinet again with the tool he got out of his pockets earlier. The small figure puts the tool back in his pocket and goes stand up Gabe Richards Desk too jump too the duct vent again. For a small figure he has pretty long arms which he uses too pull himself up into the duct vent. The small figure replaces the roster in his position and we see an empty office again. Just before the footage cuts off a radio crack can be heard again: Mission *sqweak* Accomplished! *sqweak* Now return!


The following morning Gabe Richards returns too his office.

Gabe Richards: What's that smell? Hmmm the duct vent in this arena should be checked out! The public money they try too save on maintainence these days. Well I need to prepare for tonight's show so back to work Gabe.

Gabe goes too the file cabinet and tries too search some files, but finds them in total random order. He goes too his desk after finding the files he needs too call up his secretary. He then notices the footprints on his desk.

Gabe Richards: Dammit! Has someone thrown a party here in my abscense or something.

Gabe pushes a button on his telephone and calls for his secretary.

Gabe Richards: Miss Rain would you come too my office and also let the janitor come in too clean my desk proper and get this strange air out of my office.

Miss Rain: Yes, Mr Richards.

After a few A knock can be heard coming from the door.

Gabe Richards: Come in!

Gabe notices it's the Janitor and Miss Rain coming in.

Miss Rain: What a strange smell in here?

Gabe Richards: You noticed it too. You Points at the janitor could you clean my desk up and say too the moving crew that they don't stand on my desk again. After that could you please do something about that nasty smell.

Janitor: Yes sir. I'll get right too it! The janitor then begins too clean the desk.

Gabe Richards: Now Miss Rain did you mess up my file cabinet last time you we're here.

Miss Rain: No sir, I don't think so.

Gabe Richards: Well I haven't done either, but all the files are in total random order now. Refile it please then call up another moving company too move our stuff. Our current one seems no good.

Miss Rain: With our budget?

Gabe Richards: Dammit! Gabe throws his fist on the desk and both the Janitor who's cleaning it and Miss Rain look startled. Well try your best too find one Miss Rain!

Miss Rain: Yes sir!

As all three people go back too their duty's the camera zooms up too the ceiling where a small piece of dark brown cotton like substance can be seen coming from the roster then the scene zooms out.

LIVE! From Oakland, California!

Fireworks and other pyrotechnics begin to light off inside the arena as Tuesday Night Turmoil kicks off with the camrea zooming in on different signs and people before heading to the broadcast booth to begin tonight's event.

And it all came down to one last night.

Oh quit your crying Rivers, we're just moving to Monday Nights. If anything that's better!


t I know Scott, but I just hate goodbyes, what if some fans arn't able to tune in on Monday's? HUH!

You really need to get out more Rivers.


t Well tonight will be a good fairwell as tonight's card will make history on the Final Tuesday Night Turmoil. For the first time ever a Championship will be decided right here on this program!

Chris Ryder has his hands full against the Sex Bomb, hot off last weeks win in the Three Way Dance for that Title Shot here tonight.


t Two men who are trying to break into the CCW Heavyweight Title picture will meet each other in what could be a show stealer, as Trips and Brad Bauer hit heads tonight!

Bauer is back baby, Monday Nights, Brad Bauer, now that's ratings cheif. And the dirty Mexican Carlos Cruz gets a rude awakening after being fired from OCW last Monday. He meets The Air in a No-DQ Match!


Trips is seen storming down the corridor backstage towards Gabe Richard's office, he flings the door open and enters the office.

Trips: Gabe I've been nice for too long and if you and Revan don't start to listen to my demands then you could have some serious problems on your hands.

Gabe: Wait just a damn.....

Trips: NO! Not anymore, you wait a damn minute this time Gabe. I've tried to use friendly banter to get my wish but it doesn't seem to go into your thick skull. I'm one of the best things you have going and I demand a reward! Last week I had a slight slip again Seth but hell he was the former CCW champion. I'm now on a three in a row streak once again and I'm going for ANOTHER perfect week this week. Despite the fact that I do all these things I get booked in pointless matches which prove nothing week after crappy week and I'm sick of it!

Gabe presses a button on his phone and speaks into it.

Gabe: Get me security.

Trips: You can throw me out tonight but my god I'll be back and I will have my way. You know it makes sense deep within you understand and you want to do it. You're just scared of having a champion who disregards the fan's opinions, little Chris Ryder loves the people and he'll put his body on the line and all that crap but I want what's best for me which in turn is what's best for you. A controversial champion is a successful champion. Book the match and I guarantee that the arena will sell out in seconds because people will want to know if I can back up the claims I've been making since I was drafted here and people will support that moron with MY title, it'll be instant ratings. Don't lose out to Revan, as soon as he books it you've lost your chance.

The security burst through the door and grab Trips, they begin to drag him away but he continues to shout at gabe.

Trips: Do it Gabe, do it!

The screen fades to black as Trips is dragged away from the shot.


t Trips losing his cool with the General Managers, you'd think he's been here long enough to realise that doesn't work too well.

Yeah, and you'd think with all these nose jokes he's getting he'd get some plastic surgery done.




Not to shabby for his debut, may the luck o' the Irish be with him in the rest of his career!



The Screen gose to banjos Lockeroom as you see banjo Throwing things across the room, Breaking and hiting evrything in site.


Banjo Continues to throw things around.


Banjo's face is boiling red throwing things with all his might. The Room looking like a disatser with broken glass and itams evrywhere.


Banjo Slams open the door braking the top henge off it. As he storms out of the room in a uncontrolled rage.

Banjo "yelling threw the halls": WHARE IS HE! WHARE IS MUGEN! DAMN IT SOMEONE TELL ME!!!

Banjo Grabs a secrity person and starts to yell at him.

Banjo "yelling": WHARE IS MUGEN! WHARE IS HE!

The Security guy startled: U-u-uh his lockeroom's just down the hall to the left

Banjo pushes the Secruity guard away from him and starts to walk down the hall as the camra pans away




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